I am an Evil Sword Chapter 68 Ten Percent

“Golden Wind Drizzle Swordsmanship, this is the best swordsmanship of the Fourth Elder, right?”

“You don’t know, Lan Hao Ming is the grandson of the Seventh Elder!”

“Who is the opponent of Lan Hao Ming?”

“His specific name is a series of numbers. I forgot that he went on stage yesterday, and his strength is excellent. It should be the adopted batch of orphans!”


Golden Wind Drizzle Swordsmanship, Lan Hao Ming sword is slow down, every sword was as soft and thick as a drizzle, and every sword could be properly defended.

Shiqi, who was born with divine power and was good at heavy swords, didn’t like to encounter the Golden Wind Drizzle Sword’s soft swordsmanship.

In the West, gold is the primary autumn source, so the autumn wind is also called the golden wind.

Autumn Lord kills, everything dies!

Lan Hao’s famous Golden Wind Drizzle Sword has achieved great success. The gentle and unrestrained long sword could always find an opportunity in Shiqi’s offensive, which is like a violent rainstorm, to fight back!

“That domestic servant is really unlucky. If he doesn’t meet Lan Hao Ming, he has a good chance to show his face tomorrow and get the attention of the family!”

“It’s a pity that the boy is born with divine power and his talent is quite good, but he doesn’t have black-level martial arts used as a killer move.”


Having been an impregnable Lan Hao Ming defense, Shiqi knew he was in danger.

The power he can use now is Fu Yuanming’s beheading sword technique and the Crimson Blood Magic sword’s evil aura.

His beheading swordsmanship had reached the small success realm, and he had a great chance to defeat Lan Hao Ming after using it…but he was a little worried that the beheading swordsmanship was too strong

There was only one move of beheading swordsmanship, which seems unremarkable. It was difficult for ordinary fighters to regard this swordsmanship as martial arts because it was more like a brainwave and a sword thrown at hand!

However, there were too many Lan Family members and masters in the audience, so it was hard to guarantee that no one would see the clue.

He never forgot his identity.

He was a servant of the Lan Family, not a child of the Lan Family.

As long as beheading swordsmanship was discovered, the Lan Family would definitely try every means to get him to hand over beheading swordsmanship!

The beheading swordsmanship was created by Fu’s seniors and which was passed on to him by Lord Sword Spirit. What if the Lan Family asked him to hand it over?

Did he hand in? Or not?

Shiqi quickly regressed two steps and said in his heart, “Lord Sword Spirit, killing state!”

The cold, evil aura invaded Shiqin’s body along with his right hand, and the entire body of Shiqi began to chill and rushed to the top of his head coldly. A frenzy of killing spontaneously!

In his eyes, blood flashed away!

The whole person’s momentum exploded.

Three months of executioner career accumulated murder. The death aura and killing intent of the evil aura that penetrated from Shiqi’s body were mixed with each other, making his aura rise layer by layer, and soon reached its peak!

On the martial arts stage, Lan Hao Ming had a faint fear in his heart, but he quickly pushed down that fear.

Lan Hao Ming couldn’t help but whisper in his heart, “How did I meet such a madman? Look at the momentum. There are still a lot of lives in your hands!”

The people in the audience were also talking about the appalling momentum of Shiqi.

After all, the murderous aura on Seventeen is too heavy!

It was not that they had never seen murderous people, but at the age of Shiqi, they could have hundreds of appointments…really rare!

“He is our new executioner in Yiyang City! I heard that he killed someone for the first time, so he went crazy and cut more than 30 criminals into meat on the execution stage! “

“It should be him!”

“Then he is really a fierce man!”

Someone laughed and ridiculed, “You said, will he go crazy and kill Lan Hao Ming?”

On the stage, Lan Hao Ming heard these words, and there was something in his heart that he didn’t know if it was inappropriate.

When Lan Hao Ming was distracted, Shiqi had already rushed to him.

He used the Golden Wind Drizzle Sword again, and he just picked the heavy sword on the tip of the sword to relieve his strength, but he was surprised to find that the opponent’s strength was stronger than before!

However, as the grandson of the Fourth Elders, Lan Hao Ming’s combat experience was more than that of his peers. He dodged and could evade the sword.

“What a coward!”

After entering the state of killing, Shiqi’s offensive was much more vigorous than before.

Suddenly, Lan Hao Ming realized that even the mysterious-level sketch, the Golden Wind Drizzle Sword, couldn’t defend against the opponent!

Although Lan Hao’s name was arrogant, he was not stupid and did not panic!

Even if relying on the Golden Wind and Drizzle swordsmanship could not defeat the opponent in one fell swoop, it made him feel very shameless, and he did not become angry and face the opponent!

But waiting for opportunities!

He told himself in his heart: defend for a while, and such a fierce attack will not last long! When the other party consumes about the same amount of qi or withdraws from that strange state, it is the time when he wins!

The children of the aristocratic family had far more combat experience and wisdom than ordinary warriors.

Experienced parents and grandparents would share with them all kinds of terrain combat methods and combat methods against various types of enemies without reservation!

And warriors without family sect inheritance could only dance on the tip of the knife, again and again, walk on the edge of death, accumulate their own fighting skills in the blood and suffering… But this skill was often not comprehensive.

After all, a person was always inferior to a group of people!

Shiqi roared, “Lord Sword Spirit, ten percent strength!”

“Boy, the influence of the evil aura on you in the body is much stronger than the influence on you outside the body. Remember to look for the opponent and don’t cut the audience down!”

“You won’t cut the wrong person!”

“You are free! Anyway, there are quite a few masters who use swords at the scene! If you die, I will have a higher status!” Chen Hao said with a smile, “I think that Lan Haoyu is very good!”

The intensity of the evil aura increased. Da, the red blood vessels in Shiqi’s eyes skyrocketed, and in the eyes of others, his eyes had glowed with a reddish glow.

The killing intent expanded again!

The power brought by the heavy sword suddenly increased, Lan Hao Ming was caught off guard, the long sword was knocked open by it, and the blade of the heavy sword made a cut in his arm.

A subtle imperceptible bloodshot like leeches got into Lan Hao Ming’s wound.

“The …”

Before he could scold the word “death,” another Shiqi’s sword had come!

Lan Hao Ming was not ready yet!

You could attack what you need to save!

This was a situation described by the elders of the clan. When facing the enemy, since it was too late to hide, it couldn’t retreat, and it couldn’t meet the other side’s sword move … When the crisis was critical, attacked it and saved it!

Attack the enemy’s vitals, fight for life…

Shiqin’s heavy sword slashed, piercing the heart and throat, and the long sword would be hit by the Shiqi’s broad, heavy sword close to two meters!

But among the key points, there was another part that was often overlooked, but the clan elders had emphasized it.

Lan Haoming stabbed Shiqi’s lower body to the point…Even if the opponent were really crazy and wanted to fight for his life, when he was stabbed in this position, most men would hesitate… Moreover, the opponent was the Lan Family’s home servant. The two had no grievances.

Unfortunately, Lan Hao didn’t know he was really crazy now!

Seventeen saw the opponent stab him in the lower body and instinctively felt that the opponent could not die at once. The heavy sword rose slightly, habitually hacking towards Lan Hao Ming’s exposed neck!

Neck, the most familiar position for Shiqi!

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