I am an Evil Sword Chapter 60 The Evil Spirit Aura

Lan Shiqi, he made an unforgivable low-level mistake!

Chen Hao reminded, “What’s the matter? Go on!”

“But Lord Sword Spirit, I cut it wrong.”

“Trash! Keep slash him for me!” Chen Hao roared, a trace of killing intent revealed in the Crimson Blood Devil Sword. Don’t stop until the opponent is hacked to death. Are you going to be bombarded like a coward? The booing is not terrible. The terrible thing is that you give up ultimately!”

“Shiqi, if you can’t kill him, I will kill you!”

Lord Sword Spirit, who had always been kind to him, was angry!

Thinking of the commander, thinking of Chen Kou, thinking of that glamorous woman, he didn’t even want to give up, and he didn’t want to be shot down.

The terrible killing intent made Shiqi instantly fall into fear.

Even if his hands were weak, Shiqi slashed frantically, without the slightest accuracy.

The second sword, Shiqi, chopped on the opponent’s arm, cutting off one arm.

With the third sword, he cut on the opponent’s shoulder. The scars were evident!

The fourth sword, the fifth sword, the sixth sword … The tenth sword, Shiqi’s hands, finally found the lost power!

Tu Yidao came to the side of the execution platform and said to Chen Kou proudly, “Master Chen, let me go on stage!”

Chen Kou looked at the woman upstairs in the distance and shook his head thoughtfully.

Tu Yidao was still not reconciled, “That kid was too tender, let him beheaded, but he cut a dozen swords and can’t find where his neck was. He was a fool!”

Chen Kou glanced at Tu Yidao and said slowly, “You don’t understand, just let him continue!”

“But what if the Lord of the City blames him?”

“just say it’s my decision. You won’t be blamed on you, don’t worry!”

“Good!” Tu Yidao coldly turned to leave with a cold face.

He didn’t expect that Chen Kou would save the boy from death!

On the execution stage, Shiqi’s efforts were not in vain.

At the very least, the people who had just shouted for him to get out of the stage had quieted down.

Shiqi’s beheading method… was unexpected, but it was in line with most of them!


Shiqi’s accuracy was still lacking, and the people under the sword were still alive.

The middle-aged prisoner looked up and shouted, “I admit, you surprised me … but you look down on me too little. Do you think that if you torture me like this, I will kneel down and beg for mercy like those wimps? I tell you, I am Yang Baoquan. I went out at the age of thirteen and traveled north and south for more than 20 years. I was a famous hard bone. This little injury is nothing at all…Hahaha…”

Chen Hao didn’t expect it. The first prisoner Shiqi encountered was a tough one!

This kind of person, even Fu Yuanming, had not encountered a few.

Yang Baoquan’s laughter spread far and wide, and many people under the execution stage looked extremely ugly.

They didn’t come to see how these traffickers showed their heroism!

They wanted to see prisoners struggling, unwilling, afraid, crying, and begging for mercy before they die …

They really hated these traffickers!

But I can’t do it!

That Yang Baoquan was able to withstand all the torture so calmly…so that the hatred in their hearts could not be vented at all, and they were panicked!

But there was nothing to do with him!

No matter which executioner executed the execution, there would be no better way than the Shiqi on stage. After all, the sentence was beheading.

Yes, under Yang Baoquan’s “testimony,” people almost believed that Shiqi tortured the prisoner!

Even the first cut to cut the air was automatically made up to break the prisoner’s momentum and deliberately cutting the air!

After all, if he were prepared to die immediately and suddenly discovered that the executioner had cut the air, ordinary prisoners would feel very broken.

Chen Hao looked at Yang Baoquan, who was full of heroic aura. Shiqi, who wielded his sword crazily, was more like a lunatic, a poor supporting role that set off the “hero” atmosphere.

 The swordmaster of his Crimson Devil Sword couldn’t do that!

“This can’t go on!”

“What should I do, Lord Sword Spirit?”

After continuously swinging the sword, Shiqi had already woken up, and the tension almost disappeared, but the pressure was getting more and more!

He knew the hatred and expectations of the people under the torture platform.

Yang Baoquan’s ridicule aroused the fierceness in the young man’s heart!

“The only way is to use the evil aura!”

Yang Baoquan, the prisoner in front of him, has adequate strength and spirit, but there was always a limit. When too much blood was lost, the spirit will begin to lost.

“Then use it!”

“It will also affect you!”

Looking at Yang Baoquan’s mocking smile, Shiqi gritted his teeth and said, “I’m not afraid!”

Evil Spirit Aura: The more people killed, the stronger the condensed evil aura, forming a unique aura. The aura affects the enemy’s mind and produces negative psychology such as fear, horror, and despair.

Even if there were tens of thousands of dead souls under the Crimson Blood Demon Sword, the evil aura had grown to a certain extent, but it was still challenging to break through Yang Baoquan’s mental defense in a short time.

But the evil aura was not an explosive skill. Even if the person in the area covered by it did not collapse for the first time, the mental defense line would be slowly eroded and penetrated!

Whether it was the enemy or the swordmaster!

It just so happened that the opponent couldn’t move and couldn’t escape. At the same time, he was weakened because of his injuries and blood loss.

A cold air permeated from the Crimson Blood Sword, and Shiqi shuddered, trance, and killing intent boiling in his heart.

The evil aura was fully opened and controlled by Chen Hao, which could cover the prisoners.

As time passed, the weak Yang Baoquan felt more and more confused, his body getting colder, and his heartfelt hairy. But the pain in his body seemed to be ten times more significant in an instant.

But the young executioner still tirelessly caused pain in him, and he could never give him a sharp relief!

His laughter had stopped, and he couldn’t laugh anymore!

He was desperate!

He didn’t want to endure this unnecessary torture anymore!

Whatever makes the other person happy, he could feel better.

He wanted to die right away, and he would be happy if he died!

As soon as he had this idea, Yang Baoquan collapsed!

“Kill me with a sword!”

“I beg you, please, kill me with one sword!”


The people near the torture platform were the first to hear Yang Baoquan’s begging for mercy.

“Did you hear me, right? He begged for mercy!”

“I heard it too, not a hallucination!”

“So powerful!”

“I didn’t think! Unexpectedly! “


On the execution stage, Yang Baoquan said hoarsely. Crying and shouting, “Please, give me a happy end!”

Unfortunately, Shiqi couldn’t hear it at all!

He had long been in a frenzy.

Yang Baoquan, who was seriously injured and dying, could not resist the evil aura’s erosion, and neither could he.

In his mind now, he was desperately holding on to one idea-to kill all those in prisoner uniforms!

I don’t know who took the lead and threw a handful of silver coins on the stage. Then all kinds of coins were thrown on the scaffold by crazy people.

When Yang Baoquan’s will was disintegrated, the will of the other prisoners almost collapsed!

They just admired Yang Baoquan’s perseverance and substituting themselves into it, wanting a vigorous way to die for a man, so that everyone present would remember them.

Unfortunately, Yang Baoquan failed to hold on to the end.

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