I am an Evil Sword Chapter 61 Seize The Opportunity

Lan Shiqi sat on the execution stage, his face pale, and he was gasping for breath.

His whole face was covered with blood, his white trousers were dyed dark red, and blood that did not belong to him was dripping down the trouser legs.

He looked very embarrassed, but no one went up to help him.

Even Chen Kou was just watching in the distance.

Just now, his performance was terrible. His whole person was just like crazy. He slashed the prisoner with a heavy sword. The lucky prisoners died with a few swords, and the unlucky ones were put to death by a thousand cuts!

And even if the prisoner died, Shiqi didn’t let somebody else go. He didn’t give up the next one until he chopped the body into a human form.

Even the soldiers who escorted the prisoners to the stage were terrified of Lan Shiqi, for fear that he would cut them off as prisoners!

Facing this lunatic, after Yang Baoquan, almost all the prisoners collapsed on the execution ground crying for mercy!

Shiqi gripped the hilt tightly and said guiltily, “Lord Sword Spirit, I must have been performing poorly on the execution stage just now!”

“No, you did very well!”

Shiqi shook his head, “You still don’t want to comfort you!”

“I’m not comforting you. Today’s things are really unexpected. Except for the first sword, all your performances satisfy me!” Chen Hao never disdains to lie. He won’t give anyone a face. “Do you know what I am most satisfied with you?”


“You can last in the evil aura to the end!” Chen Hao said, “You have never killed anyone before, and I was worried that you would be driven crazy by the excitement. … As a result, you performed very well. At least you can barely maintain a little sobriety in the evil aura.”

“I was thinking about killing all the prisoners!”

“Well, that’s not good!”

Chen Hao didn’t make it clear. For other Qi condensation or Qi Ocean realm cultivators, ordinary sword masters who had never killed people, and being so stimulated by the evil aura, the swordmaster will properly lose consciousness and become a murderous maniac.

“I’m still too nervous!” Shiqi said annoyedly.

“It doesn’t matter; courage is practiced!”

Chen Hao did not blame Seventeen for this.

Shiqi was usually silent, had few friends, didn’t fit in well, and met such an enormous task when he went to the execution stage for the first time, facing so many angry audiences.

It was customary to get nervous.

Chen Hao still clearly remembered that he was a little transparent in the class back then. The teacher asked him to introduce himself to the podium. In front of dozens of people in the class, he stammered nervously and blushed.

He really had no reason to criticize Lan Shiqi.

“Master Zhang, this is the boy. His technique is so bad that he can’t even find other people’s necks in any part. He is even crazier on the execution stage. He was obviously just beheading, but he was completely beheaded!” Tu Yidao’s voice came. Seventeen raised his head and saw an old man in official robes standing next to Tu Yidao.

“Look at the top…Even the corpses are not aligned!”

The old man glanced at the messy execution stage, and his face blackened.

“I think he is totally unfit to be an executioner and has no technical skill!”

“Are you Lan Shiqi recommended by Chen Kou?” The old man asked.

“Yes, my Lord!”

“You don’t have to come in the future!”

Hearing these words, Shiqi was like falling into the ice cave.

“My Lord, can you give me another chance?” Shiqi asked in a choked tone.

He didn’t want to disappoint Lord Sword Spirit and the commander!

“No!” Master Zhang looked at the city guard who was going to the execution stage with a shovel to clean up and refused directly. “Beheading means beheading!”

Tu Yidao smiled triumphantly, “Hey, did you hear that? It’s better to go home and practice swordsmanship for ten or eight years!”

Shiqi also wanted to say what, but Chen Kou helpless shook his head to him, and motioned for him not to talk, saying more, it is useless!

Shiqi wanted to say something, but when he came over, Chen Kou shook his head helplessly and motioned him not to speak. It’s useless!

Seventeen turned his head and saw the beautiful woman walking slowly.

She was accompanied by one or two maids, a group of guards, and two vicious dogs the calves’ size in her hands.

As soon as she approached the execution platform, two vicious dogs jumped onto the execution platform, licking the platform’s ground meat.

She handed the iron chain to the guard next to her and ordered, “Old Zhou, let the two little guys eat a little bit!”

Tu Yidao, Chen Kou, and Master Zhang, who were there, all had some ugly faces.

Even if the glamorous woman just helped him talk, Shiqi still couldn’t accept it.

Master Zhang said solemnly, “Mrs. Liu, I know you hate those people, but beheading means beheading.”

“Well, I know, Master Zhang is right, little Shiqi is really wrong!” Mrs. Liu didn’t tell her what to do just now, but said according to Master Zhang’s words, “But he is still young after all. He has never killed anyone before. He can execute more than 30 people in one breath, but his face is not worsening. I think his courage is already outstanding!”

Master Zhang was a little surprised, “Really?”

“Yes, my lord!” Shiqi respectfully replied.

“It’s really good!”

Killing people for the first time, you could execute more than 30 people at one time, but you just didn’t look very well … How could this be said to be just good?

Even if it was the direct descendant of the Lan family, he was in a very abnormal mess when he killed for the first time!

Madam Liu smiled and said, “Old Zhang, you should give Seventeen another chance?”

Master Zhang looked at Madam Liu and nodded after a little thought, “Since Madam Liu is willing to give him a chance, I will not Object!”

“Let’s do it. Didn’t you plan to behead a prisoner today? Bring him here!”

Tu Yidao lowered his head, dared not say anything to refute, and just secretly hoped that Sgiqi could not get things done. Damn it!

The last prisoner was taken to the execution stand before he knew what happened.

Stepping on the execution platform with sticky blood and stumps, he couldn’t stand still, one foot slipped and fell to the ground, holding the foot of the city guard, crying loudly, “I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die, can you give me more chance, and I will definitely be a good person in the future!”

Chen Kou reminded Shiqi, “Lan Shiqi, you only have one chance!”

“I know!”

Standing on the stage, the people under the stage had long been there, and now they were almost gone.

Shiqi took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and quickly recalled the key of Fu Yuanming’s “beheading” skill in his mind.

“So, Xuan…” Before Tu Yidao finished speaking, Madam. Liu glared at him, and he closed his mouth quickly.

Stepping on the prisoner’s back, when his head reached the best position, he quickly took out his sword, and blood gushed out and splashed on the platform. Shiqi hurriedly stepped on the headless corpse to let the blood flow into the blood tank.

The beheading was satisfactory, without any bright spots, but also without any shortcomings.

“Yes, the sword is quick and neat!” Master Zhang Lao nodded, “Forget it this time; remember not to make mistakes in the future!”

Shiqi said quickly, “Thank you, Lord Zhang!”

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    “The lucky prisoner died with a few swords, and the bad luck became an alternative year!”

    I don’t understand this sentence

    1. I have edited the sentence, it was simple means “the death of a thousand cuts” or “put to death by dismembering the body”.
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