It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 10 Is He The Expert

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Comfortable, an indescribable feeling of comfort flooded her whole body. Su Yiling closed her eyes and almost screamed. She moved her mind and quietly felt the meridians of her body.

“All my broken meridians have been restored?”

“How is this possible!”

“No, the meridians have not been restored. These meridians are re-growing!”

“Oh my god! This … these meridians are actually immortal meridians!!” Su Yiling sat up with a profound shock in her eyes. It took her a long time to calm down.

“This ….. where is this? Who saved my life? It won’t be the Buddha’s Lord, right?”

“By the way, what about the purple lingzhi?” Su Yiling was shocked, raised her hand and saw that the purple lingzhi was in her hand.

“Master is saved!” Su Yiling breathed a sigh of relief and tried to stand up, only to find that she could not move.

“Creak …” At this time, the door opened, and a teenager came in.

“Miss, are you awake? Is it better?” He was handsome and gentle, with a lovely voice. These words hit her heart directly, making Su Yiling stunned for a while.

“Young Master, did you save me?” Su Yiling smiled slightly, two shallow dimples, which looked very sweet appeared on her cheeks.

“You look good when you smile.” Sun Hao looked startled.

“Thank you, Young Master!” Su Yiling’s body trembled, and her big eyes were full of gratitude and worship.

The Young Master is so young, is he that powerful?

No way!

He didn’t have any spiritual power fluctuations. He was completely a mortal.

How could he be the one who saved her?

“Maybe he is a disciple of a mighty person? After he went down the mountain, he found me?”

“Then, carry me back, ask the mighty person, and recast the meridians for me!” With such a thought, Su Yiling suddenly became enlightened. Everything made sense, although the Young Master was a mortal, he saved her life. This great kindness would surely be rewarded!

“Miss, don’t mention it!” Sun Hao looked at Su Yiling, and accidentally saw the spring scenery on her body, so he turned quickly. He left her clothes on the bed, “Miss, look at your torn clothes, put this on first!”

Su Yiling was surprised, bowed her head and swept away, let out a scream, “Ah!”

She quickly covered her chest with her hands. “You … you go quickly.”

“Okay.” Putting down the clothes, Sun Hao turned away. Su Yiling picked up the clothes and found that she was weak. Not to mention changing clothes, even taking off her clothes was hard to do.

“Argh …” She gritted her teeth, exhausted her strength, and failed to take off her clothes.

“Restore a little strength first!” After speaking, Su Yiling started to absorb the aura around her. However, she found that her dantian lost contact with her and could not absorb it at all.

“What should I do?” Su Yiling was so confused that she kept thinking about countermeasures. In this state, it was impossible to change clothes.

“Forget it, don’t change it first, cover it with a quilt!” Su Yiling used a lot of strength to pick up the quilt and cover her whole body. In this way, she didn’t have to worry about her chest being exposed.

“This clothes is gorgeous!” Su Yiling gritted her teeth, reached out to touch the clothes, her body trembled.


There was a roar, shaking her mind. A wisp of cold breath came from the tip of his finger and flooded into Su Yiling’s mind.

At this moment, Su Yiling could clearly sense that her soul was strengthening.

“These clothes can nourish the soul, my god!”

“If I wear it for a day, my soul will at least double in strength!”

“This kind of treasure, the Young Master actually let me put it on?”

“Could it be that the Young Master borrowed this from the mighty person and gave it to me to wear it? Does he like me?”

“Why am I so useless, I don’t even have the strength to change clothes!”

Then ask the Young Master to help! Anyway, he saved my life, after all! Thinking like this, Su Yiling’s face was as charming as a peach blossom.

“Young Master!” Her voice was so light that she didn’t even hear herself. There was no response.

“Young Master!” This time, she raised her voice. However, there was still no response.

“Young Master! Young Master!” Su Yiling called several times.

“Miss, are you looking for me?” At this moment, there was a sound from outside.

“Yes, Young Master!” After that, Su Yiling’s heart was pounding.

“Good, then I am coming in.” The door opened. Su Yiling didn’t dare to face Sun Hao’s eyes, looking away, just as he was about to speak.

“Miss, your body has just recovered.”

“Eat a bowl of porridge to replenish your strength.”  When she looked up, she saw Sun Hao and walked over with a bowl of porridge.

“Porridge?” Su Yiling was taken aback. As a cultivator, this kind of mortal food had long ceased to be tasted. There was only one way to restore her physical strength, that was, to restore spiritual power.

However, the Young Master’s life-saving grace was unforgettable, and she could not act cold in her heart.

