I am an Evil Sword Chapter 50 The Heavy Sword In The Night

Only by losing could we know how to cherish something.

Only when the lifespan was about to run out would we know the value of life!

After three years of retreat and experiencing countless failures, Cai Shengping, who was almost desperate, suddenly entered a mysterious state today. He woke up to find that he had made a breakthrough inexplicably!

The body was desperately plundering the aura of heaven and earth. The aura was transformed into pure true essence to flow in the body. The vitality was transported to all parts of the body through meridians so that the old body was full of vitality again.

He stood up slowly, and his body, which had not moved for three years, started a blast, and the dust accumulated on his body rustled down.

He clearly felt the majestic vitality in his body, the true essence behind the chaos, and the potent power!

Like a rebirth!

Cai Shengping thanked God in his heart!

His breakthrough had a lot of luck.

But no one could deny the importance of luck to a warrior.

After regaining his life, Cai Shengping just wanted to roar up to the sky and vent the anger accumulated in his heart.

He wanted to let the whole crane city know that he had become an innate master!

With a loud explosion in the Cai family’s forbidden area, a ragged figure rushed into the sky.

Cai Shengping stood in mid-air, the cold moonlight shone on his face, and the evening breeze blew gently. He took a deep breath of fresh air.

At that moment, a figure rushed directly in his direction.

Cai Shengping’s eyesight is impressive. He could clearly see that the bearer’s body was wrapped with thick blood attribute qi, and his body was scarred as if he had just experienced a bloody battle.

Four cultivators chased him behind him, and Cai Shengping happened to know him-his most valued son, Cai Yiyun, was chasing after him.

Surrounded by the Cai family’s house, the man who was chased by his son was undoubtedly an intruder.


Cai Shengping snorted coldly, his figure suddenly appeared in front of the intruder, and he slapped the intruder directly with a punch.

The intruder screamed and crashed into the rockery without knowing the person.


Cai Yiyun looked at the figure in front of him and shouted excitedly.

“Well, who is this?”

“Father, did you succeed?”

“Yes! I was lucky to breakthrough! ” Cai Shengping nodded and pointed to the intruder in front of him and asked, “Who is he?”

“The boss of the Red River Three Ghosts, he is powerful. If you are not here, I am afraid that he has really escaped!” With some excitement, Cai Yiyun said, “I didn’t expect this fellow to have bad luck, by escaping nowhere but in this direction!”

Cai Shengping asked with some jealousy, “What is the relationship between the three ghosts of the Red River and the ancestors of the Red River?”

“The Red River Three Ghosts are the disciples of the Red River Old Ghost, but the Red River Old Ghost has died under the attack of his three disciples!”

“Humph, Sure enough, only the evil path cultivators like to do such things as deceiving teachers and destroying ancestors. Such people die without pity!”

Cai Shengping stretched out his hand, and the long knife in Cai Yiyun’s hand dropped out and fell into Cai Shengping’s hand.

With a slash, Pang Bin’s body was chopped in half.

“Father, now that you have become an innate master, I want to invite all the big family forces near Baihe City to come to a banquet!”

“This should be the time. I can set the time in three days. I need to take a good rest for two days!” Cai Shengping strode to the Cai family’s house.

Cai Yiyun turned around and searched Pang Bin up and down. After taking away his space bag, he told the Cai family’s collateral staff who came after him and said, “You dispose of his body and put his weapon in the arsenal.”

The long sword behind Pang Bin looked no different from an ordinary weapon, but Cai Yiyun felt that the long sword was at least a mysterious weapon.

“Yes, Lord!”

Two people carried Pang Bin’s body and left, and the other servant took a long sword to the armory.

In the middle of the way, the Crimson Blood Demon Sword suddenly broke free from the hand of the Cai’s servant, a sword cut off the opponent’s head, shot directly into the air with blood, and quickly disappeared into the night.

Pang Bin died. His face was too dark.

The Cai family ancestor was actually killed, who was said to be hoping for a hopeless breakthrough.

Chen Hao was indifferent to this.

Who made Pang Bin commit his taboo?

He had never been a patient master.

Chen Hao was a little helpless.

He didn’t like running around either.

Chen Hao discovered that it was too difficult to find a sword master who really suits himself, just as tricky as finding a wife.

Except for having been with Fu Yuanming for a few years, he was just like going on a blind date with other swordmasters.

After trying it, he found it inappropriate.

What kind of swordmaster Chen Hao wanted to find, he actually didn’t even know.

But he must find someone who practices swordsmanship. This was his essential requirement, like Pang Bin, who was not good at using swords and was also the master of the sword. Chen Hao would see one kill one in the future!

Levitating at low altitude, swiping through the alleys of Baihe City, he was a little anxious.

The true qi stored in the dark sword was consumed continuously. If the stored true qi was depleted, Chen Hao could only act like a dead thing and could no longer move.

When passing by the dark alleys next to Baihe City’s City Lord’s Mansion, Chen Hao suddenly heard that someone inside was practicing martial arts.

It was tough enough to practice martial arts in the middle of the night.

Chen Hao flew over the wall of the city lord’s mansion, and just behind the wall, a 13-year-old boy was waving the heavy sword in his hand.

He was sweating profusely, and his body was steaming hot, and he seemed to have been practicing for a long time.

His body was burly, surpassing many adult warriors, and he was at least one meter tall.

His arms were also thick, a bit similar to Pang Bin.

Chen Hao estimated that his strength should be excellent.

If it hadn’t been for his immature appearance and the little fluff on the corners of his mouth, Chen Hao might have thought he was an adult.

The young man should practice yellow-level high-grade swordsmanship, a bit similar to “Cross Sword Tactics,” with the battlefield’s flavor.

What satisfied Chen Hao the most was that the young man’s strength had reached the peak of Qi Condensation, and the yellow-level high-grade swordsmanship in his hand has also been practiced to a degree close to completion.

In ordinary families, he can be regarded as one of the top talents.

The other person has an excellent martial art talent, worked hard, lived in the city lord’s mansion, and was estimated to be the kind of person who had a backer.

He should be more suitable to be his swordmaster.

Thinking of this, the Crimson Blood Demon Sword shot directly at the boy.

In the darkness, with a cracking sound.

When the young man heard the sound, he was shocked. The heavy sword was in his hand across his chest.

The sound of “dang” was just heard as the common weapon’s heavy sword broke into two sections.

The boy cried out badly, thinking he was going to die.

As a result, the hidden weapon that hit suddenly fell directly in front of him.

To be precise, it was inserted in front of him.

Only then did the young man see clearly, the same heavy sword in front of him.

The heavy sword’s length was almost as high as his height, and the suffocation was pressing. There were more than a dozen blood-red ring patterns on the body of the sword. At a glance, he knew that the heavy sword in front of him was not ordinary.

The boy looked around, there was no one, and his head was a little confused.

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