I am an Evil Sword Chapter 62 Profound and Strong

After Master Zhang left, Madam Liu smiled and asked, “Are you the group of orphans adopted by the Lan family?”

Madam Liu was beautiful and charming when she smiled, but he had no respectful thoughts in his head, “Yes.”

“You made me very satisfied today!” Madam Liu grabbed some beautiful stone from the purse tied around her waist and handed it to him. “Here, this is for you.”

A beautiful stone like jade, Shiqi could clearly feel the aura in the stone.

Spirit stones!

Only those who get first place each month will be rewarded with three spirit stones.

Shiqi had seen it from a distance before but never got it.

He was very clear about the preciousness of spirit stones!

Chen Kou reminded him next to him, “This is Madam Liu’s reward; please accept it!”

Shiqi quickly accepted Madam Liu’s reward.

Chen Hao also said next to him, “Thank you, beautiful sister!”

“Thank you, beautiful sister!”

Shiqi subconsciously listened to the sword spirit’s words, but after the words were spoken, his face began to burn.

Mrs. Liu covered her mouth and smiled: “You deserve it!”

Being called a beautiful sister by Shiqi, she was quite happy.

After Madam Liu left, Chen Kou said with joy, “Fortunately, Madam Liu helped you intercede today.

“Thank you, Uncle Chen!”

“You’re welcome, but your performance on the platform today scared me!” Chen Kou said, “I’ve seen the first time you kill someone inhuman, but I have never seen someone who kills the first time madly. You have to pay attention to it. You should pay attention to it. I always feel that your state is wrong. After going back, ask Old Ghost Hu.”

“Okay!” Shiqi nodded. He knew that his “crazy” performance on the execution stage would be noticed. He looked at Madam Liu’s leaving back and asked in a low voice, “Uncle Chen, that Madam Liu seems to hate those people very much!”

Chen Kou lowered his voice and said, “I heard that Mrs. Liu was born in Xiangmanlou, and was redeemed for her by Lord Lan. At that time, she promised Xiao Ling, a close-fitting servant girl with the same feelings as a sister, to be her wife. Not long ago, those traffickers committed a crazy crime and abducted the servant girl’s son but never found it. That servant girl couldn’t stand this kind of blow.

“After the traffickers were caught, it was also her who proposed to the duke that it was late, but she was pushed back by Master Zhang!!” Chen Kou said, “So, today, you beat them by mistake and met her wishes.”

Hearing Uncle Chen’s explanation, Shiqi understood, and he continued to ask, “Did you find that child?”

Shiqi was an orphan.

“Everyone has been sent out; how can they be found?”


“Well, you go and wash your body first and then go back. You look like this; you can’t go back at all!”

Shiqi washed his body. After changing his clothes, he went back to meet with Commander Hu directly and told the truth about his crazy behavior on the execution ground.

Of course, he hides the Crimson Blood Sword.

After a long time of contemplation, he said, “Your constitution is rare, but it is not everything. I have seen soldiers who kill crazily for the first time on the battlefield, but their ending is not good. The next time you execute, see if you will lose control.”

“By the way, a year later, when you leave here, the Lan family will give you an assessment. You’d better get an excellent one and get a secret method called Bing Xin Condensation from the Lan family Chuan Gong Pavilion.” Commander Hu said very seriously, “Bing Xin’s Condensation had a miraculous effect on stabilizing the minds of cultivators!”

Commander Hu pointed to his chest and said, “Shiqi, remember, madness will only bring destruction! A calm heart at all times is the greatest guarantee for living, whether on the battlefield or elsewhere!”

“I know, commander!”

“Then you go back and have a good rest!”

Shiqi returned to the room, locked the doors and windows, and sat cross-legged on the bed, holding the Crimson Blood heavy sword hilt.

Chen Hao asked, “Are you ready?”


A majestic and pure energy was transported from the crimson blood heavy sword, and the energy infiltrated Shiqi’s body, penetrated into his meridians, and merged into his dantian.

The shudder hit, Shiqi couldn’t help but yell out.

“Don’t waste it; absorb it quickly!”

Shiqi operated the skill, desperately converting energy into his own true qi; when his dantian was full, he began to compress the true qi into a liquid, and the cycle repeated.

After a long time, there was a soft sound, and an invisible momentum formed.

He successfully broke through!

Lan Shiqi opened his eyes in surprise, and for the first time, he felt the benefits of the Crimson Blood Demon Sword’s killing feedback ability!

If he accumulated step by step, from the peak of qi condensation to qi ocean, he did not know how long it would take.

But after possessing the Crimson Blood Demon Sword, as long as he could kill more warriors, his improvement could not be stopped!

“Lord Sword Spirit, I broke through!”

“Well, it’s normal. You killed so many warriors today. It’s normal to breakthrough.”

Chen Hao didn’t tell Shiqi. As long as he wanted, he could directly use Shiqi’s strength from the early stage of the qi ocean realm to the middle stage, or directly promoted to the later stage!

That’s right, and the stingy Chen Hao intercepted a lot of handling fees!

Killing feedback, he only gave back 5% pure energy!

The remaining ninety-five percent was all for his own consumption.

Chen Hao, who was black-hearted, was still wondering, let Shiqi taste the sweetness first, and then secretly lower it a little later…he wouldn’t find out anyway.

Looking at Shiqi, who was immersed in joy, he could only sigh: Ignorance is really a blessing!

Shiqi said happily, “Tomorrow, I’m going to ask the Master Commander for a martial arts skill!”

“Yes, I finally thought of making up for my shortcomings!” Chen Hao asked, “I’m inquisitive; why have you never liked practicing body method?”

“I like swordsmanship better! I’m better at swordsmanship! I prefer head-to-head!”! I prefer to play hardball! “

Shiqi’s mind was reminded of just arriving here; Missy once also came to see him twice.

The second time, he was practicing his sword …

“Little Shiqi, you are so good at swordsmanship. It’s amazing!”


“Of course, it’s true. People who know swordsmanship are compelling… Unfortunately, my father said that I couldn’t practice.”

“The leader said that as long as we are strong enough in the future, we can go to the Lan Family as a guard, and I will protect you then!”

It seemed to be such a conversation.

Time had passed for too long, and the picture had been blurred. He couldn’t remember the face of the eldest lady; there was only a cordial, black shadow in his memory.

It’s a pity that the eldest lady hasn’t shown her face for a long time, and the shadow is not clear.

However, the intense happiness and impulse that came up in Lan Shiqi’s heart during the conversation between the two at that time did not die out due to the passage of time but became more profound, turning into a force pushed him forward.

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