It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 6 The Young Master’s Divine Calculation

Translator:Mystified               Editor:Rilise

“Huu …”

Nothing had happened. The palm of the god blasted Chen Daoming. With the power to corrupt the soul, a wave of black energy enveloped Chen Daoming in an instant.

“Ka Ka Ka …” Xie Feng let out a weird laugh, his voice full of disdain. However, his smile then frozen. He saw that the black energy dispersed after touching Chen Dao’s hat and coat. It couldn’t reach Chen Daoming’s body at all.

“Sure enough!” Chen Daoming’s eyes brightened, and his gratitude was beyond words.

“Young Master, it turns out that you have calculated everything. I was so stupid that I didn’t understand it until now!” Chen Daoming was shaking slightly with excitement.

“This is impossible!” Xie Feng’s voice awakened Chen Daoming.

“Haha …” Chen Daoming smiled coldly, looking at Xie Feng as if looking at a dead person, “Xie Feng, today you will definitely die!”

“Little boy, just by yourself?” After Xie Feng finished speaking, he took out a long black staff and pointed it at Chen Daoming, “Since I can’t get your body, then I will destroy it!”

“Howl…” There was a loud roar. Black air surged violently, forming a storm in the blink of an eye.

“Huu …”

The surrounding trees were uprooted and turned into debris. The ground was torn apart layer by layer, blending with the storm. A scene of horror destroyed the world. This storm was rushing up and in an instant, Chen Daoming was enveloped up by the storm.

“Little boy, die!” a cruel smile appeared on Xie Feng’s face.


Only the sound of the howling storm remained. After a moment, it took only four minutes to restore the calmness. The land within 100 meters was changed to flat ground. Xie Feng looked in Chen Daoming’s direction and couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows.

“It must be a dream!” Xie Feng rubbed his eyes with a look of disbelief. He saw Chen Daoming standing in place, intact, no trace of injury was left.

“How could a little boy of the Golden Core Realm be able to block my move?”

“This must be a dream!” Xie Feng’s face was full of unwillingness.

“Haha, Xie Feng, do whatever you can. Otherwise, you won’t have a chance.” Chen Daoming said.

“Huh, just relying on yourself? I don’t believe you can still resist!” Next, Xie Feng used his skills; dark corpse explosion, soul-devouring, dark nights …

However, everything was useless. Every means he used to strike Chen Daoming did not leave any harm to him. Xie Feng breathed heavily, looking at Chen Daoming, his face was full of jealousy.

“Xie Feng, the young master has calculated everything, today is your death!” Chen Daoming shouldered his long sword and caressed a handful of his silver hair. His mouth was full of a sneer.

“Young master, what young master?” Xie Feng asked.

“Dead people don’t need to know!” After speaking, Chen Daoming disappeared from his place. In the surrounding, the dead silence was restored.

Xie Feng’s gaze swept around, and his mental strength was on high alert, “Boy, don’t play any trick and come out now.”

What responded to him was silence. As if in the whole world, he was the only one who remained.

“Impossible, how could a little boy in the Golden Core Realm have such means, even my spiritual sense can’t scan him.”

“Where did he go?” Xie Feng’s forehead overflowed with a ray of sweat, panicking.

“Hehe, I am here.”

Suddenly. Behind him, there was a sound. Xie Feng’s scalp exploded, he turned his back around, and at the same time, his body retreated violently.


“Puchi(1) …” The sound of a sword thrust into flesh and blood sounded. Xie Feng stared at the long sword in his chest blankly, the gaps looked as though a raised mouth was laughing at him.

“Puchi …”  Chen Daoming pulled out the long sword.

“Thud …” Xie Feng fell to the ground, looking at Chen Daoming, his face was full of unwillingness. After a few twitch, there was no other movement, and he died unsatisfied.

Chen Daoming looked at Xie Feng’s corpse with a sneer. “With the young master’s clever plan, you won’t be able to kick up a storm and cause any waves!”

“This young master’s hat and coat, seemingly ordinary, but in reality, it is very extraordinary!”

“Although I can’t see the rank, it must not be an ordinary spirit weapon. It is probably a middle-rank spirit weapon!”

“Anyone who can refine a middle-rank spirit weapon has a mighty soul! If this is the case, doesn’t it mean that the young master is not a mortal at all, but rather an immortal realm?”

“Isn’t Master Tongtian behind the young master, that big shot is crossing the tribulation realm?” His thought ended.

