I am an Evil Sword Chapter 45 Killed the Wrong Person

Pang Bin was a real master of the late True Origin Realm.

It was almost the same as the Patriarch of the three major families in Iron Stone City.

It was almost effortless for him to deal with the young descendants of the aristocrat family.

What was a demonic martial artist?

This was called evil cultivators!

Without dough, you ignored superior manners.

As long as he wanted to kill, he dared to do it!

Even if it was a civilian standing in front of him, he could do it.

Even if Pang Bin suppressed the cultivation base a bit and showed the Qi Ocean Realm’s strength, he also killed three martial artists of the family sect within a few moves.

The familiar warm current flowed through his body again, and Pang Bin could slightly feel the strengthening of his body and the increase of the true qi in the body.

Although this enhancement was relatively small, it was enough to excite him.

He has been stuck in the bottleneck for a long time since he became a cultivator in the late-stage of True Origin Realm.

Every weak change was precious, no matter how small.

A twenty-seven-year-old cultivator in the late True Origin Realm was outstanding in Baisha County.

But Pang Bin knows that his talent and strength could only be regarded as above average among his peers on this continent.

Only those who became innate masters before the age of 18 would have the opportunity to set foot on the supreme martial arts path!

Baisha County was so barren!

In the entire Southern Cloud Nation, Baisha County’s Warriors’ overall strength is at the bottom.

And the Southern Cloud Nation was just a small country in the Southern Territory.

Pang Bin deeply felt his own insignificance, and he was frustrated and almost gave up his ideals.

But after getting the Crimson Blood Sword, his long-held inner dream has sprouted and grown overnight!

“Kill him!”

The aristocratic families reacted quickly.

Pang Bin even dared to attack them by a civilian warrior.

This made it unbearable for those proud aristocratic families!

After all, the three sects had promised and fulfilled their promise to let them enter the secret realm.

Pang Bin, the loose cultivator, was clearly destroying their good deeds!

They felt that they did not help the three sects to besiege the loose cultivators, and they had already given a great face!

Unexpectedly, there was a sense of life and death to deal with them.

It was just a martial artist in the Qi Ocean realm!

Several descendants of the family sect in the Qi Ocean realm drew their swords and attacked Pang Bin. Pang Bin took two moves and then retreated to the loose cultivators pretending to be weak.

Did you want to run after killing someone?

Were they really muddled?

The family sect’s descendants usually stood together in a good relationship, and they had some connections with each other and even had a kinship.

How could they just let Pang Bin get away?

 As soon as someone took the lead in chasing Pang Bin, other disciples of the family sect followed suit.

Pang Bin had a good body and was as slippery as a loach in the crowd.

Always be able to escape their flanking attack from time to time.

Several loose cultivators stood in front of them, and of course, they did not hesitate to kill those who stood in the way.

However, there were also rare hard stubble or hot-tempered malicious people among the loose cultivators, and it was not long before they were entangled.

Other family sect descendants stepped forward to relieve the siege, and the loose cultivators did not merely stand in place and joined the melee battle together.

As a result, the whole scene quickly turned into a big scuffle among the descendants of aristocratic families, three sects, and loose cultivators.

Pang Bin hid aside, took off his mask, and watched the three-way melee battle with a smile.

He happened to see a young cultivator in his twenties being beaten by handsome and extraordinary aristocratic families.

The strength of the young cultivator in the early stage of the Qi Ocean realm was similar to that of their opponents.

But the opponent’s swordsmanship is really exquisite; a thin sword dance imperviously. It unexpectedly stabs at the young cultivator’s weakness from time to time, leaving a bloody mouth on the young cultivator.

Pang Bin touched it and pierced the back of the opponent with a sword.

That handsome man of noble birth did not look down.

The young cultivator looked at the entity, clutching the bleeding scars on their chests, and sincerely thanked them, “Thank you!”

“I have long been dissatisfied with these aristocratic men with eyes on their heads. Who can I help if I don’t help you?” Pang Bin said boldly.

“These bastards!” The young cultivators spat and scolded, “I obviously didn’t provoke them!”

“You think they wouldn’t do anything to you if you didn’t provoke them?” Pang Bin said in a tone of seeing through the world, “You are too naive.”

Chen Hao cursed Pang Bin’s shamelessness in the Crimson Blood Sword.

He obviously provoked those people!

“My name is Zuo Xiaotian. Anyway, thanks a lot today!” Zuo Xiaotian was not angry because Pang Bin said that he was too naive, but continued to say in a grateful tone, “If you need me in the future, just ask!”

“Let’s talk about it later. I will help others!” Pang Bin said, “Don’t look at these people. We are not pleasing to the eye. They are really strong. Under the same level, we are really not opponents.”

“You all give the old man a stop!” The innate master finally arrived. He stood in midair and shouted, “Stop you all!”

Have to say that the innate master’s deterrent is quite strong!

But under this circumstance, few people really paid attention to him.

Eight cultivators really stopped on the spot, and opponents killed five.

Of the five people who died, four were members of three sects.

Life and death fight each other, everyone had a real fire, and those who stopped and lay down their arms were fools!

Everyone was fighting again.

The aloof innate master was embarrassed!

He was furious when a group of cultivators didn’t give him a face.

After becoming an innate master, when you meet the cultivators whose realm was under, was that not respectful to him?

In this world, where strength was respected, violence was the best and fastest way to solve problems.

“If you don’t stop, the old man will do it!”

There were at least tens of thousands of cultivators present, and when there were more people, everyone’s courage grew.

No one thinks that if the loose cultivator present could really unite, even the innate masters would retreat

When the innate master saw that no one spoke to him, he gave birth to the idea of ​​using killing to frighten all the cultivators again.

Under normal circumstances, this was indeed the most reasonable!

A round of fiery red sword aura instantly slashed downwards, and seven or eight warriors immediately changed their heads.

Pang Bin’s eyes shrank. He randomly selected a weak opponent and walked away, continually approaching the edge of the battlefield.

In this case, it is better to keep a low profile. Besides him, some calm warriors have begun to retreat slowly.

He could see clearly that the sword energy of that innate master was to greet the powerful non-three cultivators.

There was a significant gap between the innate master and the loose cultivators, killing more than 30 cultivators in succession, and the innate master was crazy!

However, at this time, an old man with a white beard rushed over and shouted, “Elder Duan, don’t kill, don’t kill, stop first!”

“Why?” Elder Duan asked with suppressed anger.

“You … you just killed the wrong person!”

“Kill the wrong person?” Elder Duan said impatiently, “How is it possible? I didn’t kill anyone from the White Crane Sect and the Iron Sword Sect!”

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