It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 1 Everything is For Cultivation

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Sun Hao looked at the rice paper on the flat table and took a deep breath. After that, he started to write. A giant dragon appeared on the paper in a few breaths of time.

The dragon roamed among the clouds. It had fierce eyes, oppressive, and breathtaking. Taking a look at it entirely, the dragon seemed to materialize from the paper. The artistic conception was lingering.

“Brilliant! It is really brilliant! ” Sun Hao looked at the newly completed “Dragon Rising Clouds” painting and nodded in satisfaction. This kind of artistic conception was unparalleled in the whole world.

If it were on the earth in his former life, its price would definitely be astronomical. However, it was just a piece of waste paper in this world.

That was right, Sun Hao was a transmigrator. It had been twenty years since he arrived here. Initially, he wanted to have an invincible system, and like other transmigrators, slapped faces and walked to the apex of life.

Although he got the system, his constitution was a waste. His body couldn’t store any true qi and couldn’t cultivate it either.

Therefore, the system taught him guqin(1), chess, books, paintings, poems, wine, flowers, tea, forging, planting, cooking, cloth art, porcelain art, carpenters, alchemy, medicine … It was all mortal ways.

The vast majority of his mortal skills had reached the supreme realm. At this moment, he had only the art of painting that was still in the dark.

“Ding, detecting the host draws “Dragon Rising Clouds” perfectly, Painting +1000 experience.”

“Ding, the painting reaches the supreme realm.”

“Ding, rewarding the host with a set of top wolf pens!”

At this time, three mechanical voices sounded. On the desk, a wooden box appeared out of thin air. When Sun Hao opened it, it was filled with brushes, from thick to thin. It was a complete set. The products produced by the system must be fine products. However, Sun Hao did not pay attention to this.

“All reaching the supreme realm. I will be able to cultivate now!” Sun Hao clenched his fist in excitement.

“Ding, it has been detected that all the skills of the host are perfect, and the system can no longer teach the host, so let’s say goodbye!”


Can’t teach?

Doesn’t it mean that you will give me a supreme constitution and start the road to cultivation?

“Wait!” Sun Hao shouted quickly.


“What about the supreme constitution?” Sun Hao asked impatiently.

“Just a moment.” After that, a cold air current penetrated into Sun Hao’s body.

“Ding, it is detected that the host’s blessing point is not enough, and he cannot activate the supreme constitution!”

“Ding, the supreme constitution can only be activated by accumulating the blessing point!”

After two prompts from the system, a panel appeared in front of Sun Hao.

[Blessing point]: 0/100,000

[Explanation]: If the blessing point is full, the Primordial Dao body can be activated.

The simple lines make Sun Hao puzzled.

“System, how do I collect the blessing point?” Sun Hao asked.

There was no response. He moved his mind. Suddenly he could not open the character panel. The system had actually run away!

“Fuck …” His mood had been honed for many years and improved a lot. At the moment, Sun Hao couldn’t help but burst out a foul language.

Twenty years of hard work just to gain a supreme constitution and start the road of cultivation. But now, it told me that the blessing point was not enough and needed to be accumulated?

Are you kidding me? If this was the case, forget it, there were no ways of accumulating it!

Moreover, the system ran away without saying a word! Who else should i ask?

Who else can run into a system that is even worse than this?

“Broken system, send me back!”

“I want to go back to earth!”

“Shit, it really ran away!”

Sun Hao kept shouting, and only the sound of running water in the mountains responded to him.

“Forget it. I have to search by myself!”

“It seems that I should go down the mountain.”

Sun Hao sighed secretly, and his eyes swept into the room. Pen, ink, paper, inkstone, guqin, flute…

His eyes finally fell on a guqin. This guqin, also produced by the system and had a simple impression.

“Old buddy, this time, I can’t take you down the mountain.” Sun Hao sat next to the guqin and began to fiddle with the strings.

Down the hill, in a dense forest.

“Damn it!”

A young man scolded secretly, looking at the gap in the long sword. He had scars all over his back as if he was harmed by claws.

His name was Chen Daoming, a disciple of the Overlord Sect.

“Aoo ….” Monster cries were coming from behind. Chen Daoming’s scalp went tingly and he rapidly ran forward. The wound on his back was affected, a little blood dripped along the way.