“Hiss …”

Chen Daoming took a breath through his teeth. Terrifying, too terrifying. Unexpectedly, a small cultivator like himself would get such a chance. This must be the blessing that has been accumulated for several lifetimes!

“The young master gave me two middle-grade spirit weapons, which must be for me to kill and uproot the Demon. Since the Demon has been removed, I must return them to the young master!”

“However, going to see Young Master empty handed is really shameless!”

Chen Dao Ming’s face showed a dilemma.

“No need to worry, I will find something suitable, and then see the young master.”

Chen Daoming returned to his senses, and his eyes looked around.

He discovered that the entire mountain gate of Overlord Sect had been flattened to the ground, and now there was only one main hall left.

“I don’t know what happened to master? Are they all right?”

Chen Dao Ming quickly ran to the hall. When he opened the door, he saw that dozens of people were wrapped in black air and were struggling. Chen Daoming threw the hat.

“Hum …” The hat whirled.

“Whoosh …” Strands of blue light shed like rain. The blue light enveloped these people like nectar. 

The black energy on them quickly dissipated. Chen Daoming sighed after retracting the hat.

“With my current strength, I can only display one point of the power of this spiritual weapon. If it is held in the hands of the young master, I am afraid it will ruin the world!”

Chen Daoming put away his hat and coat and ran to an old man with a white beard. “Master, how are you?”


The old man with a white beard opened his eyes and showed a surprise on his face. “Did you save us?”

Chen Daoming nodded and looked at the old man with a white beard. “Master, what is going on here?”

“Ah …” The white-bearded old man sighed heavily.

“The evil race is about to move.”

“Our Overlord Sect was targeted by human puppet clan. That Xie Feng is not an easy opponent. Did he escape?” the white-bearded old man asked.

“He’s dead!” Chen Daoming said.

“What?” Everyone was shocked. Even the white-bearded old man was surprised.

“Did you kill him?” the white-bearded old man asked.

“En.” Chen Daoming nodded.

“Hiss …” Everyone gasped, their faces full of unbelief.

“How is that possible, disciple?” the white-bearded old man asked.

“Master, I was instructed by an elder. He gave me two treasures before so I could slay these evil things!”

“However, please forgive me for not telling you who that senior is!” Chen Daoming said. Hearing these words, they secretly nodded.

“Ah, such a small, trivial matters, why don’t you understand it! Disciple, you saved the entire sect! You should be the lord of the sect!” said the white-bearded old man.

“How can it be done like this? Sect Master Qi is doing well!” Chen Daoming said.

A middle-aged man walked out and clasped his fists respectfully, “Daoming has outstanding talent and saved the entire sect. I am willing to pass on the position of the lord to him. Everyone, do you have any objections?”

“No!” There was no objection. A small sect was as simple as that.

“We greet the Sect Master!”

Except for the white-bearded old man, the others knelt down in front of Chen Daoming, respectfully. Chen Daoming stood there blankly, with incredible surprise on his face. Just because he saved everyone, he became the sect master?

“Disciple, since you are the Sect Master, you should keep this five-color god lotus!”

The white-bearded old man took out a dazzling lotus and handed it to Chen Daoming. As soon as this thing came out, the surroundings exclaimed.

“Senior actually took out the treasure of the sect.”

“This is a middle-grade elixir. I have not seen it as long as I live.” Chen Daoming picked up the five-color god lotus, his thoughts whirled around.

“This is a middle-grade elixir!”

“The young master may not be satisfied; at least he can accept it!” Chen Daoming’s eyes sparkled.

“Disciple, there is one month left for the Yangzhou Sect Grand Competition. Everything depends on you!” said the white-bearded old man.

“This …..” Chen Daoming was speechless for a while, letting himself be the Sect Master. It turned out to be for this plan.

“The Sects Grand Competition, it seems that there are good rewards, which can be given to the Young Master!”

Chen Daoming nodded quietly. “Master, you can rest assured that this time, the Overlord Sect will become an eighth-class sect!”

  1. The sound of stabbing through flesh.

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    1. Yes I was planning to do that, onomatopoeia is something small but yes confusing sometimes. For I am a Magic Sword it actually should be I am Devil/Demon Sword as the words “mo” refer to demonic/ devilish as well. I will change it here, but I suppose I could not change the title on novelupdates, well I’ll ask them later. I cannot edit them all in one fell swoop. it would start from the dao ancestor then I am a magic sword and then create bugs.

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