I am an Evil Sword Chapter 74 Teaching A Method

Chen Hao casually replied, “It is safer to build underground!”

Down the steps and down the cave, he turned a 90-degree bend, and the fire on both sides of the cave drove away from the darkness.

The cave was a standard square, which was made of hard granite from top to bottom.

Shiqi touched the rock wall, and the granite surface was very smooth, felt like a carefully polished bronze mirror.

Chen Hao estimates that if the rock was thick enough, even if the innate master came, he could only walk through the main entrance honestly.

After walking about a hundred meters, Shiqi saw two guards. They were standing in the middle of the cave with a thick rock wall behind them.

The torches on the rock wall cast a shadow on their faces, and they were motionless. Shiqi could hardly feel their breath, just like sculptures.

Is it the end?

Shiqi tried and said, “I’m here to get the skills!”

The guard on the right side, “Pledge!”

His voice was hoarse and dry as if he hadn’t spoken for a long time.

Shiqi showed the eldest son’s jade given to him.

“Go in!”

Two guards made way for Shiqi. With a rumbling noise, the granite wall slowly moved to give way to an entrance.

Shiqi walked in and found himself in a huge room.

The room was neatly filled with bookshelves, and an old man stood quietly in front of the bookshelves and flipped through a tattered and yellowed ancient book.

When he found that Shiqi had entered, he gently put the book back in place and whispered, “Who are you?”

“I am Shiqi!”

“Well, the eldest son told me you come here!”

Following the old man through the expansive room, he put his hand on the granite rock wall, and the granite rock wall opened again.

Chen Hao saw this scene and almost didn’t jump up!

Is this the technology of fingerprint recognition?

Shiqi followed the old man into the secret room. The secret room was not small, and it was half the size of a football field.

“All the yellow-level skills and martial arts are placed here. You choose a skill!” The old man warned, “Remember, you can’t pick it up and read it. There are formations in the room. Once you touch the books, The formation will be activated…”

“Then how do I choose?”

“You tell me which one you choose, and I’ll take it for you!” The old man then said, “Each martial arts book has its characteristics written next to it.”


Half the size of a football field in the secret room, yellow level cultivation method and martial arts were enough to make him picky.

These are part of the Lan family’s heritage over the past century.

The cultivation method and martial arts were classified, and Shiqi soon found the yellow top-grade achievement method’s position.

“Qian Yuan Gong,” Huang-level top-grade, no attribute technique, slower cultivation speed, pure and vigorous true qi after cultivation, and quick recovery of the true qi.

The Wind and Rain Change Technique, yellow top-grade, water attribute achievement method, medium cultivation speed, and extremely fast recovery ability of true qi.


Shiqi set his eyes on an extremely high-end cultivation method-“Invincible Swallowing Heaven and Destroying Earth, Turning Nine Immortals,” with yellow top grade and earth attribute cultivation method, the cultivation speed was extremely fast in a short time, and the cultivation progress was almost stagnant in the middle and late period of Qi Ocean Realm.

There were many impurities in the true elements, and the true qi recovery was very slow, so it was not recommended to choose.

Shiqi curled his lips and didn’t even look at it.

This cultivation method was a dead pit, and he knew the seriousness of the true qi being not pure enough!

Many martial artists took too many pills in the early stage to improve their cultivation, and there were too many impurities in the true qi.  It caused them to be stuck in the bottleneck and challenging to make progress in the later stage.

The cost of purifying impurities in the true qi by external force was too high, and even fighters from a noble family could hardly afford it.

Just because the name was high-end, it didn’t mean it was compelling!

After all, the name was taken by the cultivators who created the cultivation method, and it was their freedom to use whatever the name.

It was not surprising that there were occasional second-degree names that appear.

Shiqi glanced at all the nearby cultivation methods … Soon found a batch of extremely shocking achievement methods of martial arts.

