I am an Evil Sword 57 Passing The Test

Ten days later, Lan Shiqi found Commander Hu and cut the candle in his hand into six pieces for five consecutive times in front of him.

Commander Hu’s smoke-choked to his throat. He coughed and touched Shiqi’s intact left hand and asked, “Would you boy practice palm art secretly behind my back?”


To prove his innocence, Lan Shiqi put the candle on his arm and cut it into two without hesitation.

Commander Hu drank a mouthful of tea and smiled, `That’s the exercise technique!”

Lan Shiqi clenched his chin, his face flushed.

He directly took Hu commander’s stout hand and said, “Master commander, let me borrow your hand!”

“Wait, wait!” Hu Tongling said quickly, “My old bones can’t stand your toss; change something else!”


Shiqi came in a hurry and did not bring tofu. He glanced at Commander Hu’s room and then rushed directly to the flower pot in the window.

He didn’t know what kind of flowers were planted in the flowerpot, but only two tender leaves were drawn.

Pinching off a tender leaf, he did not notice the twitching muscles on Commander Hu’s face and directly pressed the candle on the delicate leaf.

Without any surprise, the candle was divided into two sections, leaving no trace on the young leaves.

“Did I pass the test, Lord Commander?”

“Passed, passed!” Commander Hu said with distress, “If I don’t let you pass, I’m afraid that the Bauhinia leaves that I finally planted will be picked up.”

“I don’t know …”

“Well, it’s okay, just come with me!”

Commander Hu went ahead limping with iron, and Lan Shiqi quietly followed after him, not helping him.

After getting on the carriage, they came to the city lord’s mansion. Commander Hu led Lan Shiqi and entered through the small door. After twists and turns, they went to an office room where a middle-aged man dressed as a scholar held a writing brush and stared at the table. With a thick stack of paper, he frowned, thinking about something serious.

“Chen Shusheng, my old Hu, is here!” Commander Hu walked directly in and shouted.

“Old ghost Hu?” The middle-aged man called Chen Shusheng asked in surprise, “What are you doing here?”

“Of course, I’m here to ask you to do things. Otherwise, I can still drink with you?” Commander Hu seemed to know him well. He did not think of himself as an outsider at all, pulled a chair at random, and sat down, pointing to Lan Shiqi, who was standing next to him and said, “His name is Lan Shiqi. The great guy I trained, he was very outstanding.”

Chen Shusheng looked at Lan Shiqi. Nodded, “He looks outstanding and looks very strong.”

Lan Shiqi bowed his head a little embarrassingly.

“He has encountered a bottleneck in practicing “War Sword Art “. He needs to accumulate a killing intent. Because he wanted to be an executioner, I am bringing him to you!”

“It is not necessary to be an executioner to accumulate killing intent?” Chen Shusheng said, “You can bring him a few people from prison!”

“He wants to cultivate”War Sword Art” to perfection, and God knows how many people need to be killed!” Commander Hu explained, “He was very reassuring since he was a child. He cultivated hard. That is, his personality was somewhat lonely, and he didn’t like to talk. In another year, he will leave. This is the first time he asked me for a request. I also feel that he is stronger. He can earn me some face and live better when he goes out in the future, so he came to you for help. Can you help me?”

Lan Shiqi lowered his head, Chen Hao saw his eyes flushed with tears, but he still desperately held back the tears.

This young man has a low tear point!

But Chen Hao didn’t care. As long as he could kill someone, he could accept it even if he cried!

“Of course, it’s not difficult to help!” Chen Shusheng smiled, “Anyway, the executioner position is not sought-after, and Shiqi can be regarded as a person of the Lan Family. No one will object.”

“Don’t worry, he was taught by me, and his swordsmanship is outstanding. Except for those complicated methods of execution, beheading is absolutely competent!”

Two people quickly agreed that as there was a need to behead prisoners, they will send someone to inform seventeen the day before.

On the way back, the carriage was quiet.

Commander Hu whispered, “Shiqi.”

“Master Commander?”

Commander Hu stared at him and said, “Killing, sometimes killing people, is addictive. You have to stop it.”

Lan Shiqi was a little confused.

Commander Hu continued, “If you kill too many people, you will accumulate a lot of killing intent. Killing intent is a double-edged sword, hurting others and hurting yourself. Generally speaking, it does more harm than good. You have to know this.”


“The killing intent is strong, which can make some weak opponents lose the ability to resist, but as a warrior, if the killing intent is too heavy and does not exceed the mind of ordinary people, it will affect the future of the martial arts!” Commander Hu continued to explain, “It will be more than ordinary warriors. It’s easy to get into trouble, especially when you break through the innate, demon heart level. The more you kill, the stronger the demon. Many martial artists and soldiers will fall into that level. You have to remember this and do what you can!!”

“Okay!” Shiqi nodded thoughtfully and then asked, “The killing intent is very heavy. How can you successfully breakthrough and become an innate master?”

“Their strength is definitely stronger than ordinary Innate Martial Artist!” Commander Hu slowly said, “For example, Master Zhenbei Hou!” Chen Hao listened to Commander Hu’s words and thought of his only innate swordmaster.

Did Fu Yuanming pass the Demon Gate?

He didn’t even know.

“Lord Sword Spirit, is what Master Commander said true?” Seventeen asked after leaving Commander Hu.

Chen Hao replied, “It should be true. Would you give up using the Crimson Blood Sword?”


Yiyang City, as a major military and economic town in the northern part of the Southern Cloud Kingdom, has a city scale, area of jurisdiction, and population far exceeding IronStone City.

Compared with Yiyang City, IronStone City was a remote village.

Even if Yiyang City was guarded by the Golden Armoured Army and the Lan Family, many people needed to be executed!

After all, the martial arts in this world were respected, and the folk customs were extremely wild. Under the Lan family management who came from a general, the laws were more stringent than ordinary cities.

It turned out that although the executioner had something to do in the city, after all, as the Lan Family slave, Shiqi had the help of Commander Hu, so he quickly took over all the tasks.

“Will this raw melon egg beheaded?” Tu Yi sleeved up his shirtless, revealing a white body of fat, and said in a somewhat disdainful tone, “Have you killed anyone before? If you vomit directly on the execution platform, then our Yiyang City will become a joke! “

Taking away people’s wealth was like killing parents.

Beheading was the source of the executioner’s gray income. Lan Shiqi robbed it. Strangely, Tu Yidao could make him look good!

Besides, Lan Shiqi is just a servant of the Lan Mansion, Tu Yidao was not very afraid of him.

Today’s task is not light!

He was here to watch the jokes!

Several soldiers looked at the immature Lan Shiqi with some suspicion. He was too young and always seemed unreliable.

Yiyang City was a military fortress in the north. Even the guards were veterans who had retired from the battlefield. It would be really shameful if the beheaded executioner threw up on the execution stage.

“No problem!” Shiqi was very confident.

“Well, I hope so!” Tu Yidao said, “Don’t blame me for not reminding you. All of us in Yiyang City are grumpy. If you don’t perform well, you are likely to be blown down!”

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