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It was essential to be familiar with Qi’s leg meridians’ movement, especially the high-burst and high-load body method in “Flash Step,” which could easily cause physical injury if you were careless.

This process required constant practice, constant memory, and continuous testing of one’s legs’ limits, then practice made perfect, and then achieved one’s own desires. There was no other shortcut.

After practicing for two entire days, Shiqi lay in bed for a half-day.

On the third day, he tried to stand on the ground and started to operate the true qi.

It was only in the afternoon of the third day that he barely used “Flash Step” one after another, and then because he couldn’t adapt to this way of movement, he almost fell into a dog’s shit.

But he was delighted.

Of course, his body quenching method was also in progress simultaneously, relying on the spiritual stones rewarded by Madam. Liu, as well as the executioner’s salary and gray income, as well as his own physical talent. His body quenching method had made rapid progress faster than the daily practice of “Flash Step”!

This is the charm of krypton gold!

Chen Hao remembered the previous games-using salary’s iron law to create happiness, no money to play, and you would be paralyzed!

This world was even more extreme-basically if you had no money, then you just go and die!

Just look at the gap between the loose cultivator and the family sect cultivator.

Three months passed quickly. In the previous month, Lan Shiqi’s “Iron Body Forging Method” reached its completion, and at the same time, all his savings were spent.

His body has grown like a weed with manure in three months, and it would jump directly to two meters. His body was muscular, burly, and stylish, and he would be a real macho man!

Strong and powerful big muscles, a slightly immature face, and a shy and introverted character… Chen Hao estimated that if he could bring Shiqi back to Earth, he would definitely help himself make a lot of money!

Because of the magic sword to help him improve his understanding, Shiqi’s “Flash Step” was also cultivated to completion.

This shocked Commander Hu. He didn’t expect that Shiqi’s body in the physical form was quite good!

Then, in the martial arts collected by Commander Hu, Shiqi found the yellow top-grade forging method “Iron Body Forging Method” and the yellow top-grade body method “Flash Step.”

“Commander, is there a “black-level inferior grade Flash Step” ?”

“Yes, but I don’t have it here. In the Lan Family, the black-level body technique is too precious, and I am not qualified to save it!” Commander Hu continued to explain, “There is not only the ” Flash Step” of the black-level inferior but also the” Silver Body Forging Method “… Shiqi, I tell you, this is one of the top family heritage!”

You have cultivated “Flash Step” to completion, and then practice “Yellow level top-grade “Flash Step.” The two are in the same line, and you can practice much faster than other ordinary yellow level top-grade body techniques!”

Shiqi understood this point.

Commander sighed, “In fact, the “Flash Step” you practiced and the yellow top-grade “Flash Step” you got now are simplified versions of the real Flash Step! The real “Flash Step” is the black-level low-grade body method.  Generally, only the children of the direct family and important collateral families are eligible to practice.”


What Commander Hu said had hit Shiqi’s pride.

Even the satisfaction of practicing “Flash Step” to perfection had dissipated entirely.



“Your talent is outstanding, but it’s a pity that you were not born in a noble family and did not join any sect!”

Aware of the loss of Lan Shiqi, Commander Hu comforted, “There are still two days before the annual exam. You should prepare well and strive for a good grade. You must let the family see your talent!”

“Okay!” said Lan Shiqi, clenching his fist.

Every year, the Lan Family holds a tournament to worship their ancestors. The direct and collateral families of the Lan Family could participate, but the children of the Lan Family servants could participate, including the adopted orphans like Lan Shiqi.

The participants must be teenagers under the age of 18, and they were divided into three groups: thirteen to fifteen, fifteen to seventeen, and seventeen to eighteen age groups.

Almost every year, the Lan family’s direct and collateral descendants were among the best.

As for the descendants of the Lan family household servant, it was more like a foil.

On the night before the competition, Chen Hao was very kind, and he let Lan Shiqi successfully break through the middle stage of Qi Ocean Realm!

Shiqi, who successfully broke through, was still very happy. Compared with Lan Qijiu, he was a bit stronger!

He looked at the heavy sword in his hand, and his confidence was restored in his heart-at least, he had the help of Lord Sword Spirit!

On the morning of the monthly test, Commander Hu led a group of teenagers, including Lan Shiqi, into the Lan family residence.

He handed a thick roster to a steward, which registered the identities, names, ages, physical features, strengths of all teenagers, as well as the cultivation techniques and martial arts!

The steward glanced at the first page, then smiled and asked, “Who is Lan Shiqi?”

“I am!”

Looking at Lan Shiqi’s burly figure, the steward nodded: “Yes, a fourteen-year-old beginning stage of Qi Ocean, your talent is excellent!”

“My Lord, I broke through to the middle of the Qi Ocean realm last night!”

“Show me!”

Shiqi ran the true qi, and the middle stage Qi Ocean realm was fully displayed.

“Yes, there is still some instability in cultivation, but it is indeed the middle of the Qi Ocean.” The steward smiled at  Commander Hu. “Old Hu, you have cultivated a genius, such talent, and strength, but all the collateral children are counted as the middle and late stage. the young master will be pleased if he knows it!”

“I didn’t expect Shiqiqi to break through so early.” Commander Hu said happily, ” his talent was indeed far superior to ordinary people!”

The steward nodded, briefly recording the information of Lan Shiqi on another blank sheet of paper, and locking it in the drawer.

Every teenager was given a number plate to register, and then they were assigned a room by the servant.

Shiqi’s room was a simple and narrow single room. The room was spotless as if it had just been cleaned. He was delighted.

He knew clearly where his companions lived and also lived last year. The room was broken, but they needed to clean it with their own hands. Four people were crowded together, and there were not enough beds, so someone had to sleep on the ground.

Today, the Lan family’s direct and collateral descendants attended the ancestor worship ceremony, and tomorrow was the day of the tournament!

After arranging other teenagers, Commander Hu especially found Seventeen to tell him: “Tomorrow, you will meet the Lan family’s children on the competition stage. You must remember that you should never let yourself out of the competition and not be afraid of offending them. You should regard your opponents as enemies of life and death, and strive for the quota of every competition level … Even if you lose, you must give me a beautiful loss, show what you have learned thoroughly, and have the family masters present to watch over the competition.


“Okay, come on!” Commander Hu patted Seventeen on the shoulder and said, “If you get good grades, I’ll buy you a drink!”

After Commander Hu’s departure, Shiqi quietly found a remote corner nearby, practicing the yellow level top-grade “Flash Step.” The yellow top-grade “Flash Step” was just a more complicated route for the true qi to run through the leg meridians. He had already cultivated the entry-level, but It’s a bit worse than completion!

Shiqi sighed in his heart!

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