I am an Evil Sword Chapter 75 The Red River Blood Secret Arts

It didn’t take long for Shiqi to wait, and a message was directly transmitted to his mind.

Shiqi slightly sorted out the information about the technique that the sword spirit had passed to him, and couldn’t help but open his eyes to surprise, the black level middle-grade technique “Blood River Secret Art”?”

“Yes, it is the Blood River Secret Art!”

“Blood River Secret Arts” was one of the Baisha County Demon Master Red River Patriarch. Later, the Red River Three Ghosts made great fame by relying on “Blood River Secret Arts.”

Chen Hao asked, “Did you feel the same as when you accepted the inheritance of “Beheading Swords Art” last time?”

“No, this time, there is only information!”

“Oh, I see!”

Chen Hao finally figured out why Fu Yuanming’s memory fragment was perceived in the “Beheading Sword Art” last time.

The Master Killing Inheritance skill would record the sword master’s creation of swordsmanship and recorded all the mental journey of the sword master’s creation and then passed it onto the next swordmaster.

Instead of the sword master’s cultivation method, the master’s inheritance skills could only be passed on to the future swordmaster with some simple cultivation methods without any explanation.

For example, in the “Blood Combat Technique” practiced just now, if Shiwi died and Chen Hao taught his next swordmaster to “Blood Combat Technique,” he would only see information about the “Blood Combat Technique.” It was like reading a martial art book, not allowing him to see all the “Blood Combat Techniques” creation process, increasing the cultivation perception.

After thinking about this, Chen Hao pondered whether he should wait for Shiqi’s strength to reach a certain level and encourage him to create his martial arts.

“I now know why Lord Sword Spirit asked me to choose the “Blood Combat Technique. “

“Well, it’s good to know. Anyway, they are all blood attribute techniques. It may be difficult for ordinary martial artists to distinguish. Even if a master thinks something is wrong, you can push it towards your physique!” Surprisingly, Chen Hao said in praise, “You dealt with it last time. Lan Yanming’s excuse is perfect, and the opportunity to give it is just right. You have grown a lot during this time.”

“It was Lord Sword Spirit who taught well!” Shiqi thought for a moment and hesitated and said, “But some cultivation methods in Blood River Secret Arts are cruel!”

“Too cruel?” Chen Hao smiled, “You have the Crimson Blood Demon Sword in your hand. Even if you don’t use those cruel methods, you can improve your strength. Those who practice “Blood River Secret Arts,” The benefit is not just making your cultivation level up faster! Compared to practicing the yellow-level cultivation, the true qi obtained by practicing the “Blood River Secret Arts” is purer, and the amount of true energy stored in the dantian can at least double. The secret technique recorded in “Blood River Secret Arts” is worth learning!”

“I see, Lord Sword Spirit!”

He got up early and practiced overnight before dawn, but he was still in high spirits. He pushed the door gently, but the door won’t open! It was frozen. The north wind rushed in and poured into Shiqi’s room, taking away all the heat.

Nevertheless, the temperature was not so low that it was unbearable for him. After all, he was already a martial artist in the Qi Ocean Realm. The heavy Snow had not stopped, and it had almost buried the road path in front of the eldest lady mansion.

I wonder how many people will die because of the heavy Snow.

Shiqi simply thought for a moment and found a wide board pressed on the ground and pushed hard with brute force. The board scraped off most of the Snow on the ground. With his swift hands and feet, coupled with his enormous strength, the thick Snow on the front yard dam of the Eldest lady’s door and the nearby roads were quickly cleared.

The Snow was piled into a small snow hill by him. Only then Shiqi took out the Crimson Blood Sword, planning to practice the newly acquired sword technique.

All of a sudden, the door opened. Two little heads with double buns were revealed beside the door, and then the two little heads shrank back quickly. Soon after, the door was opened again, and two little maids who were soft-on-terror with cold come into sight holding large brooms.

“It’s so cold!”

“That’s, Sister Xu, I wouldn’t want to get up if you didn’t call me!”

“But what can I do? It’s something that Sister Lu Ya ordered. It must be done in the morning. If you don’t do it, you can’t eat!” A maid said in a low voice, “If I don’t wake you up, Sister Lu Ya will spank you.”

“Okay! Haven’t I wake up?”

The maid looked at the clean courtyard and asked in a low voice, “Alas! What about the Snow? “

“Snow? Isn’t it still falling? “

“Idiot, I mean the snow on the ground!”

“Er … will it all melt?” The little maid who spoke had a happy smile on her face.

“On such a cold day, the fish tank is frozen. How can the snow melt? It’s your brain that has melted! “

When Shiqi heard the two little maids’ words, he felt a little hilarious. He shouted, “I have finished sweeping the snow, and it’s all piled up there!” He pointed to the corner of the dam not far away.

The little maid, who was a bit confused, asked, “Are you the new guard?”

“Yes, that’s me!”

The two maids walked down the steps and looked in the direction of Shiqi’s fingers. Indeed, the Snow was piled there.

“It’s really done!”

“Sister, since we are done, let’s just play for a while!” The little maid whispered, “shall we make a snowman?”

“What snowman? Let’s go back and talk to Sister Lu Ya. Come on!” Another maid said very politely, “Thank you, brother guard!”

The two maids seem to be only twelve or three years old, so it was appropriate to call him brother.

“You’re welcome.”

The two maids hurried away again.

Soon after, a girl in a green coat came out.

Shiqi knows her. She was Sister Lu Ya of the eldest lady’s closest maid. Her chin was very sharp, her eyes were big and energetic, her hair was thick, and she looked pretty. She glanced at the clean dam and nodded at him, and said, “Thank you, Shiqi. I’ll let Cui Er bring you breakfast later!”

Cui Er was the little girl who wanted to be lazy in a daze. After she gave him a meal, they met each other. After breakfast, Shiqi went back first, packed up his clothes and bedding, and took them to the Lan Mansion.

Xinyue once told him that he could get new bedding, but Shiqi still had some reluctance to throw away the one he used to sleep in.

Carrying the baggage, he came to the Eldest Lady’s residence. Shiqi saw many little maids making snowmen in the corner of the courtyard dam and naughty girls throwing snowballs at others. The small courtyard was full of girls’ frolicking.

The eldest lady was doing it on a wicker chair with a thick blanket on her knees. She held her head in one hand and stared at the girls. Lu Ya stood behind Lan Yanlin and asked in a low voice, “Miss, are you going to let them continue to make trouble like this? Let’s discipline them well. “

“I love to see them busy.”

“Miss is too good to them!”

“They are still young!”

“They were all twelve years old and young when I was twelve…”

Lan Yanlin waved her hand and motioned her not to speak. She preferred to keep her ears clean.

“I have seen the eldest lady!” Shiqi saluted Lan Yanlin.

“En!” Lan Yanlin looked at him and said faintly, “Grandma told me about you.”

Shiqi quietly waited for the lady’s unfinished words.

“The original agreement was that we were young and ignorant. You don’t have to care, let alone make it a shackle. Big brother values your potential. You should focus on cultivation and pursue the highest realm of martial arts. That is what a man should do.”

The eldest lady’s voice was a little hoarse, her voice was soft and weak, but she had an irresistible majesty.

Shiqi was about to speak but was interrupted by the other party.

“That’s all; go back and think about it.” She waved her hand, make him took some steps back, obviously not wanting to talk to him.

In the evening, a man dressed as a guard knocked on Shiqi’s door.

“Come with me!”


Shiqi didn’t ask and directly followed the man’s pace.

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