I am an Evil Sword Chapter 55 Monthly Test

In the room, Lan Shiqi held his breath and stared at the candle with firm eyes. The heavy sword passed by, the candle swayed, slowly falling down.

“Alas! Failed again! “

Chen Hao didn’t speak because he had been listening to this sentence for three consecutive days.

Some people don’t need spurs; they will naturally work hard!

Lan Shiqi didn’t stand the candle again but repeatedly practiced his strokes against the air with a heavy sword.

Every time he swung his sword, his brows were always slightly frowned as if he was dissatisfied with his swordsmanship.

But that was just what he thought!

Chen Hao knew very well that Lan Shiqi’s swordsmanship had improved very obviously in just three days, even a bit scary!

The heavy sword emphasized strength and momentum.

Almost every cultivator who was good at heavy swords, which one doesn’t wield it violently?

But Lan Shiqi was not like this, or that was, he was not like that now.

If you want to cut off the candle with a long sword and prevent the candle from moving, you must draw the sword fast enough and steady enough!

The heavy sword form of Crimson Blood Sword was broader and thicker than the typical standard sword. Invisible, it added difficulty to Lan Shiqi.

Chen Hao once tried to say to Seventeen, “Why don’t you change into a narrower and thinner sword?”

Lan Shiqi refused without even thinking about it, what an ordinary sword could do, a heavy sword could undoubtedly do it, and if it was senior Fu, he could certainly do it! If I couldn’t do it, it must be because I hadn’t mastered my swordsmanship yet!

The sword was quick. What was needed was the ability to explode instantly. Lan Shiqi was born with divine power, and his strength was far superior to that of ordinary cultivators. He could barely do it.

However, if you wanted to make a sword stable enough, you must have repeated mechanical training for many years.

However, Lan Shiqi broke the routine, and under the witness of Chen Hao, progressed at speed visible to the naked eye!

He even suppressed the fierce wind brought by the heavy sword a little bit.

Now, with the Crimson Blood Sword that was swung in Seventeen Hands, the resistance between the blade and the air was getting smaller and smaller, and the strong wind generated in the room was getting weaker and weaker.

This meant that Lan Shiqi had become more and more proficient in the control of power!

Seven days later, the Crimson Blood Sword could hardly feel the slightest resistance in Lan Shiqi’s hand. When the heavy sword danced in the room, the dust in the air only trembled slightly.

A nearly two-meter-long heavy sword image was slashed across, and the candle placed on the table stood firmly in place.

The joy of success appeared on Lan Shiqi’s face!

Chen Hao said, “You have succeeded, not bad!”

Lan Shiqi’s hard work finally paid off, and Chen Hao was happy for him.

“No, Lord Sword Spirit, this time is just right!” Lan Shiqi smiled and said, “I can’t guarantee success every time!”

Sure enough, he tried five times again, and only one time succeeded!

Lan Shiqi sighed: “The  Commander is still excellent, and he could be successful casually. I am far from him!”

Chen Hao felt that if Commander Hu used the heavy sword, he might not be as good as Seventeen.

But he didn’t say it.

Two days later, Seventeen could finally guarantee 100% success in cutting the candle.

Chen Hao praised, “Lan Shiqi, you are outstanding. Among all the swordsmen, your martial arts talent should be the highest!”

“I still have a long way to go! I couldn’t have succeeded without the instruction of Lord Sword Spirit and the help of Crimson Blood Sword! When I was studying the swordsmanship of “Beheading,” I seemed to be Senior Fu. I can clearly understand all his mental journeys of creating the sword technique of “Beheading.” I think anyone else will reach my level! “

Lan Shiqi said this smoothly.

But Chen Hao knew that Lan Shiqi’s words came from the heart.

His head was a little bit awkward, but his character was excellent, hard-working, and he didn’t know what satisfaction was. He was also very modest … from modesty to inferiority!

That’s right, deep down in Lan Shiqi’s heart, he was a very inferior person.

He had carved inferiority into his bones!

Perhaps, now even Lan Shiqi did not find his own.

There was a knock on the door. He opened the door, and Lan Erwu stood at the door.

“Shiqi, the monthly test is about to begin. I haven’t seen you in the martial arts field. Will you forget it?” Lan Erwu couldn’t help but ask, “I haven’t seen you much these days. You won’t stay in the house all the time, will you?”

“Well, I’m thinking about martial arts.”

“Well, let’s go quickly. Commander Hu is about to take a call!”

Lan Shiqi did not have time to clean up, so he was pulled by Lan Erwu and ran towards the training ground.

Lan Shiqi’s group of orphans originally had ninety-eight people, but now there were only thirty-six people left. The others were slowly eliminated and arranged by the Lan family elsewhere.

On the martial arts training ground, Commander Hu stood on the martial arts stage with a cane and said, “Not much to say, today’s monthly test, everyone will first draw lots to choose opponents, and those who perform poorly will be eliminated.”

Chen Hao asked, “Do you decide the elimination by competition or ranking?”

“No, every time the number of eliminations is drawn up by Commander Hu.” Lan Shiqi said, “It should be determined according to the degree of progress.”

Lan Shiqi drew the number thirty-six.

A group of teenagers began to compete on stage in order.

Chen Hao silently stood on the tournament stage, with an average age of about 14 or 15 years old. The weakest was also the peak of the mid-stage qi condensation ream, and the strongest was Lan Qijiu, the early stage of the qi ocean!

The gap between the group of young people was minimal…all the people who were dragging their legs had been eliminated!

Lan Shiqi’s opponent in the first round was in the late stage of gas condensation.

He lasted less than ten strokes in Lan Shiqi’s hands and was swept down by a sword.

In the second round, his opponent was Lan Jiu.

Lan Jiu was short, about 1.65 meters tall, and looked very thin. His weapon was a slender and narrow sword.

The tall and robust Lan Shiqi stood in front of him, like a bear trying to bully a sheep!

But Lan Shiqi was very serious.

When he passed the exam last time, he fell into the hands of the opponent.

“Shiqi, it’s good luck to meet you today!” Lan Jiu smilingly said.

“You only know who is lucky! until we battle!”

Seventeen feet on the ground, the whole body fiercely rushed to Lan Jiu, and then slammed the heavy sword fiercely, and the heavy sword power sank vigorously. No one would believe it; once the heavy sword hits Lan Jiu, I’m afraid he would immediately lose combat effectiveness!

But just as the heavy sword was about to touch Lan Jiu, Lan Jiu’s figure disappeared.

Lan Jiu smiled and said, “I knew you still didn’t practice your body skill. Don’t try to meet me at your speed!”


Lan Shiqi did not speak and displayed “War Sword Art,” a heavy sword. The strong wind was blowing.

Someone whispered in the competition stage, “I am afraid that Shiqi’s” War Sword Art ” is about to be perfected!”

“What if the swordsmanship is more powerful? Isn’t it blind if you can’t cut people?”

“Yes, Lan Jiu’s yellow-level body method, “Autumn Fallen Leaves,” has been completed. Lan Shiqi didn’t hit him. It is estimated that the ending will be like the last time. Lan Jiu successfully attacked Lan Shiqi after being exhausted!”

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