I am an Evil Sword Chapter 67 Golden Wind Drizzle Sword

Shiqi said excitedly, “I feel that my body is full of power, and I have an urgent desire to kill and destroy. I don’t think about anything in my head. I only want to kill all living creatures and smash everything!” He waved his fist in the air, obviously too energetic. “Besides, I think my strength should be stronger!”

The white attribute-free true qi enveloped the Crimson Demon Sword’s sword body, and Chen Hao noticed a dark red thread swimming in Shiqi’s white attribute-free true qi red silk threads were just like living ones.

Of course, Shiqi also found it out!

The true qi seemed to have been eroded by the evil aura, and he didn’t know if it was temporary or permanent.

Shiqi brought the Crimson Blood Sword to a small martial arts training ground nearby. He practiced the “War Sword Art” and came to a conclusion.

“Lord Sword Spirit, this state should enhance my strength by about 20%!”

“Can you still control yourself?”

“Yes, it should be no problem, it can be controlled, but I don’t want to control it. I want to keep this state!”

Chen Hao thought for a moment and asked, “What is thirteen plus twenty-nine?”

“Thirteen plus twenty-nine?” Shiqi scratched his head and couldn’t think of the answer at once. “Lord Sword Spirit, wait, I’ll think about it.”

“Well, don’t think about it!” Chen Hao didn’t turn off the evil spirit aura and said, “The question that a five-year-old child can answer first … That state is indeed more aggressive, but it will affect your sanity. If you want to use it to change your personality, I am afraid that you will become a brain-disabled person.”

“It should be subtle. I think it can be used!”

“Yes, it is indeed possible. It’s better than your timid state now!” Chen Hao said, “It is important to be rational, but crazy beasts can also make people afraid!”

“Lord Sword Spirit, what do you think of that state called? killing state?” Shiqi gathered the true qi into his palms, and the true qi returned to white again. “I will not use that state often, just as a trump card for fighting.”

Of course, Shiqi would not really think that that state really did not affect the body.

It was just that he had just developed a new use of the evil spirit field, and the side effects remained to be seen.

Chen Hao approves of Shiqi’s attempt very much. He hoped that every swordmaster was smart enough. He just chooses a name. As long as the name was not too frustrating, he could accept it, “The name is OK, anyway, how do you want to use it, you can handle it yourself, but you don’t want to kill yourself. It is still difficult to find a slightly satisfied sword master!”

“I understand, I still understand the principle of no regrets. If there is no Lord Sword Spirit, there will be nowhere I am today. I, no matter what the result is, I will not blame Lord Sword Spirit!”

On the first day of the tournament, 672 teenagers aged 13 to 15 were eliminated by half.

On the second day of the competition, each teenager would have two matches, and if both matches were won, the 84 teenagers who won were eligible to participate in the third day of the battle.

The senior figures of the Lan family will appear on the fourth day.

Almost every teenager was eager to pass this martial arts competition, get rich rewards, or favor the Lan family’s high-level officials to make their martial arts journey more open.

Shiqi is one of the rare wonders. His goal was very different-just, wanting to be the guard of Miss Lan’s door.

Shiqi didn’t know the details of the other Lan family contestants but learned from the commander Hu that the strongest person in the Lan family from 13 to 15 years old was Lan Haoyu, the grandson of the third elder of the Lan family, half a month away. At the age of fifteen, the peak strength of the Qi Ocean Realm.

As for more information, even Commander Hu and also didn’t know.

“Our Lan family has a rule that no family member can divulge the information of other members without permission!” Commander Hu said solemnly, “including the cultivation technique…you just pay attention to it in the future.”

In the first competition in the morning, Shiqi’s luck was not bad. His opponent was a martial artist from the Lan family in the early stage of the Qi Ocean Realm.

In the second match in the afternoon, his luck disappeared.

“As a domestic servant, you can cultivate to the mid-Qihai stage when you are less than fifteen. Your talent is outstanding. It’s a pity that you met me!” In this round, Shiqi faced a handsome young man. The other party said, “I, Lan Hao Ming, the late Qi Ocean Realm!”

“Lan Shiqi, you know the strength!”

“Brother Ming, come on!”

“Hit that boy away!”

The audience had several young girls shouting.

Obviously, Lan Hao Minf’s reputation in the Lan family was not weak.

Without speaking, after the referee announced the start of the match, the two collided together instantly.

Sparks flashed, but Lan Haoming’s confident blow failed. Instead, he took two steps backward.

He looked at Shiqi, who was as burly as a bear in front of him, and the heavy sword that he knew at a glance, and sighed with his numb right hand, “What a great strength!

Shiqi’s face was wooden, carrying the heavy sword unceremoniously rushed up.

He took out all his strength, and the war sword tactic was put to full use. A violent breath filled the entire competition platform.

The Lan family who watched the battle said, “The “War Sword Art” of the perfect state, that young man is very good!”

“If you are less than fifteen years old, you can practice the yellow high-level cultivation method to a perfect state. There seems to be not much in the whole Lan family?”

Someone added, “No more than ten!”

Someone disdainfully said, “The talent is good, and there is a black level martial arts, who will practice the yellow level?”

“Black-level inferior martial arts are not accessible to every Lan family, and it is too difficult to cultivate to perfection.”

“Yes, once the Yellow-level high-grade martial arts have been cultivated to completion, their power is not weaker than that of a martial artist who has cultivated Black-level martial arts to a small success stage!”

“However, it is easier to cultivate Black-level martial arts to a small success than it is to complete the yellow-level martial arts. If you can’t understand it, you can’t practice it to perfection! But as long as you work hard, it’s not a big problem to cultivate Black-level martial arts to a small success!”

Several people in the audience were clamoring, but their eyes did not leave the martial arts stage.

Every Shiqi’s sword was full of vigor and whirring, Lan Hao was unwilling to accept the opponent’s sword, and the colossal power almost made the longsword in his hand get rid of it.

What a shame!

Lan Hao Ming felt irritable on his face.

He was actually crushed and beaten by a mid-stage Qi Ocean martial artist!

“Bah! I won’t talk about the “War Sword Art” of the Perfect Realm. Why is the strength so strong, and what did you grow up with? “

Ordinary yellow martial arts have not been cultivated to perfection. It is challenging to defeat the Lan Shiqi head-on!

To win this game, Lan Hao had to do his best.

“Golden Wind Drizzle Sword!”

As soon as the Golden Wind Drizzle Sword showed, Lan Hao Ming’s identity was the Lan family’s direct descendant.

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