I am an Evil Sword Chapter 53 Accepting The Test

As orphans adopted by the Lan Family, the place where they live and practice was far away from the Lan Family Residence. Only during the New Year each year could they have the honor to see the Lan family’s direct members.

Therefore, there was no way to satisfy  Chen Hao’s curiosity.

Before dawn, Lan Shiqi got up early and went to the training ground to practice “War Sword Art.”

Even if he got up earlier than the cock, Lan Shiqi was only the third teenager to arrive at the training ground.

This group of orphans had worked harder than ordinary teenagers!

 Lan Shiqi saw that the other two companions were practicing seriously, without disturbing them, and practiced independently.

After becoming the swordmaster of the Crimson Blood Demon Sword, his roots, understanding, and ability to comprehend sword skills had made significant progress. After practicing “War Sword Art” twice, Lan Shiqi’s dull face appeared with smiles, and he felt that he was very close to the perfect realm.

“Shiqi, the “War Sword Art” you practiced seems to be somewhat similar to “Cross Sword Tactics.”

Lan Shiqi replied, “Yes, Lord Sword Spirit, War Sword Art, and Cross Sword Tactics are martial arts in the Southern Cloud, which are mainly used for fighting on the battlefield. The commander taught us these two swordsmanships.”

Hearing the fighting on the battlefield, Chen Hao was very energetic.

“Have you never thought about being a general like Zhenbei Hou?”

“Of course!” Lan Shiqi thought and said, “But can I really do it?”

Chen Hao said, “Of course, you can. He is the swordmaster of the Crimson Blood Demon Sword, with unlimited potential. As long as you listen to me, it is entirely possible to become a general!”

“But if the CrimsonBlood Demon Sword is so powerful, why did the former swordmaster die?”

When being asked this question, Chen Hao was bleeding inside. “That guy is a rod; he doesn’t need a sword!”

Shiqi sat on the stone bench and asked curiously, “Lord Sword Spirit, among the previous sword masters, are there any super-powerful predecessors?”

This problem stumped Chen Hao again.

After several times until the 13th Sword Master of the Crimson Blood Devil Sword, the only ones that impressed Chen Hao were Jin Zhengqiu, Fu Yuanming, and the newly dead Pang Bin… Among them, Fu Yuanming had the highest level of cultivation, and he was considered an innate master before his death.

If it was a loose cultivator in front of him, he could brag about it.

But the boy in front of him was in the Lan family, and his vision was much higher than that of ordinary cultivators.

Chen Hao said frankly, “Among my previous sword masters, there are really few famous ones.”

“Why, the Crimson Devil Sword is so powerful!”

This sentence, Lan Shiqi, came from the heart.

“They don’t have the luck to become a super master!” Chen Hao has no intention of persuading him for the time being.

“Fate? Is it luck? “

Lan Shiqi still couldn’t understand the vital connection between luck and becoming a super master.

Chen Hao also did not intend to continue to explain.

He couldn’t say that he caused most of the deaths of the thirteen sword masters of the Crimson Blood Devil Sword, right?

In the new environment, the change of swords by Lan Shiqi still attracted the attention of other teenagers.

Chen Hao didn’t hide the blood ring on the sword, but only hid the low-grade profound weapon level.

Lan Erwu, who has a good relationship with Lan Shiqi, asked about the sword’s source. However, after being perfunctory by Lan Shiqi, he said that he bought it with all his savings in Baihe City.

On the tenth day back in the family, Lan Shiqi fell into a bottleneck. He had barely reached the perfect state of “War Sword Art” through the increase of Crimson Blood Demon Sword, but in the next month, “War Sword Art” The realm of perfection was like the moon in the water, the flower in the mirror, seemingly close at hand, but far away.

“Is there any way, Lord Sword Spirit?”

“You can ask Commander Hu.”

Commander Hu was the nominal teacher of these teenagers. When they first started, they once handed over their foundation’s hand in hand, and then they rarely appeared, completely stocking these children.

Of course, if you had any questions about martial arts, ask him, and he would seriously answer them.

He used to be the commander of the Golden Armored Army. Later, he suffered heavy losses on the battlefield, broke a leg, had to retire, and then entered the Lan family.

Lan Shiqi found commander Hu and told him about the problems encountered in the practice of “War Sword Art.”

With his gray hair, Commander Hu sat on a cane chair with a pipe in his mouth. He looked at Lan Shiqi with some appreciation and said, “On the talent of swordsmanship, you are indeed one of the best in your session, but I didn’t expect your progress to be so fast!”

“War Sword Art and Cross Sword Art are both battlefield swordsmanship, which pays attention to momentum and murderous look!” Hu asked, “Lan Shiqi, have you ever killed anyone?”


“That’s right, and you still lack fierce energy! You lack a murderous aura! This is the reason why you can’t break through the perfect realm!” Commander Hu continued, “In this year, only you and Qi Jiu can cultivate the yellow mid-level swordsmanship “Cross Sword Art” to perfection, but even if Qi Jiu is one year older than you, his cultivation is much higher than you, but only you have touched the perfection of “War Sword Art .”

“But why didn’t I kill people, but I also perfected the “Cross Sword Art”?

Commander Hu said with a smile, “That’s because of your talent! You can be called a genius in martial art. Genius is to make the impossible possible! However, the requirements of “War Sword Art” are much higher than those of “Cross Sword Art.” I also stayed on the battlefield for several years before I cultivated “War Sword Art” to perfection.”

“Then how can I kill people?”

“Do you want to cultivate” War Sword Art” to perfection?” Hu Tongling said, “You don’t have to worry. The most important thing for you now is to improve yourself. The peak of qi condensation is still too weak!”

“But if I can’t practice War Sword Art to perfection, I will feel uncomfortable!” Lan Shiqi said with great distress, “I am dreaming now, and I dream that I am practicing” War Sword Art.”

At this point, Chen Hao could testify.

In the last few nights, Chen Hao saw with his own eyes that the Lan Shiqi suddenly sat up from the bed with his eyes closed in the middle of the night and practiced the “War Sword Art” moves with his hand on his sword.

Chen Hao told him about it as a joke.

In Chen Hao’s view, there was something wrong with Lan Shiqi, an obsessive-compulsive disorder patient!

And a little perfectionist.

“But you are not yet fifteen years old and can’t go to the battlefield!” Commander Hu Tongling said with a smile, “Or, I will teach you a set of body cultivation? Your biggest shortcoming is that you have not cultivated body cultivation. If you practice it, you can definitely make it to the top three!”

Chen Hao took the opportunity to say at this time, “Shiqi, if you really want to cultivate” War Sword Art” to perfection, I have a way.”

Lan Shi asked in his heart, “What method?”

“Let Commander Hu recommend you to be an executioner!”


Lan Shiqi hesitated for a while and then requested Commander Hu.

Commander Hu sighed, “I didn’t expect you to be so stubborn, but being an executioner is also a good way.”

“Master Commander agreed?”

“Of course I can arrange it. I still have some meager sensibilities in the army!” Commander Hu said, “But if you want to be an executioner in Yiyang City, you don’t have any real skills. That’s not enough. I can give you a chance, but whether you can catch it depends on your ability!”

Lan Shiqi said firmly, “I can accept the test!”

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