I am an Evil Sword Chapter 58 It’s Even More Terrifying

“Old Tu was right. Someone used to be dissatisfied with the executioner and drove the executioner off the stage directly during the execution!!”

Lan Shiqi heard a familiar voice, turned around, and saw Chen Kou coming towards him.

Chen Kou was also Chen Shusheng.

“Master Chen!”

“Master Chen!”

The soldier and Old Tu beside him, saluted together.

“Uncle Chen?”

Chen Kou nodded to him and said, “Shiqi, why don’t you take a day off today and come back tomorrow!”

“Can I ask why?”

Lan Shiqi was reluctant, saying that he would start to be an executioner today.

He had prepared for this day for a long time.

Chen Kou looked at the increasing number of execution grounds where people gathered in the distance and explained, “Originally, there was only one prisoner who was going to be beheaded. It would be best if you were a little more courageous, and it’s easy to get past it. However, in the middle of the night yesterday, the city guards caught a group of traffickers. The Lord of the city ordered that those people must be slaughtered today … Originally, the Lord of the city wanted them to be killed right away, but there were too many other people, and there were not enough crimes in front of the law, so they were beheaded.”

Lan Shiqi didn’t want to give in, “I can do it!”

“But, there are thirty-seven people!”

Lan Shiqi bit his lower lip, and thirty-seven people were indeed a lot.

He experienced Fu Yuanming’s feeling of execution in the illusion of inheritance, but he was a little afraid to operate with his own hands in reality.

Lan Shiqi gritted his teeth and said, “No problem!”

Chen Kou looked into Shiqi’s eyes, looked into each other’s stubborn eyes, and asked, “Have you ever killed anyone before?”

“No! But I believe that I can do it! “

Chen Kou thought for a long time before slowly saying, “Old Hu recommended you. I’ll give you a chance. Today’s execution is critical. If you are not careful, I will be in trouble. If you can’t hold on, you will change to Tu Yidao, understand?”


Chen Kou’s tone was solemn, but Shiqi didn’t want to back down!

If he didn’t even dare to come to power, how could he face the teachings of Lord Sword Spirit and Senior Fu?

He would despise himself!

“Okay, get ready to go on stage!”

The execution ground in Yiyang City is much larger than the execution ground in Iron Stone City and could accommodate tens of thousands of people at the same time.

The execution time was still early, and the more people on the execution ground gathered, and the entire execution ground would soon be full!

Why are there so many people?

Shiqi was already a little nervous, but now he was even more nervous!

He asked, “Are there so many people in every execution?”

Tu Yidao said, holding his arms and looking at the people coming from a distance, “Of course not. The prisoners executed today are very special!”

“Human traffickers?

“Yes, they are human traffickers!” Tu Yidao said through gritted teeth, “This group of human traffickers are not simple; they are the masters of the TrueOrigin Realm. They are very good at disguising and hiding traces. They are very cunning. They used to be active in Yiyang City, and The nearby villages have recently been committing crimes frantically. Within a month, they took away thousands of young children in various ways!”

Hearing thousands of young children, Shiqi took a deep breath.

“What are they doing with so many young children?”

“Oh, what else can they do?” Tu Yidao said with some pretension, “the young children are much more useful; they can be sold to the Demon Dao Sect or Demon Dao Martial Artists for cultivation, and they can be sold to the killer. By organizational training, they can be sold to aristocratic family sects to train as dead slaves. As long as there are enough numbers, it is a big business, and there is not enough profit. How can you let the True Origin Realm masters put down their bodies and become traffickers?”

“You don’t know how many people in the neighborhood hate these traffickers. You will see them today!”

Lan Shiqi was surprised and said, “How dare they run wild in Yiyang City?”

“Of course not, so their whereabouts are secret!” Tu Yidao continued, “Children are missing in ordinary people’s homes. As long as they are clean, the masters in the city lord’s mansion will not pay attention. However, they have made too much noise recently. There are thousands of people a month, no matter whose territory, no one can bear it!”

