I am an Evil Sword Chapter 52 The Lan Family of Yiyang City

It must be said that the strength of the family clan was not without reason.

At least the level of brainwashing was top-notch.

As a domestic slave, Lan Shiqi was loyal to the Lan Family.

Chen Hao didn’t dislike him because of his status as a domestic slave. The hero did not ask where he came from, even if he was a household slave?

Ambition grew with the improvement of strength.

As long as Lan Shiqi was diligent enough and with the help of the Crimson Blood Devil Sword, the Lan Family couldn’t restrain him.

Besides, Lan Shiqi didn’t hand in the Crimson Blood Demon Sword, which proved that he still had some other thoughts.

Simply inquiring about the Lan family, Lan Shiqi did not hide it.

The Lan family was the Southern Cloud Kingdom’s top family, and its ancestors were the founders of the Southern Cloud Kingdom. They had been loyal to the royal family for generations and guarded Yiyang City.

Lan Lielei, the contemporary patriarch of the Lan Family, was the top master of the Southern Cloud Kingdom. It was said that his strength was unfathomable. Lan Lielei inherited his father’s position. He was currently the general of the Golden Armed Army of the Southern Cloud Kingdom. He held 500,000 elites and was powerful.

As a top-notch family, the Lan family was extraordinarily enlightened and would train collateral children and adopted a group of orphans every few years.

These orphans would undergo rigorous training. The orphans had a unified surname of “Lan,” and their names were arranged in numbers.

Every once in a while, they must undergo the examination, and the outstanding ones would continue to be trained. Those who failed will become Lan family servants, and those who had skills or were proficient in arithmetic would be assigned to other industries of Lan family, which could be regarded as giving them a way out.

At the age of fifteen, they would undergo the final examination.

If they were rated as excellent, the Lan Family would give them names and show them full training. Some would be assigned to the army, while others would be left as Lan family guards or incorporated into pro-guards. Those with excellent talents could even marry or marry their children, get rid of slavery, and become a true Lan family member.

And the goal of the Lan Shiqi goal is to become the guardian of Miss Lan Family.

Chen Hao listened with interest to Shiqi’s narration and became a little curious about the Lan family.

At least the Lan family didn’t want other families, and it wasn’t useless.

“So, what about the people who were finally rated as qualified?”

“I don’t know; the people who were rated as qualified have never reappeared. Someone asked the leader before, and the leader said that they have another task.”

“Then you didn’t think about it. Ever marry a Lan family member as a wife?”

Lan Shiqi blushed and shook his head without speaking.

He was a shy young man.

“Then you should practice martial arts well? How come you are in Baihe City?”

“Fourth’s Miss mother passed away a few days ago, and we were accompanying her out to relax.” Lan Shiqi said bitterly, “This is a mission; the Fourth Miss has been in a lot of moods these days. Sister Xiaoyue said that we would stay in Baihe City for a while and then go back.”

“How do you rank among your group of people?”

“There are 93 of us, I should be in the top ten, and the strongest is Lan Qijiu. He became a cultivator in the Qi Ocean a few days ago. Even the commanding adults praised Lan Qijiu’s talent and said that he is a first-class genius in the whole Southern Cloud capital.”

“How old is he?”

“One year older than me, almost fifteen, the assessment must be excellent!”

Chen Hao secretly nodded, and a fifteen-year-old cultivator in the Qi Ocean realm was really excellent. They simply threw the ordinary people cultivators he had seen off more than a dozen streets.

“Then you are not bad, either! At the age of fourteen, the peak of the Qi Condensation Realm, maybe one day! “

Seventeen shook his head and said, “As long as I can become the Qi Ocean Realm at the age of fifteen, I will be delighted. It is challenging to break through to become a martial artist in the Qi Ocean realm. Many people have been at this level for two or three years, and even Lan Qijiu has been stuck for a year and a half!”

Chen Hao must admit that he was shallow in knowledge.

If Lan Shiqi was a commoner’s children or ordinary family background, the Condensation Realm’s peak strength at the age of 14 is indeed excellent… But if it is in the top family, it was not very eye-catching.

“If it is like what you said!” Chen Hao said with a solemn tone, “Shiqi, with your talent, it is almost impossible to be the guard of Miss Lan. Moreover, I think it is not only as simple as assessing as excellent to be the guard of aMiss Lan Family.”

Lan Shiqi nodded and admitted.

It was hard to be the guard of the Lan family’s own characters.

First of all, the family should be innocent and absolutely loyal to the blue family. Secondly, he must have outstanding strength, and the minimum requirement must also be True Origin Realm; finally, he must face many competitors!

Of course, the strength requirements for becoming a personal servant could be reduced a lot…Unfortunately, the object Lan Shiqi wanted to protect was Miss Lan Family. If he was close to her, he is guaranteed to be chopped into pieces before being approached!

“If you don’t meet me, it’s almost impossible for you to be the escort of Miss Lan … But now that you meet me, you have a great chance.” Chen Hao said with a smile, “It depends on whether you dare to fight!”

“Lord Sword Spirit means…”

“Killing cultivators, as long as you keep killing people, it’s easy to become the guardian of that woman!”

Lan Shiqi raised his head and looked at the Crimson Blood Devil Sword and hesitated, ” But…”

After all, he was only a teenager and did not fully understand the importance of strength.

In a mocking tone, Chen Hao said: “It seems that Miss Lan’s position in your mind is not too high!”

“No, my life was saved by Miss Eldest Lady. I swear that I will protect Miss Eldest Lady all my life!” Lan Shiqi said in a critical tone, “What you said, I’ll try to do it!”

Hearing Lan Shiqi’s answer, Chen Hao secretly praised himself in his heart!

No matter how stubborn a teenager was, as long as he prescribed the right medicine, he still obediently followed his own ideas?

“Don’t be so serious!” Chen Hao laughed, “It’s just killing people. You can pick scum to kill!”

“Well, Lord Sword Spirit is right!”

At the thought of killing scum, the guilt in Lan Shiqi’s hearts disappeared.

Hmmm…… … He is a teenager with a sense of justice!

Chen Hao’s task was to knock him on the side!

The vast convoy moved slowly, and Lan Shiqi rode a horse to follow near the carriage in the convoy’s center.

Baihe City was getting farther and farther away. Chen Hao took a look at Baihe City when he left … I always feel that something has been forgotten!

But he couldn’t remember it again. Since he couldn’t remember, Chen Hao wouldn’t force himself to forget it.

After nearly half a month’s journey, Chen Hao finally saw Yiyang City, an important town in the north of Southern Cloud Kingdom.

As high as hundreds of meters, the towering city wall was exactly twice as high as Baihe City.

Yiyang City is a fief in the north of the town, so Yiyang City had only one family.

The Lan Family in Yiyang City was a real, local tyrant.

The important town on the border of Yiyang City was Chen Guo. Almost all the trade between Chen Guo and the Southern Cloud Kingdom passed through Yiyang City, so Yiyang City was very prosperous, which is one of the reasons why Blue House can always stand.

Chen Hao had no interest in the prosperous Yiyang City, no matter how profitable, could there be those cities with tens of millions of people in the previous life?

He was quite interested in the Miss Lan Family.

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