I am an Evil Sword Chapter 63 Cultivating Body Technique

Shiqi’s orphan’s group were definitely carefully selected.

Their cultivation talents were much better than those of ordinary people.

But the Lan family did not pay much attention to their cultivation.

The servants and family guards that the Lan family wanted to train didn’t want to train martial arts masters!

They would rather spend more resources to cultivate the family’s lineal or collateral of the family … Unless these teenagers could prove that they were good enough and excellent enough to spend very few resources, the Lan family could get a great return.

The monthly test for the fifteen-year-old group was the moment for them to prove themselves.

Shiqi’s group started to practice the yellow-level middle-quality cultivation method without attributes of Hunyuan Gong. The Lan family would also provide them with an offensive martial art, a defensive martial art, and a body cultivation method, all of which were yellow-level middle-quality cultivation methods.

There was only one way to cultivate a higher-level yellow-level high-grade exercise technique, and that was to cultivate the middle-grade yellow-level martial arts to perfection.

That’s how the Shiqi’s”War Sword Art” came.

For the breakthrough of Lan Shiqi, Commander Hu was very pleasantly surprised. After learning that he planned to start practicing his movement skill, Commander Hu was even more satisfied.

Shiqi focused on heavy sword swordsmanship. Among these orphans, his swordsmanship was the strongest. However, he was earnest in his own discipline, and he did not receive his movement and body cultivation skills.

However, his stubbornness had always caused Commander Hu a headache.

Today Shiqi actually realized it clearly, which made Commander Hu lament his growth!

“Your talent is higher than that of the kid, Lan Qijiu. You have to practice hard. Three months later, the Lan family worships the ancestors, and the annual martial arts competition will start again. You can try to make an impact, as long as you can show your face. Now, if the Lan family can notice you, it will be of great benefit to you in the future!”

“Good!” Shiqi asked, “How about Qijiu?”

Commander Hu stroked his beard and said, “It’s not bad. I heard that he was assigned to the army and became a soldier of the third son. The third son named him Lan Cheng!”

Shiqi nodded.

The Lan family started with military service and mastered the elite northern shining golden army. Many direct descendants of important collateral descendants who were interested in the army will enter the army for training.

When these people enter the army, they must bring some trustworthy subordinates. Lan Shiqi and the group of orphans personally trained by the Lan family could easily stand out.

They were far more reliable than the recruited warriors!

It was his luck that Qi Jiu Li was able to follow the Lan family’s third son.

“How is your “War Sword Art” coming along?”

“Perfection is only a matter of time!” After execution and the impact of the evil spirit aura, the Shiqi was really sure to cultivate the War Sword Art to perfection in a short time.

“That’s good!” Commander Hu smiled and said helplessly, “But even if you breakthrough, I don’t have any other heavy sword swordsmanship to hand you. After breaking through, focus on your body skills!

“Okay, master!”

Back in the house, Shiqi carefully read “Flash Step” and “Iron Body Forging Method,” and then went out to continue practicing “War Sword Art.”

The “Iron Body Forging Method” was given by Chen Hao to Lan Shiqi.

Shiqi was initially not interested in body cultivation.

Is the forging method important?

Of course, it matters!

However, the forging method was a luxury and time-consuming practice, which needed to consume some precious medicine. It was better to practice the true qi directly so that it was more cost-effective to improve the realm.

The Iron Body Forging Method principle was roughly the same as that of the standard forging method.

External force beat the body and then relied on medicines or true qi to nourish the body to improve the ability to resist attack and strength and physical fitness.

To beat the body with external force, the strength must be appropriate, and the parts must be particular!

It was necessary to nourish the body. Otherwise, it would only lead to an injury.

In fact, there were two ways to nourish the body: one was the exclusive way of local tyrants-medicine nourishment, and the promotion speed was fast! This was the most advocated in the practice of forging body, and almost half of the contents recorded in the back of each forging body were prescriptions; There was also an exclusive way for the poor wretch-nourishing with true qi, which was slow to ascend, but also consumed true qi, which affected the cultivation speed.

In Chen Hao’s view, Shiqi still could practice body exercises.

The shining spirit stones in his hand could be sold!

Moreover, the executioner also had a lot of gray income. He received a tip of more than forty gold coins today, which can fully support the cultivation of the “Iron Body Forging Method.”

Three days later, Shiqi’s technical progress in beheading rapidly grew. With half of Fu Yuanming’s capability, it was recognized by the vast majority of people, which was regarded as a firm foothold.

Also, on that day, Shiqi successfully cultivated “War Sword Art” to perfection.

The heavy sword was in his hand, carrying an unrelenting courageous imposing vigor and violent explosive murderous aura. The moves were majestic and upright. Each sword was extremely powerful, pursuing the ultimate killing and injury to the enemy.

To put it simply-it’s frontal and rigid!

Shiqi’s body tended to continue to grow taller and became dependent on his swordmaster. Chen Hao discovered that his height had grown by another five centimeters, reaching 1.9 meters.

Chen Hao estimated that the height of Shiqi should be able to exceed two meters!

It was the night after the successful breakthrough, Shiqi, instead of continuing to practice, he jumped into the house, lying on the brick and tile, listening to insects and looking at the crescent moon in the sky.

The breeze was blowing, and the atmosphere was a little dull.

It wasn’t until midnight that the teenagers who had returned home soon fell asleep after returning, and the surroundings returned to silence. Chen Hao asked, “What happened today?”

The usual Shiqi was silent, but this would be such a waste of time.            

“Today is my birthday!”

There were only a few stars under the crescent moon, and the surroundings were quiet.

Between heaven and earth, as if only Lan Shiqi was there.

“Do you still remember your birthday?”

“Well, when we entered the Lan Family, we were tested on our bone age, which can only be roughly accurate to the month. I entered the Lan Family in October; that is, the month when I was born was also October. I entered the Lan Family on the eighth day, so my birthday is eight October.” Shiqi said softly, “We are all like this!”

“What kind of celebration do you want to have? How many friends can gather together?”

“I don’t want to be so troublesome!”

Shiqi Jumped off the roof and came to the martial arts practice field. After practicing until he was exhausted and fatigued, he hastily rushed to a cold bed and fell asleep!

“Flash Step,” a yellow-level body method, was a martial art that infused the true qi into the legs to fix meridians and then instantly increased the movement speed by the legs explosive force.

So the question is if the “Flash Step” was practiced to perfection, can Shiqi really move into flash?

The answer is-impossible!

If you could really move into flash, it was not a yellow-level martial art.

Regardless of the concise, dazzling and superbly named, but in fact, it was only the application of superficial qi in the legs, and it had significant limitations.

First of all, ordinary cultivators in the Qi Ocean realm could only use it up to ten times a day. Too many uses would cause a tremendous burden on the leg meridians and bones and severely may cause cramps and meridian bursts.

Secondly, “Flash Step” could almost only move in a straight line, and it was easy to be targeted by opponents.

Of course, “Flash Step” also had advantages; that is, it had fast instantaneous mobility, simple practice, and no specific pace. The most important thing was the combat style suitable for the Lan Shiqi.

The first step of practicing “Flash Step” was to get familiar with the unique operation way of true qi in meridians.

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