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Hello, Mystified here, I hope that you enjoy all the novels here. If you like what you read please tell your friends and families. You could do more by donating to this website. There are two ways of donation, by Patreon and Buy Me a Coffee.


  1. Bronze tiers = 5 advance chapters
  2. Silver tiers = 10 advance chapters
  3. Gold tiers = 15 advance chapters
  4. Platinum tiers = 20 advance chapters
  5. Diamond tiers = 30 advance chapters

Currently I am still filling up all the tiers chapters but mostly up to platinum tiers.

Buy Me a Coffee

In this platform you could be a supporter or a member, by becoming a member you have your own benefits:

>>Member = 20 advance chapters<<

You could donate via buy me a coffee more than one times, whenever you like. Whereas, membership comes with monthly and annual/yearly subscriptions, yearly membership may have discount.

It is up to you to choose whatever platform that is convenient for you, Patreon or Buy Me a Coffee. I am very much apprecate what you have done to support us so far.

Happy Reading!!!

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