I am an Evil Sword Chapter 69 Atracting Attention

“The battle is over. Lan Shiqi won!

The referee ruled.

Lan Hao withdrew the long sword dejectedly.

Of course, the long sword didn’t stab Shiqi’s lower body but was grabbed by the Lan family master guarding the martial arts stage.

Similarly, Shiqi’s heavy sword did not break Lan Hao Ming’s neck.

“Boy, you even want to chop me, you have a lot of balls!” asked another master of the Lan Family who blocked the Shiqi’s heavy sword, rather displeased.

After regaining his sanity, Shiqi certainly knew what he had done. When he was competing with Lan Hao just now, the Lan family master in front of him blocked a sword he must hit, and he madly gave the Lan family master a sword attack…

It was awkward, to say!

Shiqi stepped down quickly.

When he stepped down, he was surrounded by his companions.

“Brother Shiqi, you are too powerful!”

“Yes, I thought you would lose!”


Commander Hu said aside, “Don’t you see that Shiqi is weak? Let him go and rest first. There may be another tough battle to be fought in the afternoon!”

Shiqi rested alone in the room for a long time.

No one came to disturb him.

In the afternoon, Shiqi was lucky, and his opponent was a fighter at the early stage of Qi Ocean and a delicate girl.

Shiqi didn’t have the slightest courtesy to destroy flowers, and the furious heavy sword directly flew the girl off the tournament stage, and then successfully entered the semi-finals of the 13-to 15-year-old group.

Speaking of which, it was a complete accident to meet Lan Hao Ming in the morning.

With the strength of Lan Hao Ming, he had the chance to enter the semi-finals and hit a higher ranking!

Shiqi was slightly excited at the thought of the semi-final.

Starting from the semi-finals, the Lan family’s top leaders will appear in the auditorium in front of the competition stage.

 Lan Lielei, the head of the Lan family, should not appear. It was estimated that the host of the competition was the elder Lan. The attendees were not sure, and the direct descendants of the Lan family should all participate.

The only thing Shiqi wanted to see was the eldest young lady, but he didn’t know if she would be there.

In the semi-finals of the Lan Family Martial Arts Competition, Shiqi had gotten up early that day.

After a night’s rest, his lost qi has been fully recovered. He found an empty space to rehearse “Cross Sword Tactics” and “War Sword Tactics,” He didn’t stop until he felt the whole body heat upwelling, and the bones and muscles were loose.

After breakfast, all the blue family members gathered in the huge martial arts field.

Lan Yanming, the son of Lan Lielei, the son of the Lan Family, stood on the ring and gave a long speech!

At least Chen Hao in the sword of crimson blood thinks so.

Beginning with the Lan family’s ancestors, after the history of the rise of the family, we talked about the outstanding heroes who once appeared in the Lan family…Finally, he talked about the origin of the annual martial arts competition and the deeper meaning behind the martial arts competition!

The young children of the Lan family were full of enthusiasm.

Seventeen was distracted.

The VIP table was in the front row, where all the leaders were sitting … If Miss Lan were present, she would definitely be in the front row.

Shiqi, they happened to be arranged at the end.

“I’m afraid you can see clearly only when you are on stage!”

Shiqi thought like this.

The Lan family didn’t let Shiqi wait too long.

In his age group, 21 people were remaining; all of them were martial artists in the Qi Ocean realm. Among them, the young boys in the early Qi Ocean realm occupy the vast majority and one bye.

The first to compete was their group.

After the three sets of competitions, it was Shiqi’s turn to take the stage.

He took the heavy sword and stepped onto the martial arts stage and glanced at the VIP seats under the stage.

The old man skipped it. The man ignored it. The fourth young lady was there, and even the lady Liu was there, but the eldest lady was the only one missing.

Two bad old men whispered to each other. Mrs. Liu smiled and said something in the ear of a middle-aged man. While the fourth lady was eating melon seeds, she talked to the little sister next to her. Grandpa Lan was staring at the competition stage. But no matter how you look at it, it seemed to be in a trance…

Seventeen felt a little uncomfortable.

Among the top 21 teenagers, two were from domestic servants, and his opponent was still the Lan family’s children, there was no doubt.

“Lord Sword Spirit, 5% killing state!”

Murderous aura had no reservations. He wanted to end this battle as soon as possible or have a hearty battle.

The senior Lan family sitting in the VIP seats turned their attention to the martial arts stage.

The murderous aura on Shiqi was impressive.

A group of high-ranking Lan family members looked a little bored at the Qi Ocean Realm competition, and they hoped that Shiqi could be a bit exciting.

“I declare that the contest begins!”

The word “begins” just fell, Shiqi stepped on the spot, and a flash step rushed towards the opponent.

The heavy sword was swung, and a strong wind blew on the competition stage.

The strong breeze blew away from the competition platform, met two warriors with cold faces, and then dissipated automatically.

One step behind, step by step, the cold killing intent and violent sword moves made his opponent exhausted, and his momentum was utterly lost.

Step by step, the opponent was finally pushed to the edge of the competition platform.

“This little guy is not bad. He is a fierce master!” Grandpa Lan glanced at the paper on the desk and said to the guard next to him, “Lan Seventeen, an orphan adopted by the family, fourteen years old, in the middle of the Qi Ocean realm, the talent for cultivation should not worse than Lan Haoyu, very good!”

“Practice” Cross Sword Tactics “and” War Sword Tactics “to a perfect state and the talent of swordsmanship is also good!”

“He is the executioner of Yiyang City? The killing aura is indeed a bit strong!”

“Hey! The fourth Elder, your famous family, has lost to him! “

The fourth elder turned his head with a cold donkey face and said, “I have let the bastard go back. I think he is living too peacefully!”

The word “too comfortable” was bitten by the fourth elder. It was cumbersome.

Everyone present could feel the anger in his heart!

“I heard that Hao Ming even used the “Golden Wind and Drizzle Sword Technique”!” The second elder interjected with a smile, “He was still lost!”

The others didn’t speak and watched the show.

The fourth elder snorted coldly and then raised four fingers.

The second elder questioned, “What…what do you mean?”

“I have four grandsons and four grandsons, all of whom have a hand, and all of them can inherit the family!”

When the second elder heard this, his face was red with anger. He raised his sleeves and asked, “Old donkey, do you want to fight?”

“I won’t fight with you today!” The fourth elder said in a serious tone, “Don’t you look at what day it is. Do you want the younger generation to see jokes?”

The fourth young lady and the others looked at the two elders curiously, their eyes full of interest.

The second elder gritted his teeth and said, “Okay, I will let you go today!”

Taking advantage of this moment, Shiqi successfully defeated his opponent.

In recent days, after using the Killing State one after another, Shiqi had become more adaptable to the Killing State. His consumption was not very large, and the Lan Family also allowed them enough rest time.

After the competition for teenagers from 13 to 15 years old, it was the group’s turn from 15 to 17 years old.

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