I am an Evil Sword Chapter 54 Choose The Same Path

“The executioner’s set said it is not difficult, said easily is not easy!” Commander Hu breathed out thick smoke and said, “You find a candle.”


Although Lan Shiqi did not understand Commander Hu’s intention, he quickly found the candle.

“You are not a professional executioner. It is a bit difficult for you to test your technical work of peeling and slicing meat!” He said slowly, “Then do something simple and put the candle on the table!”

Put the candle on the table; he was guessing what the commander wanted to do.

Commander Hu stared at the candle in front of him, picked up the long sword beside him, and asked gently, “Did you see clearly?”

“See clearly!”

The sword cut the candle into two pieces, but the candle didn’t move.

 Commander Hu’s power control ability was superb.

“There is still this!”

He said and put half of the candle in the palm of his left hand. When he lifted a sword in his right hand and cut it in the palm, the candle instantly broke into two pieces!

Lan Shiqi held their breath.

“That’s it, and it’s simple!” Commander Hu put two candles on the table, spread his hands, and let Lan Shiqi look carefully.

There were no scars on his callous palm.

“Go home. If you can do these two things, come back to see me again. If you can’t, you will practice your body skills, obediently!”

“Okay, I understand, Master Commander!”

After the seventeenth left, Commander Hu lifted up and gradually changed. The cyan-colored left hand muttered to himself: “Fortunately, this old man’s “Golden Jade Palm” has been cultivated at perfection, or else I can’t help that kid! Young and promising, what kind of executioner? It’s not a good thing!”

Of course, Seventeen didn’t know that his respected Lord Commander was bluffing him. He returned to the room and started practicing with ten candles.

When he saw Commander Hu cutting the candle, he still felt it was easy, but when it was his turn to cut the candle, he realized the difficulty.

Especially the heavy sword he used was much thicker than the ordinary long sword!

This undoubtedly added a lot of difficulties!

When the candle was cut into two pieces by the Crimson Blood Sword, the two parts of candles would also be taken directly out of the way… He couldn’t do what Commander Hu did!

“Lord Sword Spirit, what should I do?”

When encountering difficulties, Lan Shiqi couldn’t help asking Chen Hao for help.

After all, it was in his mind that Chen Hao, the spirit of the sword, was much more powerful than him.

Chen Hao thought for a moment and said, “Let me pass you a skill of swordsmanship!”

“Sword technique?”

“Well, your predecessor, the tenth swordsman, created his swordsmanship. If you can comprehend that swordsmanship to a certain extent, it should not be a problem to pass Commander Hu’s test!”

Since the death of the tenth sword master Fu Yuanming, Chen Hao had never evolved and has been stuck in the low-grade spirit weapon stage.

Lan Shiqi’s talent was far superior to Fu Yuanming’s. Although he was straightforward and “honest,” he was still manufacturable.

Encouraging him to be an executioner was also thoughtful by Chen Hao.

Now that he wanted to evolve, the swordmaster needed to increase his strength.

Was there anything better than being an executioner?

Harvest human life without risk or responsibility.

Especially Lan Shiqi and the powerful backer of the Lan Family!

It was much safer than Fu Yuanming.

Therefore, Chen Hao tried his best to let Lan Shiqi pass the test.

“Is that skill powerful?”

“Black-level high-grade martial arts, do you think it’s amazing?”

“Black-level high-grade!” Lan Shiqi lost his voice.

Black-level high-grade, he dreamed about it.

But as slaves of the Lan family, they were not qualified to practice even the Black-level low-grade exercises!

Not to mention the Black-level top grade martial arts!

“Ask Lord Sword Spirit to teach me!”

“Good! I hope you don’t live up to my expectations of you! ” Chen Hao whispered, “Get ready, the process may be a little uncomfortable, but it is good for you!”

The Crimson Blood Sword suddenly leaped into a murderous look of blood-red, and before Lan Shiqi realized, it wrapped him directly.

Lan Shiqi felt cold all over, and his whole person fell into an illusion.

There was darkness in front of Lan Shiqi’s eyes in the illusion. Then, a blood-red light appeared. He saw a middle-aged man with a one-armed long sword standing on the execution platform.

Just looking at it, he knew that the one-armed man was holding the Crimson Blood Demon Sword.

He looked at the man carefully and found that he was very ordinary, and he was a Qi Condensation realm as if he couldn’t keep up with him.

The scene in the picture was tinged with blood red, which made him feel uncomfortable.

Under the execution platform, civilians were watching.

On the execution platform, the prisoners knelt at the feet of the middle-aged man.

Lan Shiqi heard someone shouting “execute,” and he got into the body of the one-armed man.

He seemed to be the one-armed man. He could feel the true qi in his body, feel that he was missing an arm … and then his body moved.

The sword went down, and the head of the offender separated from the body.

The sword was steady and fast, and its strength control was excellent.

Lan Shiqi could feel the operation of every muscle in a one-armed man!

Three prisoners, fifteen prisoners, one hundred prisoners… hundreds of prisoners… Lan Shiqi can feel the one-armed man’s step by step growth in the execution and decapitation skills until the skills reach the peak!

Then there was the crazy growth of killing intent on the one-armed man; he was like a mad wolf, beheading with that move!

The whole world turned blood red.

After the Lord Killing Inheritance skill ended, Chen Hao withdrew his murderous aura and asked, “Did you understand it?”

Lan Shiqi didn’t answer, however, or he couldn’t answer.

He was livid, fell to the ground, tightly curled up into a ball, his body kept shaking, just like shaking himself, and then he began to vomit, and after he vomited everything, he continued to vomit gastric juice.

Chen Hao looked at Lan Shiqi silently, wondering if he was crazy and wanted to change to another swordmaster.

Isn’t it just passing on Fu Yuanming’s sword skill?

After throwing up for half a day, Lan Shiqi people got up shaking.

“Lord Sword Spirit, is that one-armed man the former swordmaster?”

“Hey, how did you know?”

“I saw it all!” Shiqi said weakly, “He is so powerful! So terrifying!”

“Did you see it?”

“I have seen it; he created the whole process of “Beheading, ” Lan Shiqi whispered, “Don’t you know?”

This question embarrassed Chen Hao.

He wondered, it may be that the master’s inheritance had evolved, but it was not reflected in the data.

“For a general sword master, I don’t care about them at all. I see your kid pleasing the eye before giving you special treatment, has not used this skill, does not know the specific effect!”

“Thank you for the cultivation of the Lord Sword Spirit!”

“If you want to ask anything, just keep asking!” Chen Hao said directly when Seventeen was about to speak.

“I want to ask, why did that senior go crazy afterward?”

Lan Shiqi saw the fragment of “Beheading” in Fu Yuanming’s memory.

“You don’t think I made him crazy, do you?”

“Don’t dare!”

Chen Hao knew if he didn’t explain clearly, or the more pleasing swordmaster in front of him would not dare to use him.

“Is the killing feedback skill clear?”

“Well, it’s clear, it’s against the sky!”

“There are two ways to kill feedback. One is that there are no side effects, and the promotion is slow; One has side effects, and the improvement is swift, but the willpower is not firm enough, and it is easy to be insane! ” Chen Hao sighed, “It was Fu Yuanming’s request!”


“If your beloved eldest lady is killed, the murderer may kill you at any time; what will you do? How would you choose?”

“Of course, I desperately fight!”

“His choice is the same as yours!”

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