Have a bowl of rice porridge, and it’s nothing.

“Yes, porridge.”

“Don’t underestimate it. It works well for people who have recovered from a serious illness.” After speaking, Sun Hao picked up the spoon and took a spoon to feed Su Yiling.

“Thank you, Young Master!” Su Yiling opened her mouth and slurped it.

“Hum …” Like getting an electric shock. Su Yiling was dumbfounded in place.

A scent of porridge filled her mouth. At the moment, the taste buds that had been dusty for many years were all active. She felt that her appetite could be refreshed to this state.

“It’s delicious!” The initial resistance disappeared completely in a moment. Su Yiling swallowed it in one gulp.

“Swoosh …” A warm current, coming from her abdominal cavity. A stream of an incomparably pure qi was formed, rushing to the limbs. Afterwards, through the meridians, entered the pubic area and transfer to her dantian.

With just a small bite, Su Yiling was pleasantly surprised to find that most of her dantian was recovered. The powerless feeling had disappeared completely. This little bite was equivalent to 10 middle-grade spirit stones!

“This … this is the best spirit rice!”

“Young Master actually took this and other things to heal me!”

“I’m afraid it’s the Young Master who asked the master for it?”

“For me, Young Master is really …” Tears were brewing in Su Yiling’s eyes, and her eyes were red with emotion.

“Miss, it was a little porridge!” Sun Hao said.

“Young Master, thank you!” Su Yiling sat up from the bed, took the bowl and began to eat.

“Miss, what’s your name?” Sun Hao asked.

“Young Master, my name is Su Yiling, and I am the saintess of Jade Lake Palace!” Su Yiling said.

“Miss Yiling, why are you here?” Sun Hao asked.

“Young Master, I came to the Great Demon Mountain to collect an elixir. I didn’t expect to meet the old demon and almost die.”

“If it weren’t for Young Master’s Master, maybe I would have …”

“Also, my junior sister died on the spot to save me.” After saying that, Su Yiling began to cry. It was lovely and heart-wrenching.

Master? Did someone save her, and she thinks it was my master?

In that case, she shouldn’t do anything to me.

At this point, Sun Hao secretly breathed a sigh of relief. In the porridge, the antidote had been given. Just talking, he seemed calm, but in fact he was extremely nervous.

“Miss Su, life and death are destined, and everything is fated! You don’t have to blame yourself!”

“Death may be a new life!” Sun Hao said.

“Boom …” A shocking thunder blasted in Su Yiling’s mind. There was a shackle in the bottom of her heart that immediately untied.

At this moment, she became more intelligent. “Thank you, Young Master, Yiling understands! I don’t know the Young Master’s name? ” Su Yiling said.

“My name is Sun Hao.” He answered.

“Young Master Sun Hao, today’s favor, I will repay it in the future!”

“My Master is in danger, and she is waiting for me to save her, today, I will leave first!” After speaking, Su Yiling got up from the bed. Her chest was shaking, and the brilliance was abnormal, and Sun Hao had been dumbfounded.

“Miss Yiling, since you have to go back to save your master, I won’t keep you!”

“But, miss, put on your clothes first!” Sun Hao said, then walked to the door.

“Creak…” The door closed …

Su Yiling’s face color was flushed red, ashamed and embarrassed. In a hurry, she forgot everything. She picked up her clothes and put them on quickly. The green clothes were more agile when worn on the body.

From a distance, she looked like a fairy descending from the sky, so beautiful that it was impossible to describe

“It’s really a treasure!” The rapid strengthening of the soul made Su Yiling’s eyes bloomed. She opened the door of the room and walked out, just in time to see Sun Hao looking at her with a smile.

“Miss, I don’t know when I will see you again. Asking Miss Su to accept this painting!” After speaking, Sun Hao took out a scroll and handed it to Su Yiling.

“Thank you, Young Master.” Su Yiling put the picture scroll in the space ring, holding her fist and saluting.

“Young Master, goodbye!” After speaking, Su Yiling set up a long sword, rose into the sky, and hurried to Jade Lake Palace.

“Damn, yeah!” Sun Hao made a victory gesture. Today, the harvest was not shallow. First, he cured Su Yiling and got 50 blessing points. Later, he gave her a set of clothes and got 20 blessing points.

He gained 10 points for porridge and 20 points for picture scroll. In other words, from Su Yiling, a full 100 points of blessing were found! The total blessing points reached 220 points.

As for what picture it was, Sun Hao didn’t know. He took it from the study room randomly. What was giving one painting in exchange for blessing points?

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