I am an Evil Sword Chapter 47 Ending Grievances

“Xiao Binbin, I suggest you learn about swordsmanship!” Chen Hao saw Pang Bin’s gains and said with some dissatisfaction, “You are the worst sword master I have ever brought. Lord, I am ashamed to tell others that you are my sword master when I go out.”

Pang Bin was embarrassed.

His main martial art was Fist art, and his swordsmanship was terrible. The only known swordsmanship was the yellow-level of Cross Sword Tactics. The swordsmanship promoted by the Southern Cloud nation was widely spread among the people, and it can be called the most popular.

“Cross Sword Tactics” was obtained by killing a mercenary in his early years, and it was the first swordsmanship he grabbed. He was still trying to practice at that time, and it was worthy of an entry-level.

In recent days, he used the Crimson Blood Sword to kill people, all relying on his extraordinary cultivation base to forcibly kill each other.

As a sword spirit, Chen Hao couldn’t stand his own sword master who couldn’t even do swordsmanship anyway.

In his skill column, he clearly showed the skill of increasing the talent of the swordmaster!

If Pang Bin didn’t practice swordsmanship, the Crimson Blood Sword was equivalent to half of the waste!

When encountering a difficult enemy, Pang Bin, who majored in the fist technique, could only increase his combat effectiveness by putting down his crimson sword. This was undoubtedly an insult to Chen Hao!

If this happened, even Pang Bin was outstanding.

He was also not suitable for the Crimson Blood Sword!

“Pang Bin!”

“Well, what’s your order?”

Pang Bin instinctively sensed the danger.

Get along with so many days, and the sword spirit called his full name for the first time.

“Trust me, as my sword master, and you have to practice swordsmanship.” Chen Hao said in a tone, “If you don’t practice swordsmanship well, some terrible things will happen!”

“What terrible things will happen?”

Chen Hao said mysteriously, “Believe me, and you definitely don’t want to see it!”

Pang Bin swallowed a mouthful of saliva; the Crimson  Sword Spirit didn’t seem to be joking.

“Are you ready?”


“Let me store a little energy!”

A considerable suction came from the red blood sword. Pang Bin’s vigorous true qi seemed to be uncontrolled, and the Crimson Blood Sword completely absorbed it.

Pang Bin felt incredibly empty!

The whole body seems to be hollowed out!

“Okay, you can rest for a while!” In the Crimson Blood Sword, Chen Hao said, “you don’t need to call me Lord Hao in the future, just call me Lord Sword Spirit?”

Master Hao’s name sounded very interesting at first, but now Chen Hao was a little tired.

Chen Hao absorbed the true qi of the swordmaster without destroying the foundation of the swordmaster. As long as the swordmaster had cultivated for some time, he could quickly make up for the lost true energy.

It’s like being consumed in battle.

“Yes, Lord Sword Spirit!”

Pang Bin was a little frightened by the Crimson Blood Demon Sword.

In case Sword Spirit saw him not pleasing to his eyes that day, when he was fighting, give him this… Isn’t he dead?

Chen Hao looked at Pang Bin’s uncertain face and guessed his thoughts. He said directly, “Don’t worry, and I won’t fool you when you fight. How come you are all the swordsmen I recognize? You must make good efforts and strive to bring up swordsmanship as soon as possible, you know?”

Of course, Chen Hao wouldn’t use such a low-end method to pit the swordmaster.

“Got it!” Pang Bin continued, “But “Red Flame Sword Technique” requires the cultivation of fire attribute, which is not suitable for me.”

“It’s okay, you can practice the Cross Sword Tactics to perfection first, you can slow down, but you must work hard, you know?”


The next day, just before dawn, Pang Bin practiced “Cross Sword Tactics” in a courtyard dam in the inn.

As an excellent martial artist, he does not lack perseverance and vigor!

The sword moves in “Cross Sword Tactics” were simple and easy to get started. There were five styles in total, with a wide range of moves, especially suitable for battlefields.

After practicing the Five Types of Cross Sword from beginning to end, Pang Bin suddenly discovered that he had actually realized the five horizontal sword styles’ essence.

He looked at the plainly disguised Crimson Blood Demon Sword, and he secretly marveled.

Amazing that his swordsmanship talent has been enhanced!

“Lord Sword Spirit, I found that the Five Styles of Cross Sword seem to need broadsword to bring out the essence of swordsmanship!”

“Are you abandoning me?”

Pang Bin said quickly, “Don’t dare!”

“You will go to the room.”

When Pang Bin came out again, his hand’s standard sword had become a broadsword as long as one meter eight.

Pangbin, who was initially short in height, looked a little funny carrying a broadsword.

“Now it is a broadsword; continue to practice!”

Pang Bin was steaming hot after practicing for more than an hour.

Although he only practiced for an hour, he was delighted.

He found that his talent in swordsmanship may have surpassed his skill in the fist technique.

If the Crimson Blood Sword continues to upgrade, perhaps his martial arts talent will go further!

As soon as he walked out of the inn courtyard to have a meal, Pang Bin met Zuo Xiaotian.

“Brother Pang, you got up so early to practice; no wonder your cultivation level is so high!” Zuo Xiaotian said enthusiastically, “I just saw you practicing swordsmanship, so I didn’t dare to disturb you.”

In this world, it was impossible to learn other cultivators’ martial arts with the naked eye without hands-on teaching and reliable skills.

Martial arts were not only external movements but also the internal true qi running line.

All you could see was the movement, and the running line of the true qi could not be seen through. Rushing to practice was likely to damage your body.

That’s why Pang Bin dared to practice in public.


“By the way, Brother Pang, where are you going in the future?”

“I’m going to meet a friend first.”

The secret realm couldn’t be entered, so Pang Bin was going to settle an enmity.

“Oh, well, I hope we can meet again in the future!”

Zuo Xiaotian had the idea of following Pang Bin.

But thinking that there was a big gap between the two and the other had no enthusiasm for him, the thoughts in his heart disappeared.

“Well, I hope so!”

After drinking a glass of wine, they parted ways.

Following the memory, Pang Bin found the residence of his second brother’s wife and son.

Knocked the door gently, but it was not Du Yikai’s wife, who opened the door.

Once looking at it from a distance, Pang Bin remembered that Du Yikai’s wife was quite beautiful, and he had also asked her about a clean lady in the Xiangmanlou in Yunhecheng, who was said to be the kind of artist who did not sell herself.

But it was a middle-aged woman with a rich posture who opened the door for him.

“Who are you looking for?”

The middle-aged woman asked somewhat warily.

He frowned and asked, “Are you a resident here?”

“Yes!” The middle-aged woman asked, “who are you looking for?”

The heavy sword behind Pang Bin made her speak carefully.

“I remember, the one who lives here should be a woman with a child!”

“You mean her!” The middle-aged woman suddenly realized, then looked around vigilantly, lowered her voice, and asked, “Who are you?”

“She is my sister-in-law. This time I passed by Baihe City and stopped by.”

“It’s a pity … if only you had come half a month earlier!”

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