I am an Evil Sword Chapter 70 Final Results

Twenty-one into eleven, eleven into six, six into three, and Shiqi step into the top three step by step. Relying on the talent of swordsmanship and powerful strength, as well as the crimson sword, step by step into the top three.

There was only one Lan Haoyu at the Qi Sea Realm’s pinnacle, and Seventeen met two youngsters from the late Qi Sea Realm. They would also have mastery of the black-level lower-rank martial arts, but their understanding of the black-level lower-rank martial arts was not as good as Lan Hao Ming’s.

The black-level inferior martial arts that could be cultivated to the small success realm can’t resist Shiqi, who was in the killing state.

In the top three, luck finally stood at Shiqi’s side.

The draw was empty, and he was sent to the top two.

Lan Haoyu fought with Lan Zifan, another young man in the late Qi Ocean Realm. Lan Zifan was defeated after struggling to support more than ten moves.

After the tournament of the other two groups, only the final battle of each group was left!

Shiqi slowly stepped onto the competition stage, facing Lan Haoyu. His heart was under tremendous pressure.

Lan Haoyu’s strength at the pinnacle of the Qi Ocean Realm was two levels higher than him.

According to Shiqi’s observations, he should also have a black technique of low grade.

As for whether he has practiced the body cultivation method, Shiqi didn’t know…It should be because so far, no one can hurt him!

Lan Haoyu also observed Lan Shiqi in front of him, which was the dark horse of this year’s annual exam, and successively broke the historical record of ranking in the Lan family servants’ annual exam.

Now almost the entire Lan family knows his name!

His grandfather also mentioned Lan Shiqi yesterday, thinking that he was a talented person worthy of training because of his excellent cultivation talent and outstanding fighting ability.

No matter the result of this tournament, Lan Shiqi had officially entered the Lan family’s senior management’s attention!

“You are very good!” Lan Haoyu said earnestly.

“I know.” Lan Shiqi replied.

Continuous victories established the heart of the strong!

Successive victories had increased Lan Shiqi’s confidence.

When the killing state constantly stimulated him, he successfully entered the top three of Lan Family, and Shiqi had already begun to transform.

Occasionally, he could tell some cold jokes in front of the public.

After being choked by Shiqi, Lan Haoyu still said, “You can’t beat me!”

“I haven’t started attacking yet. How do you know I can’t beat you?”

“I found that you didn’t practice a black-level martial art, and you didn’t have any chance of winning!”

If you lose, you couldn’t weaken your momentum before the tournament.

Seventeen was about to respond, but there was an angry roar from the audience, “Two stinky boys on the stage, this is a martial arts contest, don’t talk nonsense, hurry up and beat each other!”

The two secretly turned their eyes to the stands, and Lan Liehai, the Lord of Yiyang City, stood up, ” If you don’t start to fight, believe it or not, I will jump up and beat you?”

Lan Shiqi and Lan Haoyu’s eyes meet in the air, and the swords collide with each other instantly.

Lan Liehai sat back in the chair and said to Mrs. Liu, “These two little guys just owe you to clean up!”

Madam Liu covered her mouth and chuckled.

Lan Liehai said to Lan Yanming next to him, “Yanming, these two little guys are a bit talented this year, and the others are very average!

Lan Yanming nodded and said, “It can’t be said that other people can’t do it, but they didn’t surprise us. Haoyu has good talent and is expected to become an innate master. Lan Shiqi is also good.”

“Yes, that Lan Shiqi is really good. He seems to be an orphan adopted by Lan Mansion since childhood. I remember the treatment of those orphans is not good!” Lan Liehai touched the stubble on his chin and said, “Before he was fifteen years old, he could become a mid-stage fighter in the Qi Ocean Realm. Not only was he talented in cultivation, but his combat ability was even better. Such a good seedling is rare among our Lan family children.”

Lan Yanming stared Shiqi at the stage who fell into a killing state. He was crazy and confronted Lan Haoyu. He was still at an absolute disadvantage and said by himself, “Well, Shiqi is really talented, but there should be other interesting things on him!”

He turned his head and said to his Lan family senior, who was present, “After the competition, I will increase the reward for Lan Shiqi. Elder and second uncle, do you have any opinions?”

The fourth elder asked, “Why?”

“In the past two years, the Lan Family children have indeed slacked off.” Lan Yanming said slowly, “I thought about it for a moment, and stimulated them with Lan Shiqi!”

The second elder said, “I think it is good. Lan Shiqi was raised in our blue family. His talent for controlling killing intent seems to be very powerful. I have never heard of it before.”

The four elders interjected, “I think we need to ask Hu Li’s opinion!”


Lan Haoyu’s sword eventually lost Shiqi.

The last bit of reason prevented him from performing the last trick.

Moreover, his goal should be achieved. If he really defeated Lan Haoyu, he was afraid it would be even more troublesome.

Withdrawing from the killing state, his body was dripping with blood, and a few servants gently lifted him.

He was placed in a well-decorated guest room, and an old doctor expertly bandaged his wounds.

“Please put your sword away!” The old doctor said with some dissatisfaction, “It blocked me!”

Shiqi hurriedly put the sword on the bed.

The old doctor glanced at it and said nothing. He had seen more wonderful things after practicing medicine for so many years.

“Thank you!”

The old doctor said, “You are welcome, open your mouth, take the rejuvenating pill, and the ointment, your wound will heal quickly!”

Shiqi opened his mouth just after swallowing the pill, and a bitter taste instantly caused his face to wrinkle together.

The old doctor smiled and said, “It’s very bitter!”



After drinking two glasses of water, Shiqi felt better.

“Would you like a piece of candy?”


His mouth was still bitter.

“I have checked, you are suffering from skin injuries, not too heavy, you should have a rest first, if you have any questions, call Xiao Bi, and she will take care of you!” The old doctor left after speaking.

Xiao Bi was an ordinary-looking girl. She smiled and said, “Master, let me know what you need to tell me to do.”


Hearing this title, Shiqi was really flattered.

“Speaking of which, I’m the Lan family’s servant just like you.” Shiqi Struggled to sit up, and Xiao Bi quickly helped him cushion the pillow.

“Then you must have been punished for causing trouble, right?” Before he could answer, Xiao Bi said, “This is not right. If you are punished, how can Dr. Liu treat you so well?”

“I was injured in a contest!” He didn’t get into trouble.

“Are you Lan Shiqi?” Xiao Bi asked in surprise.

“Do you know me?”

“I’ve heard of you and heard that you broke into the top three!” Knowing that Shiqi was not a servant of the Lan Family, Xiao Bi was not afraid of him. She asked excitedly, “How did you win?”

“If I win, I won’t lie here!”

“It doesn’t matter if you lose. You are already very powerful when you break into the top three!” Xiao Bi said with a smile.

Seeing Xiao Bi twittering and having a tendency to continue talking, Shiqi said quickly, “I want to have a rest!”


The Lan Family’s Rejuvenation Pill was really extraordinary. In just one afternoon, Shiqi felt that he could walk around.

In the evening, Commander Hu found him and said that the eldest son wanted to see him.

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