I am an Evil Sword Chapter 65 Tournament on The Stage

Early in the morning, after eating a simple breakfast, the teenagers, under the guidance of Chief Hu, came to the Lan family’s square to wait.

There were nine large-scale martial arts platforms neatly built on the square, each of which had a circular shape, with a diameter of more than 30 meters, and there was enough space for the martial artist to battle.

The entire Lan family, including collateral, Lan Shiqi, didn’t know how many people were there in the Lan family at all.

Anyway, only after some time, the square, which was larger than the execution ground of Yiyang City, had been filled with people.

A teenager whispered, “Commander, how many people are there in the Lan family?”

“If you count the collateral, there are still tens of thousands of people!” Commander Hu whispered, “But not all of them are present today.”

Tens of thousands of family members, Shiqi, as orphans, could not imagine it.

“Today’s annual test, including you, there are 672 people in the group between the ages of thirteen and fifteen, and the competition is fierce. You should compete well!” Commander Hu continued, “Your competition is mainly carried out on the three competition platforms on the left. Don’t run around. There is no hint that you will be called out when you arrive. It would be best if you remembered your number plate. When someone asks you to go up, you will go up to the competition platform!”

The group of teenagers nodded thoughtfully.

The Lan family was strictly hierarchical, and the martial arts uniforms worn by teenagers like the Shiqi were sent from above officials.

Light blue, like a slave.

While the children of the Lan family dress more casually, mostly in black and white.

Shiqi glanced at his number plate, 603. His other companions were similar to him, and they were all very far behind. However, it was said that who to fight with was randomly selected, and when to compare, it depended on luck.

Everyone did not get close to the three competition arenas because dense crowds surrounded the arena.

The vast majority of them were teenagers from the Lan family who compete and their relatives.

Raised by the Lan family, the idea of ​​loyalty to the Lan family was deeply ingrained in their minds.

They are all aware of their household servant status and could adjust their position, so they all stood on the edge of the ring, watching from a distance their Lan family peers who were competing in the round.

The strength of the two Lan family boys who took the stage first made Shiqi a little dignified.

One was the early stage of the Qi Ocean realm, and the other was stronger, the middle cultivators of the Qi Ocean realm.

The thirteen and four-year-olds who were just eager to test their skills and wanted to prove themselves in the Lan Family-Annual Martial Arts Tournament competition stage saw the profound and sophisticated martial arts performed by the two boys on the scene, and they were hit very thoroughly.

The vast majority of their strength was only in the middle and late stages of the Qi Condensation Realm. If their opponents were the two on the scene, they had no chance of winning.

The realm was too different!

“If it is brother Shiqi, it should be no problem!”

Lan Erwu said.

Since Shiqi became a cultivator in the Qi Ocean realm, these teenagers began to call him the elder brother Shiqi, just like the former brother Lan Qijiu. Whoever was strong was the elder brother!

Shiqi replied, “If it’s just them, of course, I can win!”

“Great, brother Shiqi, you have to cheer up to get the first win back!”

“Yes, brother Shiqi cheers!”


A few teenagers in white cultivators’ suits looked at them, and after hearing their words, they went back and said something with a mocking smile on their faces.

Shiqi didn’t care.

First place, it’s really hard!

If the opponent was only the mid-stage cultivators of the qi ocean realm, he still had a chance, but the problem was that his opponent should not only be the mid-stage cultivators of the qi ocean realm!

By the afternoon, it was finally Shiqi’s turn.

Their situation was not optimistic; more than 20 companions came to compete, and finally, and only five of them succeeded in qualifying for tomorrow’s competition.

The five were all peak martial artists, in the qi condensation, including Lan Erwu.

Chen Hao knew that the qi condensation realm cultivators would not compete for the last 20 spots. If he was not mistaken, at least 30 Qi Ocean cultivators had appeared in their group of contestants.

“Seventy-nine, 603 came to the stage to compete!”

“Brother Shiqi, it’s your turn!”

“Hurry up!”

The people around the ring automatically made way for Shiqi.

He heard people talking next to him.

“It turned out to be a servant!”

“But he’s powerful!”

“This is a contest. What’s the use of being strong?”


Seventeen stepped onto the martial arts stage, opposite an ordinary-looking young man, the young man. Holding a thin sword, the thin sword’s blade is gleaming; it should be at least a profound level sword.

The boy couldn’t help smiling when he saw how Shiqi dressed up.

He said happily, “It seems that I was lucky today and can easily pass!”

Shiqi looked at each other vigilantly.

Looking at the other person’s confidence, it should not be a good thing!

Shiqi was a little worried about whether he would meet the geniuses of the late Qi Ocean Realm.

Suddenly someone in the audience shouted, “Changjian, hurry up and end the game because my father’s legs are almost numb!”

Shiqi’s opponent, Lan Changjian, shouted, “OK, I’ll be right there. You wait for me for another half an hour; maybe you don’t need it for half an hour!”

Shiqi had some doubts; his luck should not be so bad!

“Let’s finish the game quickly!”

As soon as the words fell, the opponent rushed over.

Lan Changjian’s swordsmanship was very exquisite; it should be yellow-level high-grade style swordsmanship; every sword was swift and dazzling.

However, Shiqi’s reaction was not slow, so he decided to treat it cautiously, concentrate on it, and use the heavy sword’s advantageous feature to block the opponent’s seven-style swordplay continuously.

After seven-style of swordsmanship, Shiqi was somewhat puzzled.

It seems that Lan Changjian’s strength was only at the level of the initial stage of Qi Oceani Realm!

Was he wrong?

That was impossible!

As a cultivator in the qi ocean realm’s middle stage, he still knew the approximate strength of a cultivator in the early stage of the qi ocean realm.

Seeing that the successive strong attacks did not defeat the other side, Lan Changjian immediately took up his sword and said to Lan Shiqi, “Your strength is beyond my expectation. You are much better than the family servants who just came to compete!”

“Yeah!” Shiqi nodded.

“Son, hurry up, don’t talk nonsense with him!” The voice just shouted in the audience.

“It seems that if I don’t show any real skills, I can’t end the battle in a short time!”


“Then, you take this!”

Lan Changjian stepped forward and rushed towards him in a very graceful posture.

“Try the royal wind swordsmanship I just successfully practiced, the first move: wind howl!”

A sword stab, with a harsh wind chirping, piercing people’s eardrums.

Black-level swordsmanship!

Shiqi held the sword’s hilt in one hand and the body of the sword in the other.

With a sound of “dang,” Lan Changjian’s sword tip bent into an arc, and then he was bounced back.

Shiqi, with a weird face, put down the heavy sword and asked in a low voice, “Are you really a warrior in the early stage of Qi Ocean Realm?”

Lan Changjian took back his sword and said proudly, “What about it, are you scared? I admit that your strength is not bad, but you must lose if you continue like this. If you don’t want to get hurt, how about simply admitting defeat? “

Shiqi raised the heavy sword. The aura on his body was fully radiated, and the cultivation base of the mid-Qi Ocean realm was undoubtedly revealed.

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