I am an Evil Sword Chapter 49 Bad Luck

“And you are?”

Pang Bin looked at the man in front of him with a sword and asked uncertainly.

“I am the Patriarch of the Cai family!”

Pang Bin was shocked, “Aren’t you out?”

Since he chose to deal with the third young master of the Cai family, of course, he regarded the Patriarch of the Cai family as an imaginary enemy. As for the ancestor of the Cai family, he did not overthink.

One of the 100 True Origin Realm peak masters might succeed in breaking through and become an innate master. The True Origin Realm peak master who was about to end his life wanted to breakthrough, and the difficulty had increased exponentially!

The ancestor of the Cai family had not appeared for three years. Many people speculated that he was probably dead, but the Cai family chose to block the news.

Cai Yiyun’s cultivation in the late True Yuan Realm was roughly the same as Pang Bin.

The two really wanted to fight, and Pang Bin was not sure to kill him with his infamous swordsmanship.

Pang Bin also inquired that the lord of Yunhe City was hosting a banquet for all the masters today, and he chose to take action shortly after seeing Cai Yiyun go out.

The Patriarch Cai asked with a gloomy expression, “Do you think I will pretend to be Patriarch Cai in the Cai’s house?”

“No!” Pang Bin shook his head.

Pang Bin’s heart sank.

“Fortunately, the city lord has something to do today and cancels the banquet. Otherwise, our Cai family might really suffer a lot!” Cai Yiyun said viciously, “Since you are here today, you don’t have to go!”

No matter what hatred Pang Bin and Cai family have. No matter who was right or wrong, since Pang Bin hit the door, the two sides were feuding death.

Only those who are alive were qualified to reason with others.

“Let’s have a discussion. I’m here to kill your third son. You asked me to kill him. I will leave immediately. If?”

Pang Bin was not afraid of Cai’s family. He had the same strength as Cai Yiyun. He was determined to go, Cai Yiyun could not catch him.

“I knew that it was mostly the fault of the rebellious son!” Cai Yiyun looked pale and said, “But let you kill my third son. We don’t have the face of our Cai family? The strength of the other party is not weak. He is a master of the true origin, everyone attacks together! “

As soon as the master of the Cai family finished speaking, the master of the Cai family rushed forward.

Now that the Cai family had a vengeance, the Cai family couldn’t let Pang Bin go, let alone talk about the world’s morals.

Among the masters of the Cai family, there were four masters of the middle true origin realm, plus Cai Yiyun, a warrior of the late true origin realm.

Pang Bin was at a disadvantage soon!

Every time he wanted to escape, a group of eager Cai Yiyun would stop him, and then he would be besieged by other masters in the Cai family!

After only ten moves, Pang Bin had three sword wounds on his body. Even if the three swords did not hurt him, it still made him very embarrassed.

Logically speaking, with the strength of the demon martial artist in the late True Origin Realm, he couldn’t be absolutely disadvantaged so quickly.

Even if he couldn’t escape, it was impossible to get injured in such a short time.

But the problem was that he held the Crimson Blood Sword in his hand.

Even if “The Cross Sword Tactics” was cultivated to the perfect state by him, his swordsmanship was still not influential in the eyes of other True Origin realm cultivators!

Of the five true Yuan realm martial artists he faced, which one was not using advanced martial skills above the black level?

What he was good at was fist. Taking a sword against the enemy was equivalent to dancing in chains!

When he almost cut off his right arm after hitting the fifth sword in his body, Pang Bin finally made up his mind.

He forced the Cai family warrior away, put the Crimson Blood Demon Sword on his back, and wore a pair of gloves on his hands.

Clenching the fist tightly, the familiar feeling, the grasp of breaking through is greatly enhanced!

If he did not use his best fist technique, he was likely to be consumed alive here.

Was it to die now or to face terrible things in the future… Was this choice still necessary?

With his arms stretched out, the blood-red qi enveloped his hands.

“Blood King Fist!”

Pang Bin’s pressure was significantly reduced by performing the Blood King Fist, and the five masters of the Cai family clearly felt the improvement of the opponent’s strength!

Cai Yiyun said with a cold voice: “So you are better at fist!”

” Patriarch, this guy seems to be the boss of the Three Ghosts of the Red River!”

Among the four masters in the mid-term of the true origin, the oldest old man suddenly said.

The Three Ghosts of the Red River were well-known in Baisha County, and many families also have their own intelligence networks. Pang Bin’s martial arts, height, and appearance had some characteristics. It was not surprising that people with a little bit of vision were recognized.

Cai Yiyun asked in a solemn voice, “Where are the other two ghosts?”

“I don’t know!”

Knowing that Pang Bin is the boss of the Red River Three Ghosts, and the other members of the Red River Three Ghosts did not appear, the attacks of the several masters of the Cai family had actually slowed… …They all separated their minds for fear of being attacked.

Pang Bin didn’t let this opportunity pass. He tried to break through again but was entangled by Cai Yiyun again.

Cai Yiyun commanded loudly, “Except for the elders continue to deal with Pang Bin, the other members immediately searched the neighborhood and found the remaining two people for me. Let’s deal with him first. Everyone will take out the hard work at the bottom of the box and make a quick battle!”

“The Wrath of the Blood King!”

Pang Bin also used his killer move.

The blood-red qi enveloped his whole body, and he was like a bloody man.

“Break the mountain!” Pang Bin forced the other three to besiege, and his fist instantly knocked a Cai family’s real Yuan realm warrior into the flight, and he immediately rushed up.

He decided to kill one first desperately!

It was better to break one finger than to hurt one palm.

The warriors who besieged him were not all Cai’s family, and there were followers among them.

The relationship between follower and family sects was similar to employment, and loyalty was not too high.

Kill one person first, and others would undoubtedly have scruples.

Then looked for opportunities to escape!

After smashing the head of a famous master in the middle of true origin with one punch, Pang Bin looked at other opponents with a grimace of a grin and said, “Hey, even if I die, I have to pull a few backs!”

Seeing there was two true origin practitioners eye dodge … Pang Bin knew he found a breakthrough.

Cai Yiyun shouted, “Don’t be afraid, everyone. He had been seriously injured. Kill him in one go!”

“Pang Bin, you killed with your fist!”

Behind Pang Bin, the sword spirit of the Crimson Blood Demon Sword said quietly.

In Pang Bin’s hands, such an excellent spirit tool of the Crimson Blood Demon Sword turned into a drag…

“Lord Sword Spirit, let’s talk about it later!”

Pang Bin said in a calm tone as possible.

“You broke the agreement between us!”

“I know, but I have to. I didn’t expect Cai Yiyun to come back!”

Chen Hao whispered, “There are always many surprises in life, Pang Bin. I think you are out of luck today; you should be careful!”

“My luck is horrible!”

In a dry cave ten meters below the forbidden land of Cai’s house, an old man was sitting on a futon

The old man’s face was covered with markings, his hair was withered, like autumn grass, his whole person was lifeless, if not every quarter of an hour, he would gently inhale and exhale, he would be no different from a dead body lying in a coffin.

At this moment, the ground vibrated slightly, and the old man’s body also shook.

With a loud “pop,” an invisible gust of wind swept across the cave, and countless air surged like a tide.

The old man suddenly opened his cloudy eyes, and he broke through!

Tears quietly slipped from the corner of his eye.

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