It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 4 A Great Kindness Remembered in Heart

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After drinking a cup of tea.

“Kacha!” A sound was heard.

Chen Daoming clenched his fists. His body trembled with excitement. Another breakthrough! Now, he had reached the Golden Core Formation Realm.

When his thoughts swept towards his golden core, his eyes were full of shock.

“The golden core has just been condensed, and it is already extremely stable. There is no trace of impurity in the golden core!”

“I have the supreme golden core!”

“God, I … what kind of spiritual tea am I drinking?” Chen Daoming’s heart was surging and couldn’t calm down. He looked at Sun Hao, his gaze was full of admiration and awe, swept in waves.

“Brother Chen, have another cup?” Sun Hao asked casually.

“No …” Chen Daoming waved his hand quickly.

How can I be greedy for this kind of spiritual tea?

I can’t digest another cup.

If I don’t finish it, I will definitely make the young master unhappy.

If I break this path of good fortune, I will have to find a place to cry to death.

“The young master treated me like a mountain. This great favor is unforgettable! I must repay the Young Master with gifts!”

Chen Daoming thought in his heart, and his mind swept towards his space ring. Inside, there were three low-grade spirit stones, a rotten leather armor, a long sword, and no spirit items!

There was nothing in it!

How can the young master value these things?

“Hmm I have to find a way to get a spiritual thing for the Young Master.” Chen Dao Ming made a decision inwardly.

Next, the two continued to chat. The scene was like two bosom friends who met once in a blue moon. The sky gradually darkened. Before long, it began to drizzle. At first glance, the water mist evaporates, like a pair of ink landscape paintings. It was hazy and beautiful, fascinating.

Suddenly, Chen Daoming raised his eyebrows, as if thinking of something.

“Young master, I have been hanging around here for a long time. Please forgive me. I have something to do next, I bid you farewell!” Chen Daoming stood up and bowed.

“Brother Chen, no need to be polite!” Sun Hao looked at the sky, watching the drizzle.

He glanced at the hats and woven straw clothes hanging by the pavilion, “Since Brother Chen is going to leave, I won’t keep you. With this, you can take shelter from wind and rain.” Sun Hao handed the hat and straw coat to Chen Daoming’s hand.

“Thank you, young master!”

Chen Daoming wore the hat, put on the coat, bowed and clasped his fists again.

“Brother Chen, remember to come often!”

“Definitely!” Chen Daoming turned around and left quickly. He left a blurred figure in the rain and fog. When Sun Hao saw this scene, he walked back to the house and began to play the guqin.

“Zheng …” The sound was long, spreading throughout the valley. Ink landscape, coupled with guqin sound, was simple and profound, with profound artistic conception.

Chen Daoming’s head roared. Inside, there was an inexpressible feeling. He seemed to feel some mystery. Chen Daoming stood still, motionless. He didn’t recover until the end of the guqin play.

“A piece of guqin music makes me comprehend a profound meaning, and I seem to have realized a hint of sword intent!”

“Did the one who has just played the guqin not the predecessors, but the young master?”

This is his conclusion.

“…” Chen Daoming gasped.

It turned out that the young master helped him breakthrough and beheaded the evil spirits.

And not willing to admit it.


The young master was stuck in a bottleneck, incarnate as a mortal to perceive the Dao in order to breakthrough?

It must be so!

Don’t let the young master find out, or it will damage his moral heart!

By that time, even deaths would not let him escape the blame!

The young master was already such a strong man.

How strong is that Master Tongtian?

Heaven and earth!

I can’t imagine!

Unexpectedly, a little cultivator like himself can be associated with this great power!

God, what lucky encounter did I get?!

Chen Daoming’s heart was already full of turbulent waves. He took several deep breaths before he calmed down, turned around and looked at Sun Hao’s direction, and bow deeply.

“The young master’s great kindness, I remember it in my heart!”

“If there is an opportunity, whether I have to go through fire and water, I will not hesitate!” After a long time, he turned and walked down the hill.

On the way, he looked at the clothes on his body, “The two things that the young master gave me are also extraordinary!”

He took off the hat and the coat and looked carefully. He used all the methods he had, however, he could not see the extraordinariness.

“Regardless of whether it is a mortal thing or not, the things that the young master gave must be kept for life!” After speaking, Chen Daoming’s thoughts moved, a barrier shrouded his body, keeping the rain out. Later, he put these two things into the space ring.

“Miao Ku, you dare to harm us!”

“This time, even if the patriarch protects you, you must be beheaded!”

Chen Daoming sprinted down the mountain. Soon, he disappeared into the rain and fog.



“It’s 20 points up!”

Sun Hao opened the blessing point panel and saw the 20 points above it, his eyes gleaming. In just one day, he reaped 20 blessing points and finally made a good start.

Just now, he gave Chen Daoming a cup of tea and gained three blessing points. He gave him a hat and a coat, and reap two blessing points. It seemed that if he gave something to a cultivator, he could obtain the blessing point. If he had enough items, he would surely obtain the full harvest!

“It’s wonderful, and I don’t have to worry about having no blessing point in the future!”

“However, I have to test more and wait until he comes over next time!”

Thinking about this, Sun Hao held up the oil paper umbrella and walked into the house. When he came to the carving room, he looked at the logs on the ground and stepped forward.

“Since playing music can harvest the blessing points, carving should be ok?”

“Carve some small objects first and give them to the cultivator, and I can also gain a lot of blessing points!” Sun Hao sat on a low stool, took out a carving knife, and began to carve.

“Huff …” The carving knife was in his hand, moving like a dragon. Every movement was smooth and flowing devoid of any pause. One by one, palm-sized statues were carved out by him.

These statues include Daoists, Buddha statues, birds, and beasts. Each piece was finished in one step, without fine carving or polishing. Everything was lifelike, like a living being.

In a blink of an eye, a few hours went by unconsciously. Every piece of wood on the ground had become a statue.

“Okay, more than two hundred pieces are completed!”

“This time, I should be able to reap a lot of blessings.”

“Brother Chen should be able to appreciate the magical carving skills like mine, even as a cultivator!

“There are so many types, if Brother Chen comes again, let him pick it himself!”

“I chafed and carved for so long, and didn’t get any blessing points?”

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