“How can they be so crazy?”

“Do you think they are stupid?” Tu Yidao said, “I can guess one or two reasons …”

Then Tu Yidao shut up and smiled at Lan Shiqi, with a look of you begging me!

Reading was the most annoying dog; talking was the most annoying!

Shiqi really couldn’t stand it.

Chen Hao reminded him, “Don’t talk, don’t pay attention to him!”

Listening to Lord Sword Spirit said, and he tried to suppress his curiosity.

“Why don’t you ask me?”

Tu Yidao couldn’t help it first. He was talking about it now, and he was uncomfortable if he didn’t ask Seventeen.

Chen Hao said, “You can ask!”

“Then what?”

“In fact, it’s very simple. Imagine the gang of traffickers who come into contact with it. Whether it’s the evil path or the killer organization, or other forces, which one can buy young children is not vicious and full of evil? It is estimated that many young children are needed in a short time, forcing those people to complete the order. The scum of the abducted young children will definitely not dare to resist and work hard to complete the task!”

“Now you know why so many people come to see the execution? I advise you not to go on stage. Let me come! “

Towards the third quarter of noon, Shiqi changed his outfit and held the Crimson Blood Sword, which made him feel a little emboldened.

When he left, Tu Yidao sneered in a negative tone.

“Look, there are so many people, are you nervous? Don’t let your legs become weak!”

“If you are afraid, let me come. I won’t laugh at you. After all, you are still young and not as big as my son!”

“Can you still hold the sword? Please don’t cut it crookedly after you get on stage, then make a joke! “

“If you feel sick, then spit it out. It is comfortable to spit it out; listen to me!”

“If you can’t hold it, call me up to help you. Young people will inevitably make mistakes. No one will laugh at you!”


Lan Shiqi was too lazy to listen to him, bite the bullet to the execution platform.

There were too many people today. On the short way to the execution platform, a city guard cleared a passage and kept order.

Countless people’s eyes turned to Shiqi, followed him, and even many people stood on tiptoe to watch.

At this moment, the executioner-dressed Lan Shiqi was the most striking one!

Even though he was a little too young.

“Who is this?”


“Where’s the butcher’s knife? I like watching him beheading! “

“I also think he is more reliable. I’m afraid this is not good!”

“Yes, it’s a good time to cut your head and see it!”

“I came to see how these traffickers died … Can this young man stand firm on the stage?”


Fortunately, there are city guards on the scene, and there was no making a fool of oneself at Lan Shiqi, so most people were still waiting to see.

I want to see if this young man can do it!

In the face of noisy crowds, people’s attention, and many criticisms, Shiqi did not respond. He looked calm and walked straight towards the platform with an even stride as if he was not nervous at all.

A few cool bystanders nod secretly-at least the new executioner didn’t have stage fright!

Shiqi! Why not having stage fright?

Not because he had a big heart, not because he was naturally nervous…but because he was already worried enough! His face was so tense that he was completely stiff, and there was a mass of thought in his head!

If someone looks at his face carefully, they would find that the muscles on his left face near the eyelid were continually twitching.

He felt that what he was stepping on was not a hard bluestone slab but flexible cotton that would bounce him up.

Lan Shiqi shouted in his heart, “Lord Sword Spirit!”


“I’m a little nervous.”

Chen Hao asked, “Not just a little bit?”

Chen Hao could understand Shiqi’s nervousness. After all, the scene of tens of thousands of people was too much!

Inexperienced teenagers faced this kind of big scene the first time they came on stage, so it was strange that they were not nervous!

Shiqi Asked for help, “What should I do?”

“It’s very simple. You can imagine those who watch the excitement as …” Chen Hao couldn’t find a suitable harmless noun for a while. “You can … you can imagine them as dead people so that you won’t be afraid!”

Shiqi glanced at the dense crowd out of the corner of his eye, thought for a moment, and only felt cold all over, “But Lord Sword Spirit, I imagine them as dead people … I feel even more terrified!”

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