What is Patreon? How can it help us?

If you enjoy what you read, why don’t you join our Patreon? You can read the novel for free here but if you wish for more chapters then be our patron as to help with the site maintenance cost etc. There are 6 tiers namely:

  1. Bronze (5 advance chapters)
  2. Silver (10 advance chapters)
  3. Gold (15 advance chapters)
  4. Platinum (20 advance chapters)
  5. Diamond (30 advance chapters)
  6. Ruby (45 advance chapters.)

With each tiers you are eligible to read all tittles in this website within the range of the chosen tier. For example if you choose Bronze tier, you are eligible to read 5 advance chapter for all the novels listed here, and so on. Please notice the current available advance chapters before choosing the tier that you wish.

We hope that you would become our patron for a long term, we would not neglect to improve the stable release and add more novel to the site. This could only be done only by your support. Hence, your support matter much to this website development.

Thank you for being our readers!

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