It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 2 A Piece of Guqin Music Annihilating Everything

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“Zheng ….” A guqin sound came from the mountain. It was an overwhelming sound that went straight to the heart.

At this moment, when all was silent, there was no sound. In Chen Daoming’s mind, the pain on his soul from being torn apart had disappeared. His whole person felt a kind of indescribable relief. The true qi around him slowly poured into his body, healing his injuries.

The black robe man also stood still on the spot, in the ghost mask, there was the color of panic.

“Who is it?! Who broke my soul control method?” The black-robed man roared but found that his voice could not be heard. This side of the world seemed to have become a void space.

“This … this is impossible! I don’t believe it! ” The black-robed man picked up the flute, charged up his inner force, and continued to play it.


However, it was futile. The flute didn’t make a sound.

“Zheng ….” 

The guqin sound continued. A picture scroll spread out flat. Thousands of horses were galloping, thousands of armies were fighting. The fighting spirit surged on, all-encompassing the world.

“Zheng ….”

The strange people’s black bodies were cut apart by ten thousand threads, turned into pus, and flowed around. Watching this scene, the black-robed man was frightened and collapsed directly.

“How did that happen?!” The black-robed man shook his head, frightened.

“Zheng zheng ….”The sound of the guqin became more intense and compact. Every sound was passionate and thrilling. The ripples were invisible to the naked eye, and they spread around the mountainside as the center.

These ripples were like thousands of troops and horses, demolishing in all directions. Killing intent enveloped the nine heavens and the ten earths. Suddenly, Chen Daoming and the black man were surrounded by it.

“So comfortable!” Chen Daoming closed his eyes and felt it quietly. Like a tsunami, the aura around him became hastened, pouring into his body.

The injuries on his body fully recovered. His strength had increased rapidly.


The black robe man shouted, reacting completely different. He screamed in pain, bowed heavily, fell to the ground and the mud. Every sound of the guqin seemed to cut his soul, causing him to scream continuously in pain.

“Hum ….”

The sound changed from rapid to slow. The picture changed to spring breeze and warm sun. On the green grass, a group of family members lay lazily on the ground, bathing in the sun. It seemed very comfortable.

Chen Daoming’s heart was like still water, and the corners of his mouth raised slightly.

“Ah, no ….”

The black-robed man hugged his head and fell to the ground, screaming intensely. The black energy on his body quickly dispersed to the surroundings, evaporating into nothingness.

His flesh gradually turned into black ash that flew and disappeared between heaven and earth. There was only a dark skeleton left in place.


The ghost mask fell to the ground— revealing a skeleton skull, gruesome and terrifying, full of unwillingness.

Chen Daoming still stood in place, experiencing all this. The guqin tone stopped. The lingering sound filled the air.


“Hum ….”

Chen Daoming opened his eyes, his breath soaring rapidly.


He clenched his fists, his body trembling slightly with excitement. It had been two years since he got stuck in the Qi Condensation realm. Unexpectedly, listening to a piece of guqin sounds, he directly broke through to the Foundation Establishment realm!

His mind swept to his dantian, showing a face of excitement.

“This …. such a big dantian, my talent has been upgraded several times! I am invincible within the same realm!”

“Who is it? Not only letting me breakthrough but also enhance my talent!”

“This method is shocking! For the senior’s kindness, I must see you to thank you!”

Chen Daoming nodded secretly and made a decision. He glanced at the man in the black robe and couldn’t help but stagnate.

“Dead?” Chen Dao Ming walked to the front of the skeleton and looked surprised.

“Aren’t you awesome? Come on, let’s fight!” He lifted his foot and kicked hard.


The skeleton cracked and turned into black ash, scattered all around.

“So fragile?”

“Killing Nascent Soul realm cultivator is like slaughtering chickens!”

“The method of the expert is incredible!”

“Could it be that the one who plays the guqin is the void transformation? No, it must be more than that. Maybe it is a great power.”

“My god, there is such a great power hidden next to this Great Monster Mountain Range!”

“If I can make a good bond with the great power, I’m afraid ….”

At this moment of thought, Chen Daoming’s heart beat violently. He took a few long and deep breaths, took up his long sword, and walked to the mountain.

A stream was winding up. The clear stream, hitting the stone, emitted water mist. These mists, shrouding a peach blossom forest, were like a fairyland.

“Huh ….”

A breeze blew by, with a faint peach blossom fragrance, smelling it, his body was comfortable.

“There is still such a view!”

“The place where expert lives are really unusual!”

“When I see the expert later, I must be respectful and do not offend him!”

Chen Daoming muttered and kept reprimanding himself.



Sun Hao looked at the guqin with a smile on the corner of his mouth. Just now, he played a song and received ten blessing points. Playing guqin could gain the blessing point, and it meant other skills could also get the blessing point.

“It’s so simple to get the blessing points. It seems that there is no need to go down the mountain.”

“The mountain is too dangerous. As a mortal, I am afraid that I will not be able to live long out there.”

“It is necessary to fill up the blessing point as soon as possible, and then go down the mountain to find a sect to practice! Try it first. Can painting get a blessing point?”

Thinking so, Sun Hao went to his desk, laid a rice paper, and prepared to paint.

At this time.

“Is anyone at home?” A sound came from outside of the front yard.

“Someone? Is it a cultivator?” 

Sun Hao was surprised and indicated some fear on his face. In this world, strength was the law. And if you made a dispute, you would be killed by people.

I’m a mortal, even if it’s just a Qi Condensation realm. I am like a worm in front of him.

Listening to his voice, it is filled with qi. I am afraid that his cultivation is extraordinary.

Be careful, do not make a fool of yourself.

Sun Hao went to the front yard, opened the gate, and looked at the man in front of him. Sun Hao saw that he had long silver hair and a long sword behind him. There were several cuts on his clothes, which was stained with dried up blood that covered his whole body.

It was Chen Daoming.

At this moment, Chen Daoming also looked at Sun Hao vacantly.

“There is no spiritual power fluctuation. The clothes are immaculate. He looks like a big family’s young master!”

“Is he the one who saved me?”

“Impossible! He is too young, and he is a mortal! Is he the expert apprentice?”

“It must be so! If so, don’t offend him!”

Thinking like this, Chen Daoming walked in front of Sun Hao, bowed, and clasped his fists, “Young master, my name is Chen Daoming! May I ask your surname?”

Sun Hao was secretly alarmed, but he dared not show anything on his face. He carried his hands on his back, revealing an expert appearance.

“The surname is Sun, and the single name is Hao.” Sun Hao said loftily.

“I have seen young master Sun Hao!”

Chen Daoming bowed sincerely again.

“You don’t need to be polite. What can I do for you?” Sun Hao asked curiously.

“Young master, I come here to thank your Master!” Chen Daoming said.

Hearing these words, Sun Hao was alarmed.

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