I am an Evil Sword Chapter 51 Lan Family’s Lan Shiqi

The young man shouted softly, “Is there anyone?”

However, in the silent night, no one answered him.

“Who threw the sword here?”

No one responded to him.

The young man suspected that someone was playing a prank.

But in Baihe City, he has no acquaintances, and he does not accompany the heavy sword in front of him.

The young man looked at the broken heavy sword on the ground, distressed, and said, “You broke my sword. If you don’t make a sound, the heavy sword will be regarded as compensation!”

“If you don’t talk, it means yes!”

After waiting for two minutes, no one responded to the young man.

The young man was full of doubts and finally reached out to the Crimson Blood Demon Sword.

The heavy sword’s fierce and evil spirit was solid, and at a glance, he knew that he didn’t know how much blood it had absorbed. Holding it, he felt cold and swished all over.

The heavy sword’s weight was not light, and it was a little strenuous to wield it because of his natural power.

The young man had been fascinated by his eyes since he was young, and he had some abilities to appreciate weapons beyond ordinary people. When he saw the heavy sword in front of him, he especially wanted it.

No cultivator did not desire a magic weapon!

“Ding~Do you want to bind the swordmaster Lan Shiqi?

Chen Hao was a little surprised when he heard this name.

What a strange name!

Blue seventeen, why not call it blue eighteen? (* Lan= blue, Shiqi= seventeen)

Did his parents give him 16 brothers and sisters?

However, Chen Hao did not struggle with his name.

The name was just a code name; the Crimson Blood Devil Sword had several names before!

“Confirm the binding!”

“Congratulations to the host for binding the fourteenth sword master Lan Shiqi.”

Lan Shiqi gently waved a few times and found that this mysterious and unfamiliar heavy sword was unexpectedly easy to use as if a master specially built it for him!

He tried to practice “War Sword Art” with the heavy sword. The heavy sword was like an extension of his arm, like a part of his body. Such an incredible feeling quickly made him immersed in the joy of practice.

After practicing the “War Sword Art,” Lan Shiqi put down the heavy sword, and his immature face was filled with excitement!

He seemed to have reached the perfect state of “War Sword Art” just now!

Although there was only a brief touch, he knew that this brief touch of the perfect state was a seed. As long as he worked hard, he would soon be able to cultivate the “War Sword Art” to the ideal state.

“I want to get first place in our class!”

Lan Shiqi clenched his fists to cheer for himself.

Then, he turned his gaze to the heavy sword in his hand.

This heavy sword was so easy to use. It was just like being tailored for him.

If the owner of the heavy sword came to beg for it, he was really reluctant.

“I’ll take this sword as your compensation. If you don’t talk, I will consent on your behalf!” After three seconds, Lan Shiqi said happily, “Thank you. I like this sword very much!”

Then just after saying that, he quickly ran into the heavily guarded inner gate of the city lord’s mansion.

Back to his small guest room, under the dim yellow oil lamp, Lan Shiqi looked at the thirteen circular blood patterns on the Crimson Demon Sword with some fascination and exclaimed, “This is an excellent weapon. As fierce as the evil sword, who on earth gave it to me so kindly? Does anyone fancy my aptitude and want to accept me as an apprentice?”

The young man was a little delusional.

“Boy, of course, I am a good weapon!”


The hoarse voice frightened Lan Shiqi, and the epee in his hand was almost frightened.

“I, in the sword!”


Lan Shiqi was so scared that he threw the Crimson Blood Demon Sword to the ground.

“Don’t be afraid, boy, I have no malice. If I had malice, I would have killed you!” Chen Hao said in the sword, “I am the spirit of this sword!”

“Sword spirit?” Lan Shiqi said in a trembling tone, “You lied to me. I have seen a sword, but I have never heard that a sword spirit can talk.”

Chen Hao said very disdainfully, “They are imbeciles in the sword spirit. How could they compare it with me?”