For example, “Invincible Fist of God” of the yellow-level mid-grade, “God’s Destroyer Palm” of the yellow-level mid-grade, “Killing God’s Sword Method” 1, “Killing God’s Sword Method” 2, “Killing God’s Sword Method” 3. Shiqi carefully looked at the martial arts introduction, “Killing God’s Sword Method.”

Hmmm…It seems that many incompetent swordsmen like the name “Killing God’s Sword Art.”

Chen Hao reminded, “Shiqi, you pick the “Blood Combat Technique”!”

“Blood Combat Technique,” yellow top grade and blood attribute skill, came from Blood God Sect’s inferior skill, “Coagulation Technique.” After modification, the spirit of practitioners practising the “Blood Combat Technique” will be more stable, which would not easily lead to confusion, and the training speed will be faster. After training, the true qi was pure and vigorous, and the true qi recovery ability was faster, especially suitable for practitioners who often need to fight.


Shiqi didn’t ask why. He knew that since Lord Sword Spirit asked him to choose the “Blood Combat Technique,” he must have his own reasons!

Besides, among all the yellow top-level cultivation methods, “Blood Combat Technique” also belongs to the excellent level, which was also in line with the Shiqi’s own fighting styles.

“Don’t worry, and I won’t let you suffer!”

Shiqi, with the consent of the old man, searched for a black low-grade martial art suitable for him. However, he searched for everything in that small stone room and did not find what Commander Hu told him. The recommended “Bingxin Condensation Technique.”

When he asked the elder, he realized that the “Bingxin Condensation Technique” was not a martial skill, but a rare, unique technique for cultivating the mind, and he was not qualified to get it.

In desperation, Shiqi could only choose a copy of the heavy sword technique, “Qianjun Sword Tactics.” Qianjun Sword Tactics’ power was the top grade in the black-level inferior cultivation method, and the swordsmanship required high strength from the user. The greater the force, the more powerful it was.

Shiqi was very consistent with the requirements of the sword technique.

Although he did not find the “Bingxin Condensation Technique,” Shiqi was still satisfied.

The old man handed the two martial arts skills into his hands and said, “Learn the two martial arts skills by heart!”

Shiqi asked with a bitter face, “Can’t you not take it back?”

There were more than 60 pages in the two martial arts, including many pictures of human meridians.

It was not easy to remember them in one breath.

The old man said in a dull tone, “If you are a direct child of the family, you can take the martial arts out!”

It was not until the middle of the night that he skillfully remembered the two cultivation methods’ contents.

As soon as he returned to his residence, Shiqi couldn’t help but start to convert to the newly acquired “Blood Combat Technique.”

Under certain conditions, martial artists could transfer to other high-level cultivation. The restriction was that water attribute cultivation could only be converted to water attribute cultivation, and wood attribute cultivation can only be converted to wood attribute cultivation and other attribute cultivation. It’s okay, but in the process of changing to repair, the true energy loss was tremendous, which would cause the repair level to drop significantly.

The attribute-free cultivation method that Shiqi had could be converted into any attribute cultivation method. When the Lan Family cultivated them, it left them a choice.

Changing to other skills was a water milling job. It was necessary to slowly convert the non-attributed qi condensed in “Hunyuan Gong” into the blood attribute qi needed in “Blood Combat Technique.”

Just when Shiqi had only converted a trace of blood attribute  true qi under the “Blood Combat Technique,” Chen Hao shouted in his mind, “You should quit the practice first, I have something to tell you!”

It was alright to be interrupted, but his chest was a little uncomfortable.

After all, Chen Hao’s interruption method was very rough!

If it was interrupted by others, Shiqi must be in a bad mood!

But the other party was a sword spirit, which was different.

“Lord Sword Spirit, what can I do for you?”

“I have a skill that is more suitable for you to teach you!”

“What cultivation method?” Shiqi’s eyes lit up.

Lord Sword Spirit had always had a very high vision, and the skills that it could teach him should not be ordinary ones. For example, Senior Fu Yuanming’s martial arts “Beheading” was extremely advanced. He had not completed it yet, but it had also benefited him endlessly. Now Lord Sword Spirit wanted to teach him. How could he not get excited?

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