I am an Evil Sword Chapter 71 There Is A Marriage Arrangement

“When you meet the Lan Family’s eldest son, don’t be too nervous, just salute normally!” Commander Hu said a little nagging.

“I know, Master Commander!”

Commander Hu said with relief, “Your performance this time is very unexpected. I never dreamed that you could become the second place!”

“Neither did I expect it!

“Well!” Commander Hu suddenly stopped and asked, “By the way, Shiqi, can you control your killing state?”

“Yes, I discovered it not long ago.”

One after another, the killing state was used on the tournament stage, it would be strange if the people around him didn’t ask. Shiqi had already thought about the countermeasures.

The existence of Lord Sword Spirit cannot be mentioned to anyone.

“That should be your talent!”

Shiqi was looking for this excuse …

“The eldest son is likely to ask this question later. Just tell the truth!” Commander Hu said, “The Lan family , Nanyun Kingdom’s aristocratic family, was more knowledgeable. Even if you are just a servant, as long as you show enough talent, potential and loyalty, they will not ignore you!”

“Okay, Master Commander!”

After about twenty minutes, the two walked to the end of the corridor, crossed three stone bridges, and came to an elegant attic.

Commander Hu said to the two guards at the door, “This is Seventeen, the person the the eldest son wants to see!”

The guard on the left nodded and let them in.

“This is Shiqi?” a girl about seventeen or eighteen asked with a smile.

“I am Shiqi!”

“Okay, I’ll go and tell the eldest son, sit down first!”

When the young girl left, two maids came in to offer fragrant tea to Shiqi and Commander Hu.

Commander Hu naturally sat in a chair and pointed to the opposite chair and said, “Sit down, let’s drink first.”

After sipping a sip of tea, Commander Hu shook his head and said, “The taste is too weak, I still like drinking!”

Shiqi took a sip, and suddenly felt the fragrance of his lips and teeth, and even the spirit was lifted a lot.

It didn’t seem to be that bad as the commander said!

“Is the Baiyun Qingxiang tea I prepared so unbearable as Commander Hu said?” the eldest son came out from the inner door with a smile.

Lan Yanming had a distinct smile on his face, but the majesty that had been cultivated for a long time in the top position could not be ignored.

“Eldest son, you know, I’m a rough man, and you won’t know me in general.”

“Whatever you want!”

The eldest Lan Yanming, the first heir of the Lan family, was Nanyun kingdom’s top talents of the past more than ten years ago, and were now unfathomable .

Innate martial artist, there was absolutely no doubt.

“Shiqi, what do you think our Lan family treats you?

“The Lan family treats me as kind as a mountain!”

Lan Yanming saw sincerity in Shiqi’s eyes.

He also believed that a teenager less than fifteen years old couldn’t deceive him.

That was exactly what happened.

“Okay!” Lan Yanming asked with satisfaction, “If you see something, I want to ask you, you seem to be able to control your killing aura at will.”

“Yes!” Shiqi simply replied, “But once you enter that state, you may lose your mind.”

“When did you find out?”

“When the first time I killed someone, I was on the execution ground!”


The facts were the same as those investigated by Lan Yanming.

“Why do you want to be an executioner?” Lan Yanming continued to ask.

“Shiqi practiced the “War Sword Art”, and he couldn’t cultivate it to the perfect state for a long time, so he came to ask me!” Commander Hu replied, “I told him, “War Sword Art” is a battlefield martial art, and he has not killed anyone. It’s very difficult to cultivate to the perfect state, so he thought of being an executioner!”

Lan Yanming turned his attention to Lan Shiqi and he whispered, “Actually … Commander Hu said only one of the reasons, and another reason is … During that time, I always had the urge to kill people, and I dreamed of killing people every night. I was very scared, and I couldn’t control myself … I never dared to tell the leaders about this!”

Commander Hu was looking at Seventeen in surprise, Lan Yanming looked more satisfied!

No doubt!

Shiqi loyalty to the Lan family was extremely high!

Even such a secret thing, he did not hide it at all!

Innocent! Loyalty! Very talented! It was also possible to have a rare constitution!

Lan Yanming felt that many of the collateral and direct descendants of the Lan family could not be as frank as Shiqi.

“Then you can turn that state on or off at will?”

“Yes!” Shiqi affirmed.

“Good, very good, very good!” Lan Yanming used three “good” words in a row.

If Shiqi really desired to kill…maybe it would become a hidden danger in the future.

But if Shiqi could be controlled freely, then there would be no hidden dangers!

“Shiqi, since you can control it, don’t worry, don’t be afraid, you may have a rare constitution.”

“Rare constitution?” Shiqi heard this for the first time.

“Yes!” Lan Yanming continued, “There are many people with extraordinary talents in this world. From birth, they have a rare constitution, such as the innate sword body. No matter how advanced the sword is, they are easy to practice… such as primordial physical training, and progress in physical exercises will make ordinary geniuses desperate!”

“Your constitution should be stored killing intent, then turn yourself into a state of longing to kill, there will be some increase in strength, although far less than the constitution of those legendary, but still beyond most ordinary people!”

“It turned out to be like this!” Shiqi said suddenly..

Lan Yanming was not a god. Shiqi impressed him very well. Even if Shiqi behaved abnormally … he wouldn’t care too much.

After all, many people would behave abnormally when they see him, such as nervousness, fear and so on.

“Although you were defeated by Lan Haoyu’s sword in this martial arts competition, your performance is still very good!” Lan Yanming said, “I can reward you with a yellow-level high-grade technique and a black-level low-grade martial art.”

“Thank you. Grand Lord!”

A black-level low-grade martial art!

Shiqi knew that the eldest son was paying for it.

“You’re welcome, you deserve it. You should remember that as long as you work hard for the Lan family in the future, our Lan family will not treat you badly!”

Shiqi was serious in his heart, Lan Yanming must be a good householder in the future!

Such a Lan family leader deserved loyalty to it!

“By the way, you are not yet fifteen years old!”

Commander Hu replied: “Shiqi is still a few months before fifteen!”

“Well, you don’t have to assess it. It’s a waste of time to stay with you. Let him come directly!”

“Well, then there is no need for assessment, and staying with you is a waste of time. Let him come here directly!”

The eldest son asked Shiqi, “Shiqi, if the general assessment is excellent, they are directly assigned to suitable places for training. But you are very satisfied with me. I want to ask your opinion.”

Seeing Shiqi hesitated, Commander Hu explained, “You children generally have several ways out. The most common one is to be trained as a family bodyguard, or you can enter the Chamber of Commerce of the Lan Family. If they are as good as you, you can also go to the battlefield. Accumulate military achievements.”

Lan Yanming took a sip of fragrant tea and added, “He can join the Blue Shadow Guard, and I can be the recommender!”

After hearing this, Commander Hu was surprised and rushed Shiqi, beckoning him to choose Blue Shadow Guard.

“I want to be a guard!”

“Shiqi, don’t talk nonsense!”

Shiqi insisted, “Master Commander, I’m serious, I didn’t speak nonsense!”

Lan Yanming’s reaction was not as great as Commander Hu, but he still asked. “Why?”

“I want to be a guard, I want to be a guard for the eldest lady!”

Saying this sentence, Shiqi finally breathed a sigh of relief.

He was afraid that he would not have the courage to speak out.

Before Lan Yanming spoke, Commander Hu slapped him on the face.

Lan Yanming put down his teacup and said with a gloomy face, “Lan Shiqi, don’t you know that Yanlin has a marriage arrangement!”

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