Of course, the sword spirits of ordinary spirit swords couldn’t speak, their souls were not complete at all, and their intelligence was not as good as a three-year-old child.

But what was the sword spirit of the Crimson Blood Devil Sword?

It was Chen Hao.

A completed soul was born.

As the killing continued and the Crimson Blood Demon Sword evolved, his soul was continually being strengthened.

Therefore, Chen Hao has every reason to despise all the spirit weapons of the same level.


“Of course, it’s true!”

Lan Shiqi was still a teenager and believed Chen Hao’s words a little. He continued to ask, “But why did you appear in front of me!”

“I’m going to make you my sword master!”

“Why me?” Lan Shiqi asked with some surprise, “Do you think I am gifted?”

Every teenager once thought that he was talented and unique.

Actually ….. Hehe!

“No, I’m just looking for someone at random.” Chen Hao didn’t plan to give any face, “My former swordmaster just died, and then I lacked a sword master, so I happened to meet you so that I will choose you!”

“Uh… aren’t you a spirit sword? The spirit sword is so powerful, how could his former swordmaster die?”

“Don’t mention that silly x to me!” Chen Hao complained about this sword matter. “That silly x can’t use a sword. When it came to desperate moments, he threw me and punched other people’s chests. Are you angry?”

“Indeed!” Shiqi nodded seriously. “You are a spiritual sword. Those who don’t use a spiritual sword are stupid X. What is in his mind?”

Chen Hao said thoughtfully, “He has no brains!”

“Then he can’t use a sword. Why did you choose him as the swordmaster?”

“He killed other competitors and grabbed me!”

“Well, you’re out of luck!” Shiqi’s tone was sympathetic.

“Don’t talk about this; you will be my sword master from now on. I am the sword spirit of the Crimson Blood Devil Sword. You can call me Lord Sword Spirit. I will show you my abilities first and remember to kill more people in the future. You can become stronger!”

Chen Hao explained the attributes and abilities of the Crimson Blood Demon Sword to Lan Shiqi as usual.

Of course, he still had some reservations.

After listening to Chen Hao’s story, Lan Shiqi hesitated and asked, “Lord Sword Spirit, the Crimson Blood Sword is a devil sword, right?”

“Yes, the Crimson Blood Sword is a devil sword!” Chen Hao asked with a smile. “Why, afraid? If you are afraid, then you can throw me away at any time. I never force the swordmaster.”

If Lan Shiqi really abandoned the Crimson Blood Demon Sword, Chen Hao will not hesitate to add another blood ring to the sword.

“No, no!” Lan Shiqi said in a calm tone, “Master Commander speaks. Weapons are used to kill people. There is no distinction between good and evil. There is no difference between a demon martial artist and an ordinary martial artist in the army. They are all worth their lives. Entrusted brother!”

“Huh? In the army? Are you a soldier?”

Chen Hao suddenly felt that he seemed to be turning around today.

“No, it isn’t!” Lan Shiqi replied, “I am the domestic slave of the Lan Family.”

“Domestic slave?”

Lan Shiqi nodded, somewhat lonely, “I’m an orphan, a beggar!”

“Then what?”

“Then!” The loneliness on Lan Shiqi’s face disappeared, and his determined face was replaced by incomparable reverence. “Then I happened to meet the eldest lady, she thought I was pitiful, and she took me back to the Lan family. Without her, I’m afraid I won’t survive that winter!”

Chen Hao was a little skeptical. If the Lan family lady asked him to jump off the cliff, would he just jump off without thinking?

“Do you have any ideal goals?”

“I want to be the strongest of our domestic slaves this year, and I want to be the guardian of the eldest lady!”

This ideal… is so simple, so simple that Chen Hao wants to spit old blood!

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  1. Sometimes this feels like a satire, or parody with the different wielders of the sword. It’s still an interesting read, a bit like lord of the rings from the perspective of the ring. Thank you for the chapter.

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