I am an Evil Sword Chapter 59 Poor Performance

Chen Hao really wants to ask, How is the dead so terrifying? Obviously very harmless!

Just as Shiqi came up to the execution platform steps, a glamorous woman dressed in gorgeous silk stood in front of him.

The woman was dressed in a coquettish way, with fair skin and a bright red lip. She looked Lan Shiqi up and down, frowned, and asked with some dissatisfaction, “You are the executioner of today’s execution?”

Who is she?

Shiqi’s mind can’t turn around.

The city guards who kept order at the scene actually let her come over!

But soon, Shiqi saw Chen Kou standing next to the woman, and Chen Kou nodded at him, beckoning him to answer quickly.


The woman turned and questioned Chen Kou, “Why did you arrange for him to come to the platform?”

“It was originally arranged for him to be executing today!”

“Can you change it?”

Chen Kou replied directly, “This was arranged by Master Zhang personally. If you want to make temporary changes, you need his approval!”

“Humph!” The woman looked at Chen Kou dissatisfied, but Master Zhang in Chen Kou’s mouth made the woman no longer have the idea of ​​temporarily changing executioners.

She gritted her teeth and said to Lan Shiqi, “Since it is your execution today, you must satisfy me. I want those people to die, and the worse they die, the better!”

The woman stomped, and the accompanying guards abruptly made way for her in the crowd.

At a glance, you know that she was a powerful master.

“Uncle Chen?”

“Time is not enough, and I won’t say much, anyway, you try to do what she says.” Seeing the nervous appearance on Lan Shiqi, thinking of the other party’s first execution, Chen Kou comforted, “Of course, if it is true, It doesn’t matter if you can’t do it, as long as you can persist!”

“Who is she?”

“The concubine of Lord City Lord, relied on being spoiled, a bit domineering!” Chen Kou’s tone was quite disdainful to the woman, “It’s getting late. Hurry up on stage.”

Shiqi asked in a low voice, “Lord Sword Spirit, what should I do?”

“Do as the woman says!” Chen Hao said in the Crimson Blood Sword, “You have experienced the memory of Fu Yuanming’s beheading, and it should guide you how to do it.”

Thinking of Fu Yuanming’s cruel and fancy beheading method, Shiqin’s face turned whiter: “But Lord Sword Spirit, Uncle Chen said that I could ignore that woman.”

“I suggest you do as that woman says!” Chen Hao said in a severe tone. Uncle Chen said it was all right. It was just Uncle Chen comforting you. You, you are still young, don’t understand how terrible a woman who falls into hatred can be.”

“Really?” Shiqi didn’t believe it.

“Of course, it’s true!” Chen Hao said thoughtfully, “If you can’t make her satisfied, as long as she is a little less minded, your Uncle Chen might still be implicated.”

“No, Uncle Chen is from the City Lord’s Mansion.”

“But that woman is the person on the bed on the city lord!”

Instinctively, Shiqi believed in Lord Sword Spirit even more.

He went to the execution stage, tens of thousands of people stared at him, and the audience was full of noise.

“Kill them!”

“Take them to pieces!”

“My child, my child …”

“It’s too cheap for them to be beheaded!”


All kinds of vicious insults and curses on prisoners made Shiqi’s heads dizzy.

Shiqi held the hilt tightly in his hand, standing woodenly on the spot, the muscles on his face twitching more intensely.

According to the procedure, the first group of prisoners to be executed was taken to the execution stand, lined up, and kneeled in front of Shiqi.

The prisoners had just been taken to the execution stand, and countless mud, stones, and rotten eggs fell on the execution stand like rain.

A rotten egg hit Shiqi’s face, and the stench made him nauseous!

He was utterly affected!

Several other city guards who escorted prisoners also suffered. One was even worse than Shiqi. He was hit by a stone and squatted on the ground with his face covered, blood flowing from his fingers.

“All quiet down for me!” The colossal roar was deafening, and a burly man dressed as a general stood on the stage, “If anyone dares to throw anything, I will put him in a dungeon.”

When the burly soldier saw the scene quiet, he turned to the official of the city’s mansion and said, “You can read their crime!”

When reading the indictment, Shiqi looked up and saw the opposite upstairs. Just now, the beautiful woman stared at him with her hands on the window frame.

Thinking of Lord Sword Spirit’s words, he felt even more pressure!

As the official’s read out, the eyes of the people in the audience became more and more terrible, and the profound hatred was like the surging tide, and the affected Lan Shiqi felt a little unable to breathe.

Not only his feet were soft, but even the hands which were holding the hilt were soft!

If it weren’t for the city guards to maintain order at the scene, I’m afraid the people in the audience would rush up and tear up the prisoners directly and stuff them into their stomachs!

“Lord Sword Spirit, do they really hate those traffickers so much?”

“You don’t have children. You don’t understand!”



Shiqi heard these two words.

He stood in front of the first prisoner, who was a middle-aged man with an unkempt appearance. Stones and rotten eggs also hit him, and his face was covered with blood. He looked up to meet the hateful eyes of all the people and said, “You bastards dare to hit your uncle with rotten eggs. If my hands were not tied, I would definitely kill you all!”

The middle-aged man’s rampant appearance thoroughly aroused public anger.

“Kill him!”

“Kill it quickly!”


In the tall buildings in the distance, the beautiful women’s nails had pierced the wooden window frame.

“Beheading is also a big scar, I tell you, I am not afraid of death!” The middle-aged man smiled at Seventeen, “Little guy, have you beheaded too much? Let grandpa teach you to chop here!”

Such an arrogant prisoner was seen in Fu Yuanming’s memory, but it was the first time in reality!

Raising the heavy crimson sword with difficulty, he discovered for the first time that it was so heavy!

His hands were so soft that he couldn’t feel the slightest strength.

The prisoner was a middle-aged man. He was ready to be beheaded long ago, but he waited for a long time and didn’t wait for the sword!

He said in a hoarse voice, “Cut quickly, don’t keep your uncle waiting!”

People in the audience were urging.

“Kill him!”

“Kill him!”


Shiqi raised the heavy sword, and the heavy sword was lifted directly above his head.

The unusually clumsy way of throwing a sword was like a dealer holding a hoe and hoeing the ground.

He gritted his teeth and cut it down.

The middle-aged prisoner closed his eyes, and all those who hated the prisoner opened their eyes wide.

Then … The whole execution ground was silent!

Chen Kou was clutching his forehead!

The glamorous woman’s face was so gloomy that it was about to drip!

Tu Yidao laughed freely, “I knew it, I knew… I knew he would be like this! I laughed to death… I have lived with Tu Yidao for most of my life. I saw such an executioner for the first time, and I have learned a lot. I’ve learned a lot…no more, no more!”

Tu Yidao squatted on the ground with a smile and wiped his tears.

Lan Shiqi looked at the small half of the sword that had fallen into the penalty platform, feeling at a loss!

“You can’t even cut a big living person!”

“Let him go down!”

“Get down!”

“xx, get me down!”


The middle-aged criminal looked at the heavy sword beside him and swallowed. Spitting, don’t overdo it quickly.

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