Before running far, Chen Daoming covered his chest, panting. A feeling of dizziness came.

“No, don’t ever stop here!”

Chen Daoming took a deep breath and continued to run forward. However, when he just lifted his feet, he stopped quickly. Looking ahead, his pupils shrank, and there was a burst of chill.

He saw a black-robed man standing in front of him. Two sharp gazes came out from the ghastly mask, staring at Chen Daoming.

“Ka Ka Ka ….”

A weird laugh, like a howling ghost in hell, was reverberating. It was creepy.

“Little boy, the game is over!” Under the black mask, a human voice came out.

“With you only?” Chen Daoming pointed at the black-robed man and shouted angrily.

“Haha ….”

The black man didn’t respond and took out a flute. Chen Daoming transmitted his physical and spiritual power and placed it on the long sword.

“Bzzz.” A faint silver light appeared from the long sword.

“Come on, let’s fight!” Chen Daoming held the long sword tightly in both hands and slammed into the black-robed man with a strong kick.

“Bang …”

The sword pierced into the ground and blasted a ravine. 

“Huuu …” Suddenly, the flute wailed.

Hearing this sound, Chen Daoming’s face changed considerably, so he swiftly found a direction and fled quickly.


Around the dense forest, there was a roar of monsters.

“Caw ….”

A group of flying birds panicked to the sky.

“Not good!”

Chen Daoming was sweating coldly, speeding up a bit. However, he hadn’t gone far yet. A strange man covered in pitch-black blocked his way. The strange man’s eyes were dull, and his mouth growled like a beast.

“Aoo ….”

There was also a roar behind him.

“Damn it!”

Chen Daoming squeezed the last bit of spiritual power from his body and placed it on the long sword. Afterward, he kicked the ground with his hind legs and slashed at the strange man like a cannonball.

“Ding ….”

A metal clinked. The long sword slashed on the strange man’s arm, splashing flames, leaving a gap again. Chen Daoming was shocked because of the bleeding and pain. Before he could react, the strange man quickly grabbed him.

“Splash ….”

The claws were shaped like steel nails, and they caught Chen Daoming’s chest, including the flesh of his stomach, leaving a few lines dripping with blood.

“Boom ….”

Chen Daoming flew upside down and hit the ground hard, gushing blood from his mouth. One blow, it was already a life-threatening injury.

“Aoo ….” 

More than a dozen strange people came rapidly in the blink of an eye. In an instant, they encircled Chen Daoming. It wasn’t easy to deal with one. In the face of a crowd, there was no way for him to live.

“Brothers, wake up! Sisters, wake up! “

Chen Dao Ming looked at these strange people and shouted loudly. However, it was useless. Like puppets without mind, these strange people turned a deaf ear to Chen Daoming’s voice.

“Little boy, now it’s your turn, is there any last words?”

At this time, the black-robed man came, the strange group automatically dispersed, paving the way for him.

“Last words, you are sick! Want to change me into a puppet, in your dreams!”

After speaking, Chen Daoming took the long sword, pointed it at his neck, and pierced it.

“Thud ….” The long sword fell to the ground.

“Ka Ka Ka ….”

The black-robed man laughed up to the sky, “Little boy, do you want to die? It’s not that easy; be my(2) puppet!” The black man took out his flute and began to play it.

“Damn puppet clan, you are morally bankrupt and won’t die a natural death!” Chen Daoming roared.

“No ….”

The flute’s sound shook Chen Daoming’s soul and fell to the ground, struggling constantly. That kind of feeling that his soul was torn made him almost suffocated. His soul was like a candle in the wind, and it would extinguish at any time.

“Huuu …”

As the flute sounded faster, Chen Daoming felt even more in pain. He was about to faint. At this time, a sound came.

  1. Traditional Chinese zither
  2. Benzhuo (this one or me), used by notable or person in high position

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  1. Chen Daoming took the long sword, pointed it at his neck, and pierced it.
    Chen Daoming roared. ….just how he did this???;DDD

  2. Marina Daniella Arena

    Although there are some big differences, The setting of an MC that got a System that taught him everything except cultivation and getting recognized as a Master anyway is REALLY SIMILAR to another story with a similar title called “I TURN OUT TO BE A GRAND MASTER”.

    It’s a good chapter though.

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