I am an Evil Sword 46 Elder Duan Injustice

“You did not kill our people, but you killed people from other sects!” If Elder Duan were not an innate master, the old man with a white beard would want to swear

If Elder Duan is allowed to kill indiscriminately, the three sects may not be able to stand together.

“Didn’t we discuss it and let them in?”

The old man with a white beard said with a bitter face, “Before we could let them in, those loose cultivators began to rebel!”

“Damn it!” Elder Duan scolded viciously. Said, “This gang of damn mud legs!”

“How many disciples of aristocratic sects did I kill?”

There is a customary rule between the sect and family forces.

As long as the two sides were not hostile, they could not kill members of other forces at will.

Unless things were clean enough.

But now the scene had tens of thousands of cultivators. How could it be hidden?

“Are all the people I killed troublesome?”

“Yes!” The face of the old man with a white beard is wrinkled into a chrysanthemum. “There is an inner disciple of Bailiu Sect and a Chen family son in Silvermoon City. I hope it’s not a direct line!”

Bailiu Sect was a famous clan in Baisha County, and there were three innate masters in the family.

The Chen family of Silver Moon City is the overlord of Silver Moon City. The current owner is known as the Silver Moon Blade Chen Baiming, he was a terrifying swordmaster, and the number of innate masters who had fallen under his sword was already numerous in his hands.

That’s why the old man with a white beard said, I hope it is not a direct descendant of the Chen family!

“Then what to do!”

“I think as long as we lower our posture, they will understand.”

The old man with the white beard really couldn’t come up with a better way.

He also knows that the elders have some grievances.

What’s the difference between aristocratic men and loose cultivators?

In detail, there was a big difference.

The martial arts of aristocratic families were generally higher than that of loose cultivators, and there was more than one domain!

The cultivation of aristocratic families was better than that of loose cultivators!

Whether it’s talking or demeanor!

However, once a large number of aristocratic families’ descendants were mixed with loose cultivators, who can tell them entirely on the battlefield?

Do you want to see temperament?

Drop it!

Elder Duan went crazy.

He couldn’t kill all the loose cultivators in the place.

He couldn’t catch the martial artist and asked one by one: Who is your father, right?

Facing the battle in front of him, the dignified innate master Elder Duan felt powerless for the first time.

As the chief culprit of everything, Pang Bin kept reaping the lives of others.

In the late True Origin Realm, he was definitely the top master in this battle, and very few people could pose a fatal threat to him.

Besides, Pang Bin has a thick face and a dark face and has not fully exposed his strength. It didn’t take long for him to behead no less than 20 cultivators. If he didn’t kill a cultivator, he would dig into the corpse’s pocket.

He had touched three space bags.

I had to say that this group of cultivators who came from a family sect was really fat!

Before long, Elder Duan finally made up his mind to intervene in the battle.

He beat all the cultivators involved in the battle with his bare hands with his strong strength, but he didn’t hurt the cultivators’ lives.

Seeing this situation, Pang Bin persisted for a quarter of an hour. Seeing that half of the loose cultivators had left, he simply followed them and fled the battle.

“Brother, great, it seems that you are not injured!”

Pang Bin turned his head and saw Zuo Xiaotian, who had just been rescued by him.

So he smiled and said, “Aren’t you okay?”

“I’m just lucky!” Zuo Xiaotian said, “Big Brother saved my life. I don’t know your name yet?”

“My name is Ye Bin!” Pang Bin said casually.

If you are in the cultivation world, not changing a few names to prove that you were not famous enough!

“Come on, Brother Bin, let’s go to Baihe City for a drink. I’ll treat you as grateful for saving your life!”

“Uh …” Pang Bin hesitated.

“Just give me a face!”

“All right!”

Pang Bin agreed.

After seeing a private matter, he did want to visit Baihe City.

Anyway, it was along the way.

Besides, he also likes to make friends.

One more friend, one more way!

After drinking a few cups in the Baihe City Pub, Pang Bin probably knew Zuo Xiaotian’s details.

Zuo Xiaotian was in the early stage of the Qi Ocean. His father was a mercenary. When he was ten years old, his father went out to do missions and never returned.

He was raised by his mother single-handedly.

He studied martial arts in a local martial arts school, and his talent was good. After he reached the qi condensation realm, he began to travel outside.

He had been a thug, a mercenary, and had done everything that a warrior can do and stumbled all the way to become a warrior in the early stage of the Qi Ocean Stage.

After eating and drinking, they stayed in a nearby inn.

Pang Bin slightly counted today’s harvest.

After seeing that he couldn’t enter the secret realm today, he beat his idea to the family clan cultivators.

After all, the vast majority of loose cultivators were poor people with little oil and water.

But the cultivators coming out of the family and sect were different. They not only had many good things but also often brought some unexpected gains to Pang Bin.

First, some trivial capsules were opened, and most of them were money and jade bottles filled with Dan medicine.

There were hundreds of gold coins, and Pang Bin didn’t bother to count the silver coins.

Opening the small jade bottle, Pang Bin checked the pills in it one by one. Two bottles of pills made him a little happy.

They were all high-end healing pills that he couldn’t bear to buy.

What surprised Pang Bin most was that he also found 13 low-grade spirit stones!

Of course, the next four space bags were the highlight.

Space bags, although convenient, were relatively expensive, and most warriors were reluctant to buy them. They felt that it was better to use the money to purchase space bags to increase their strength.

It was also effortless to open the space bag. As long as you could grab it, anyone could open it.

Pangbin probed a little; every space bag had a cubic meter of space.

Pang Bin pulled out two pieces of white belly pockets in the first space bag, two sets of women’s powerful outfits, and some rouge gouache … The whole room was perfumed.

Only then did he slowly remember that the owner of the space bag seemed to be a young woman.

He couldn’t remember exactly what she looked like, only vaguely remembered, as if she looked pretty good.

He also found more than three hundred gold coins, a bottle of good healing medicine, and ten low-grade spirit stones in addition to the waste products.

Pang Bin didn’t care about other pills that strengthened his strength. Although the pill was good, it was not suitable for the warriors of the True Origin realm.

Pang Bin found more than 700 gold coins in the second space bag, seven spiritual stones, a bottle of good healing pills, and an unknown poison.

The third space bag was also roughly equivalent to the previous harvest.

The last space bag gave Pang Bin a surprise.

A copy of the Black-level inferior martial arts “Chiyan Sword Art.”

Pangbin had killed so many people, and it was rare to see which cultivators would carry secret martial arts with them.

I didn’t expect good luck today!

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