I am an Evil Sword Chapter 48 Pang Bin’s Revenge

“What’s the matter?”

“You are late. She is dead!” The middle-aged woman whispered.

Pang Bin asked, “How did she die?”

“This … I can’t say it!” The middle-aged woman quickly closed the door.

This obscure middle-aged woman has no reason to lie, so did Du Yikai’s wife and son die?

Pang Bin looked around. No one paid attention to him, so he left in a hurry.

In the middle of the night, he broke into the house directly.

The middle-aged woman had a husband and two sons, who had no resistance at all, and they were all knocked out by Pang Bin.

“Don’t speak. If you dare to shout out, I will send your family to death!”

“Are you the man during the day?”

“Well!” Pang Bin did not deny it and asked directly, “Tell me, how did she die? Where is her son?”

Pang Bin continued to persuade, “Don’t worry, as long as you tell me, I won’t tell!”

“It’s the third young master of the Cai family in Yunhe City!” The middle-aged woman said with a little trembling, “Cai Jiasan The young master fell in love with Liu Shi, and Liu Shi was beaten to death if she could not resist.”

It was the first time Pang Bin knew the name of his sister-in-law.

“What about Liu Shi’s son?”

“Dead too!” the middle-aged woman said, “Liu Shi bit Master Cai. After her death, Master Cai was furious!”

“Where’s the body?”

“I heard that it was thrown into the mass grave in the south of the city.”

“It turned out to be like this!”

Pang Bin nodded and then quickly broke the woman’s neck.

Back to the inn, he laid in bed and tossed about and couldn’t sleep.

“Your second brother’s wife and son are dead. Why are you sighing?” Chen Hao asked in the Crimson Blood Devil Sword. “They are dead. Shouldn’t you be happy? Save yourself! “

“You don’t understand!” Pang Bin said in a deep tone.

“I don’t understand?” In a daze, Chen Hao said, “Maybe I really don’t understand what you scumbags think!”

“Well, you are not human. Of course, you don’t understand what scumbags think.”


Chen Hao seemed to give him a bad luck package.

Lying awake late in the morning, a heavy footstep in the corridor was getting closer and closer, then getting farther and farther. Just when the footstep just disappeared, Pang Bin suddenly jumped out of bed.

“What’s the matter?”

“Go out for a trip.”

Pang Bin inquired all the way from the South Gate City of Yunhe City to the southern mass grave.

It was flat land, overgrown with weeds and many weird tall squash trees, and there were many small protruding grave mounds at the entrance. Some of the small grave mounds had been damaged, and the rotting human body parts were directly exposed to the air.

Pang Bin shrugged his nose, and the air was filled with the pungent smell of rotting corpses.

He frowned, and he couldn’t bear the smell.

After walking around, there were no traces of Liu Shi and the child, only a few fats and ferocious wild dogs.

There was nothing left.

He returned to Baihe City with a sullen face, wandered around the city, and inquired a little about Cai’s family information.

Cai’s family is also noble in White Crane City. An ancestor of the pinnacle of the True Origin Realm in the family had never appeared in three years. He was approaching and had closed the deadlock, and wanted to break through to become an innate master in one fell swoop.

The current head of the Cai family was Cai Yiyun. The third young master of the Cai family was Cai Yiyun’s third son. He liked women and was notorious in Baihe City. It was said that he had attacked many beautiful women.

But Cai Sanshao still has a bit of IQ and principles.

An IQ was because he never provoked stronger people than him, never provoked strangers, and only harmed the locals who knew the bottom line!

The principle was that as long as the other party didn’t resist, he wouldn’t hurt his name. If he were happy, he would also reward the other husband with a little money.

Pang Bin knew that Du Yikai would definitely not use his real name to raise a Baihe City woman.

Based on his knowledge of Du Yikai, his second brother probably used a businessman’s name to redeem Liu Shi for his life.

“What do you want to do?”

Chen Hao was a little confused about Pang Bin’s thoughts.

“Revenge my second brother’s wife and children!”

“Hahaha…” Chen Hao couldn’t help laughing. After laughing for a long time, he said, “Sorry, the joke you told is so funny! You help your second brother get revenge for his wife and children… Don’t forget the purpose of your coming to Baihe City. This is the funniest joke I have heard recently. I don’t expect you to be a scumbag, but your joke-telling ability is first-rate!.”

” I’m not telling a joke. I really intend to avenge the mother and son!” Pang Bin said solemnly.

“Are you serious?”

“I am very serious!” Pang Bin continued to explain, “Yi Kai’s wife and children can die in my hands, but they can’t die in other people’s hands. I killed my second brother and third brother, which is the last resort!”

“Suit yourself, as long as you are happy!” What Pang Bin wanted to do, Chen Haocai won’t take care of it. He just ordered, “Then I will assign you a task to kill the Cai family. You can only use the sword to do it.”

“However, the Patriarch Cai is a late-stage True Element Realm martial artist, and his strength is about the same as my strength.”

“I don’t care about this. As long as you can’t do it, terrible things will happen.” As soon as Chen Hao’s words were finished, he realized the other meanings contained in Pang Bin’s words. “Are you going to kill his family?”

“My main goal is the third young master of the Cai family, but I always think about the worst possible when doing things. I try my best to kill with a sword!”

Pang Bin didn’t know how terrifying the scary things the Crimson Sword Spirit was. But he didn’t want to try.

He stayed in Yunhe City for ten days and cultivated “Cross Sword Tactics” to perfection, which greatly satisfied Chen Hao.

In the evening, at the gate of the Cai family’s house in Yunhe City, a masked man with an epee kicked open the house’s massive iron gate.

“There are enemies!”

Someone shouted.

Pang Bin took up a long sword, and without saying a word, he killed everyone.

None of the guards was Pang Bin’s enemy.

Feeling the energy from the sword, Pang Bin felt an unprecedented desire.

He really wanted to help Liu Shi get revenge, but at the same time, he also planned to make good use of the Crimson Blood Demon Sword’s ability to improve himself.

With this sword in his hand, no one could suppress his desire to kill.

Pang Bin could do it to anyone, only for one reason, or without any reason.

“Who are you? You dare to break into the Cai Family!”

The bearer was a burly man who was majestic.

The Red River Three Ghosts, when killing people, talk the most was the third brother Ye Dechang, and the second child Du Yikai was the slowest.

Pang Bin killed people, never talked much, and never tortured opponents.

He was a straightforward person, so the burly man was smashed to pieces by his three swords.

Soon, the whole Cai family was stirred.

Patriarch Cai brought dozens of masters around.

“When did our Cai family offend you?”

Patriarch of the Cai family looked at the dead bodies on the ground, but the other person knew that he was not a mediocre man when he looked at them.

He wanted to know why the other party came and how he provoked him.

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