I am an Evil Sword Chapter 56 Body Cultivation Defects

The battle on the martial arts competition stage quickly became a tug of war.

Lan Jiu dodged from left to right with agility; he just avoided Lan Shiqi’s violent attacks and said a few words to stimulate Lan Shiqi from time to time.

People with a discerning eye can see that if the delay continues, the situation will become even more unfavorable for Lan Shiqi.

The two were of equal strength, and of course, the first to fall was Lan Shiqi, who has been madly attacking.

Chen Hao always felt that Lan Shiqi was like a brainless boss with high offense and high defense in web games before.

“You will be dragged to death if you go on like this!”

“Lord Sword Spirit, I still want to try.”

“Whatever you want!” Chen Hao simply ignored it.

He can’t die anyway.

In addition to Commander Hu, who was watching the battle, there were also four martial artists at the peak of the Qi Ocean Realm who were ready to rescue them at any time.

Soon after, Lan Shiqi’s attack frequency obviously slowed down.

Lan Jiu didn’t try to dodge anymore but focused on Lan Shiqi. He was looking for opportunities.

Commander Hu bowed his head in the martial arts stage and stopped watching the fight between the two young men. He was a little disappointed with Lan Shiqi.

In the eyes of this veteran on the battlefield, a good warrior needed talent and a brain… Lan Shiqi, without cultivating physical fitness, in his opinion, was the biggest problem!

But at this moment, Commander Hu heard the exclamation of the teenagers. He raised his head and saw Lan Shiqi standing on the spot, placing the heavy sword on Lan Jiu’s neck.

Lan Jiu’s narrow sword tip hangs feebly on the ground. He said with great annoyance, “I didn’t think the heavy sword would be so fast. It feels faster than me!”

“Yeah!” Lan Shiqi paled, but he still nodded thoughtfully and asked, “Did you not find out? My sword is not only swift but also very stable!”


Lan Jiu turned around and stepped down.

He actually wants to say “Bah”!

But the sword just gave him too much shock.

He didn’t want to offend seventeen too much. What if his hand slipped next time?

The situation suddenly reversed, and some people couldn’t accept it.

“Did you see clearly just now? Shiqi’s swords! “

“It seems that I didn’t see it clearly, and it seems to see it clearly!”

“Isn’t that nonsense?”

“It will be done soon!”

“That sword is not only fast!” And it’s very stable!”

“You can see it?”

“No, didn’t you hear what Lan Shiqi said?”


Chen Hao knew the tricks of the seventeen. After all, the trick was too familiar.

The entry-level beheading swordsmanship was far from Fu Yuanming himself, but it was enough to deal with a group of young martial artists in the qi condensation realm.

Moreover, after Lan Shiqi used that trick, Chen Hao also found that his face turned pale as if his spirit was a little weak. The beheading sword technique was not like ordinary martial arts that only consumed true qi. It would also consume mind and energy. Seventeen used this trick harder.

Lan Qijiu stood under the stage and looked at Lan Shiqi for a long time.

In his mind, he repeatedly recalled the fantastic sword of him just now, thinking that if he was in the position of Lan Jiu, whether he could hide in the past, the result might be!

The teenage group didn’t continue to discuss Lan Shiqi’s swordsmanship because others were going to fight.

The fight continued. After encountering Lan Jiu, Lan Shiqi had good luck, and he never met anyone who was as proficient in body skills as Lan Jiu.

Lan Shiqi relied on the violent heavy sword swordsmanship to continuously push several young men of equal strength and normal body to the corner of the ring and force them to eat them hard.

Unknowingly, Lan Shiqi actually persisted to the final battle.

Commander Hu looked at Lan Shiqi thoughtfully and then said to the martial artist next to him, “Lan Shiqi has also made great progress in the past few days. His heavy sword swordsmanship has reached the state of lifting weight with ease. If the young master knows, I am afraid he will be pleased!”

“Commander Hu, is Lan Shiqi really so powerful?” Commander Hu and the people around him were named Ren Xiaojun, and they were also retired soldiers from the battlefield. They were arranged here by the Lan Family, and he was arranged by the Lan family here as Commander Hu’s deputy to assist him in managing and taking care of these boys.

“If you look carefully, you will know that the heavy sword is very smooth in his hand, just like a thin sword. The switch between the sword moves is round and smooth, and the sword is faster!”

“This subordinate did not find it!”

Commander Hu smiled and said, “That is because you are not paying attention!”

Looking at Lan Qijiu in front of him, Shiqi’s expression was a little eager to try.

Lan Qijiu said, “I didn’t expect us to fight the last game!”

“I am lucky today!” Shiqi said excitedly, “get out of here; you should take care of yourself and don’t die!”

“Don’t overestimate yourself. You have made great progress. If you practice another body method, you will be the first after I leave!” Lan Qijiu directly ignored the latter sentence.       

“Well! When I have completed the “War Sword Art” to completion, I will go to the master to learn body technique!”

Lan Qijiu nodded, looked at the heavy sword in Shiqi’s hand, and said, “Your talent in swordsmanship is stronger than mine. That sword looks good!”

The blood-red ring pattern on the heavy sword was very conspicuous.

“I feel the same way!” A rare smile was squeezed out of the stern face of the seventeenth. “This sword is called the Crimson Blood Heavy Sword. It was cast by a generation of sword masters who used the universe’s meteorite iron to exhaust their life. The front is five feet nine, and the net weight is 200 jin.”

Lan Qijiu raised the sword in his hand, “This sword is called Qiushui …”

And then froze!

“Don’t spout any bullshit! Let’s fight directly!”


The two people rushed to each other simultaneously, the two swords collided, bursting out fierce sparks.

A considerable force passed from the sword, Lan Qijiu involuntarily backed two steps.

The teenagers in the martial arts stage commented, “Shiqi pushed Lan Qijiu back again. I thought that Lan Qijiu would be able to confront Shiqi when he became a martial artist in the Qi Ocean Realm!”

Lan Jiu said in the crowd, “Who doesn’t know the strength of the Shiqi? A fool can compete with him! “

“That is, the commander all says that Lan Shiqi has a natural divine power, which is most suitable for fighting on the battlefield!”

“If you meet this kind of strength, you can’t escape. Anyway, he can’t catch up!”


Lan Qijiu started to fight, no longer head-to-head with Lan Shiqi, and Lan Shiqi soon fell behind.

“Why don’t you just deal with Lan Jiu’s trick? I want to try it!”

Lan Shiqi said with a wry smile, “Sorry, I can’t use it for the time being. That sword skill takes a lot of minds. It was discovered by me accidentally recently. It is very unskilled and not perfect.”

“That’s a pity!” Lan Qijiu looked at Lan Shiqi with some envy.

He envied Lan Shiqi’s talent.

The result of the battle, Shiqi made a mad attack and seventy moves to no avail, very simply surrendered.

“I hope you can learn your sword technique next time.”

“Can you not hide?”

Lan Qijiu replied, “Impossible!”

Five condensation Dan medicine, Lan Shiqi, returned to the room with the second-place award and continued to explore swordsmanship.

His next task was to cut candles on his hands.

Shiqi placed the candle in the palm of his hand, holding the heavy sword in his right hand and making gestures to the left.

Looking at his hesitant expression, Chen Hao was afraid that he would cut off his left hand and quickly reminded him, “You can put candles on tofu!”

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