I am an Evil Sword Chapter 66 Changing Personality

“Mid-stage Qi Ocean Realm?” Someone in the audience whispered, “How can the early-stage cultivator beat the mid-stage cultivators in the Qi Ocean Realm?”

“He may deliberately keep a low profile?”

“Then why doesn’t he keep a low profile now?”

“Lanchang is not weak and solid in strength, and also cultivates Black-level swordsmanship. If he continues to hide, he may not want to participate in tomorrow’s competition.”

“Reasonable, reasonable!”

“The boy is still a domestic servant. At this age, he has reached the mid-stage of the Qi Ocean Realm. His talent is really extraordinary!”

“At a young age, he is so forbearing!”


Lan Shiqi felt a little wronged, and he wanted to tell everyone that he didn’t want to forbear!

Lan Changjian gritted his teeth and said, “You actually hide your strength on purpose!”

Lan Shiqi was speechless.

“Don’t think that you are a mid-stage Qi Ocean Realm. I will be afraid of you. A genius like me, it is not a dream to leapfrog challenges!” Lan Changjian said, “The wind sword Art, the second style; Wind of Light!”

The blue sword light flew towards Lan Shiqi.

“Flash Step!” Lan Shiqi dodged from the Wind of Light and then quickly rushed towards Lan Changjian.

“War Sword Art third styles: Sweep!”

The massive crimson sword crossed towards Lan Changjian’s waist with a whirring wind, and Lan Changjian quickly blocked it with his long sword.

A colossal force struck, and the sword in his hand was directly bent by the heavy crimson sword and clung to his body. Then he flew more than ten meters and fell into the ring.

“Fly directly!”

“What a strong power!”

“The War Sword Art is definitely used well!”

The vast majority of the audience were experienced cultivators, and they could see Lan Shiqi’s characteristics at a glance.

Lan Changjian didn’t suffer many injuries. After being beaten by  Lan Shiqi, he picked up the sword angrily and left.

“Six hundred and three wins!” His companions surrounded Lan Shiqi.

“Brother Shiqi, you are so amazing!”

“Brother Shiqi, we will look at you now. You must fight for us!”


Only Lan Shiqi knew that he didn’t fight easily.

Lan Changjian still had solid strength, but it was a pity that he had not practiced the “Wind Sword Art” to the depths.

Commander Hu asked, “You obviously can beat him quickly. Why have you waited so long?”

“When I got on the stage, he said he would beat me in half an hour. I thought he was powerful and was a bit conservative.”

Commander Hu nodded and said: “You still can’t let go of your hands and feet on the stage. Next time, remember to attack directly after you take the stage. Your style is more suitable for a proactive attack.”

“I understand!”

Lan Shiqi admitted his mistake today.

His style was indeed suitable for crazy attacks!

After dinner and returned to his room, Lan Shiqi did not practice immediately, but seriously recalled his own battles during the day, carefully summarized the gains and losses, and then thought about other battles he had seen, and how he should deal with it if he were in the opponent’s position.

This was the task given to him by Lord Sword Spirit. He said that it could improve his combat experience.

After summing up, Lan Shiqi squatted silently in the corner, not knowing what he would do.

After half a day, he stood up and held the heavy crimson sword and said, “Lord Sword Spirit, I have an idea!”

“What idea?”

“I want to open the evil spirit aura!”

“Why? You are not afraid of going crazy and possessed?”

Since opening the evil spirits aura three months ago, Shiqi had an idea.

Why don’t I use the evil spirit aura to practice?

“Lord Sword Spirit, can you help me suppress it a little, and don’t let other people find it, just like the one on the execution ground.” Lan Shiqi whispered, “Since I experienced the Evil Spirit Aura last time, I found that I had a great understanding of senior Fu’s beheading style, and I recently found that although I killed so many people, my character is still not strong enough. I acted a little fearful in the arena and had too many worries … I didn’t remember senior Fu’s aura at all!”

“Your low self-esteem, indecisive, and sensitive block!” Chen Hao directly debunked the shortcomings of Lan Shiqi characters. “Every time you see the Lan family, you will feel inferior and pay too much attention to other people’s views on you … On the contrary, paranoia and perfectionism have become your few strengths… To be honest, you are really a freak!”

Lan Shiqi didn’t speak. Lord Sword Spirit was right. Long ago, Lord Sword Spirit pointed out his character defects.

Chen Hao said, “Shiqi, you must understand that strong strength requires strong inner support. Without a strong inner heart, your martial arts path will not go far!”

“I understand!”

“But you can’t blame yourself, either. It’s the people from the Lan Family who taught you badly!” Chen Hao said, unhappy, “servility!”

“I want to change!”

“Yes, it should have been changed a long time ago!”

“On the competition stage, I’m afraid I will encounter In the late stage of the Qi Ocean Realm, even the Lan family descendant at the peak of the Qi Ocean Realm.” Lan Shiqi lowered his head and said, “Only the top 20 can enter the semi-finals. Starting from the semi-finals, the Lan family’s direct line will appear… …If the eldest lady is present, she should be able to see me!”

“The most important thing is that this competition is significant and related to my assessment!”

Chen Hao asked curiously, “Then your idea is…”

“I want to change my personality!” Shiqi said thoughtfully, “My swordsmanship, agility, and movement are all suitable for crazy attacks. The only thing that is not suitable is my character … I am not cruel enough!”

“Change with the evil spirits aura?”

Lan Shiqi clenched his fist and said, “Yes!”

Chen Hao has some doubts. He carefully looked at the introduction of the Evil Spirit Aura: the more creatures killed, the stronger the condensed evil spirit, forming a unique aura. The Evil Spirit Aura could affect the enemy’s mind and produce negative psychology such as fear and despair.

Both could affect Lan Shiqi, and Chen Hao knew that it was easy for the swordmaster to fall into madness and kill crazily!

Chen Hao used to think about using this skill to kill the swordmaster … Lan Shiqi actually took the initiative to use it to change his character!

He didn’t expect it!

What a wild imagination!

And let alone, it was possible to change the character with the evil aura.

“How to change it?”

Lan Shiqi tentatively asked, “Can you make it weaker, and only affects myself, just in time for me to maintain a slightly crazy killing intent!”

“You try the intensity of 5%!”

Chen Hao had no reason not to cooperate with Lan Shiqi.

Lan Shiqi was entirely developing skills and new usage for him!

When the icy evil spirit just enveloped Lan Shiqi, he fought a cold war.

After walking around for a few steps, he said with some dissatisfaction, “Lord Sword Spirit, when I moved, part of the evil spirit aura seems to be unable to keep up!”

“Don’t you think about it? I will command the evil spirit aura to keep up with your movements in the future.”

Chen Hao had no consciousness of serving the swordmaster.

“Lord Sword Spirit, can you directly put the aura into my body?”

“That’s an exciting idea!”

Chen Hao suddenly became interested. The Crimson Blood Demon Sword could invade the sword master’s meridians to transport energy. The evil aura was more like a combination of a crazy murderous aura and death aura, and it was also a kind of power.

“Let go of your mind. Your true qi is rejecting!”


The cold feeling invaded Lan Shiqi’s meridian.

Soon, Lan Shiqi’s meridians were all dyed blood red… The evil aura was like a spider web, firmly fixed in his body… It seemed to succeed.

Chen Hao asked curiously, “How do you feel?”

“The intensity is just right… it has never been better!”

“What a good method?” Shiqi was the first sword master who tried to implant the evil aura in his body. Curious about what it felt like.

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