I am an Evil Sword Chapter 72 The Chen Family of MingJian City

Shiqi, grabbing his cheeks that were swollen at speed visible to the naked eye, asked, “Is the eldest lady’s marriage arrangement related to whether I can be her guard?”

Shiqi admitted that when he heard that the eldest lady had an engagement, his heart was somewhat empty. However, it didn’t seem to affect him as a guard!

“You’re not …” Commander Hu said to his lips, didn’t know how to say anymore.

“I what?” To be honest, Commander Hu didn’t use all his strength in this slap, but it still made Shiqi’s head a little dizzy.

Even Lan Yanming sensed that something was wrong!

Is it necessary to want to be his sister’s guard?

It doesn’t seem to.

He glared at Commander Hu because he found that his thoughts seemed to have been misled by Commander Hu’s slap just now!

“Why do you want to be Yanlin’s guard?”

“The eldest lady took me to the Lan Mansion. I had promised before that I will be her guard to protect her in the future!”

Lan Yanming asked, “When did it happen?”

“Roughly … it seems to be ten years ago!”

“OK, I see!” Lan Yanming waved his hand and gestured the two to step down. “I will earnestly consider your request.”

Out of the attic, the two were silent for a long time, and Commander Hu asked with some awkwardness, “Shiqi, does your face still hurt?”

“It doesn’t hurt anymore!”

“You take a good rest!” When he apologized, Commander Hu was always uncomfortable to speak out.

The first snow in winter came unexpectedly in Yiyang City. Stepping on the snow layer, watching the flying snow falling like goose feathers, Shiqi once again entered the attic. Looking at the Lan family’s eldest son, Shiqi felt anxious. He went back and took a good look, and finally found that his request was a little rash. However, since he had said everything, he would not regret it. After all, it was his promise.

“Shiqi, you can be Yanlin’s guard!” Said Lan Yanming cut to the chase.

Through his subordinates’ reports, Lan Yanming has probably understood why Shiqi wanted to be his sister’s guard. Shiqi was a little excited, “Really? Grand Master?”

“Do I need to lie to you?” Lan Yanming asked.

“Thank you, Grand Master!”

“Don’t thank me first, I have prerequisites, you should listen first and then make a choice!”

“Definitely!” Shiqi tried to contain the excitement, “Grandmaster, please say!”

It’s really beyond his expectation to be the escort of Miss Big so smoothly.

“With your talent, if you merely serve as Yanlin’s guard, you are really excessive. If people from other families know about it, they will laugh at our Lan family for ruining a genius!” Lan Yanming looked at him and said seriously, ” I hope you join the Blue Shadow Guard!”

Blue Shadow Guard?

This was the second time he had heard of the Blue Shadow Guard.

“What is the Blue Shadow Guard?”

“The Blue Shadow Guard is a semi-secret force of our Lan family, and few people know it. In addition to being responsible for protecting the Lan Family’s safety, the Blue Shadow Guard also has to eliminate all the damage to our Lan family. threatening enemy! “Lan Yanming whispered,” Blue Shadow Guard only listens to orders from the command of the master of the family in recent years, my father slowly handed the Blue Shadow Guard to me, you are suitable to join. “

“Will you?”

“The subordinates are willing!”

Lan Yanming nodded in satisfaction, at least Shiqi was one of his people.

“Later, Xinyue will take you to get three sets of clothes and waist badges. After you put them on, she will take you to Yanlin, and she will tell Yanlin that I am the one who arranged it.” Lan Yanming held a piece of jade, handed it to the Shiqi, “Don’t forget to take this jade pendant to Chuan Gong Pavilion today to get a copy of yellow-level high-grade martial art and black-level low-grade martial arts. I have already talked to the steward of Chuan Gong Pavilion, and you directly give the jade to him. As for you to enter the Blue Shadow Guard, someone will come to you tomorrow night.”

Before leaving, Lan Yanming also said, “Shiqi, Yan Lin’s marriage was decided by my father personally. When she was still in the Lan family, you should take good care of her.”

Shiqi understood the other meanings contained in the words of the grandmaster.

Xinyue was the maid whom he saw in the attic yesterday. Among the servants of the Lan family, she had a high status.

Shiqi had a good impression on her and thought she was warm-hearted. She didn’t have any pride as a servant girl of Lan Yanming. She always had a smile on her face, making people feel very comfortable.

Walking all the way, she introduced the Lan family’s general situation and the route of place names to be memorized, and Shiqi silently memorized it.

The Lan family’s protective clothing is all black, and there is also a set of black close-fitting leather armor on the upper body.

After wearing the guard suit, Xinyue looked at Shiqi with a smile and said, “You look very masculine to wear this armor!”

Shiqi didn’t know how to answer.

“Shiqi, are there any girls you like in the Lan family? If so, you can talk to your sister. I have served the grandmaster for several years, and I still have some face in the Lan family!” Xinyue whispered, “if you like a girl in the Lan family, I can also help you be the match-maker! How about it, do you like it? “

“Sister Xinyue, I am still young.”

“Still small? Where is it small? ” The tone of Xinyue was slightly ridiculous. “You are almost fifteen, not too small. I tell you that you must start quickly if you meet a girl you like. Otherwise, the beautiful ones will be picked away by others!”

Shiqi could only be embarrassed with his head down. Xinyue smiled and stopped talking about it. Shiqi was still young and thin-skinned, and she might be angry after saying that.

“It’s easier to work with the eldest lady, because the eldest has bad health since she was a child, and she rarely goes out. You must continue to practice hard in your free time!”

“OK!” Shiqi promised.

“That’s good!” Xinyue continued, “In the past few years, there are not many young warriors who can be favored by the eldest son. Don’t live up to his expectations of you.”


Shiqi thought for a moment and asked, “Sister Xinyue, can I ask the young lady why she is in poor health?”

Xinyue whispered, “It is said that her inborn meridians are imperfect, and there is basically no cure. However, the eldest lady has a good temper, treats people kindly, and will not be harsh on the servants. Many servants in the Lan family respect her very much.”

“Who is the fiancé of the eldest lady?”

“Master Chen from Mingjian City!” Xinyue whispered a little discontented.

Mingjian City, Shiqi had heard of it, in Southern Cloud Kingdom, Mingjian City, like the Lan family, was also a famous top family.

Young Master Chen Family in Mingjian City?

Thinking of the Grand Master Lan Yanming’s words, Shiqi had to admit that the other party should match the eldest lady very well!

The eldest lady’s courtyard should have been planted with many flowers and plants before, but unfortunately, most of them become dead branches and leaves, covered with a layer of snow when winter comes.

A plum blossom bloomed alone in the corner, exuding a faint fragrance.

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