I am an Evil Sword Chapter 44 The Tiger Enters the Flock

The next day, the glow on Baihe Mountain became more and more gorgeous, and the warriors can obviously feel that the aura around them is more and more abundant.

This was a sign that the secret realm was about to open.

The cultivators squatting, sitting, and lying around all stood up and looked at Baihe Mountain from a distance.

“It is estimated that it is a small secret realm. The vision is not very strong!”

“I don’t care whether it is a small or a large one; as long as it is a secret realm, I will go in and see!”

“It seems to be opening!”

“The White Crane Sect doesn’t seem to want to let us in!”

“Don’t worry, and some people are more anxious than us.” Someone pointed to the people at the family sect and said, “Look at that group of people. I don’t believe that the three sects can really round up the secret realm!”

All three sects had innate masters. If they really wanted to rush, they would pay a heavy price.

However, if the aristocratic families’ descendants could come forward, the three clans of White Crane Sect, Fire Sect, and Iron Sword Sect couldn’t lose face.

In the entire Baisha County, the three sects were not ranked.

It was just that they were lucky, and the sect site was only near the secret realm entrance.

Soon, the sunlight on Baihe Mountain suddenly erupted, and the warriors present could clearly feel that an extremely pure aura poured down from the mountain.

Countless warriors took a deep breath greedily as if to suck all the spiritual energy into their lungs.

A group of people dressed in the White Crane Sect style entered the area where the disciples of the family sect were staying and were quickly surrounded by the group of disciples of the family sect.

“What are they doing?” whispered a loose cultivator.

“I don’t know!”

“It’s too far; I can’t hear you!”

Soon after, the people of the White Crane Sectl came out, and behind them, they followed the descendants of the aristocratic families.

The children of the family sect looked at Pang Bin and the others in disdain, with mockery at their mouths’ corners.

An old man with white hair and beard stood in front of a family sect’s disciples and talked with the nearest young cultivators. The old man nodded, and the young cultivators took three peers directly into Baihe Mountain.

The three sect disciples guarding the uphill path of Baihe Mountain did not stop at the slightest…

Seeing this scene, the loose cultivators’ group blew up completely!

They can’t tell where they are. The three sects were estimated to have the background of the family’s sect, so they are allowed to enter the secret realm!

And what about them, loose cultivators?

The people of the three sects simply ignored them!

When Chen Hao witnessed this scene, he suddenly felt sympathy for Pang Bin.

Pang Bin was in the middle of the team. He shouted, “The people of the White Crane Sect did not intend to let us in at all!”


“Too hateful!”

“They are not going to give it to us at all!”

“Why let those people who belong to the family go in but don’t let us in?”


Pang Bin shouted: “They look down on us as loose cultivators!”

Chen Hao heard it very clearly. A voice.

“These dogs look down on people!”

“These bastards!”


The whole loose cultivators’ group completely exploded!

Pang Bin continued to shout, “If we rush in, I don’t believe they can stop us!”

Some people wondered, “But they have innate masters!”

Pang Bin shouted in another voice, “We have so many people, what innate masters are afraid of? And maybe the innate masters have already entered the secret realm!”

They knew precisely what Pang Bin was doing, but they didn’t plan to expose him.

One of the scar-faced cultivators also shouted, “Brothers, we rushed in, as long as we enter the secret realm, we will be rich!”

“Yes, rush in!”

“Rush in!”


Pang Bin stretched out his hand, Began to push the cultivator in front hard.

The cultivators next to him followed suit.

The loose cultivators began to squeeze forward and soon squeezed the warriors in the front row in front of the three disciples guarding the passage.

If you pushed down, the defense line composed of three sects would be broken!

A young disciple from the Iron Sword Sect said in a little panic, “If you get closer, we will start!”

Faced with a large number of loose cultivators, the young disciple had no experience at all.

At this moment, it WAs necessary to have a powerful innate cultivator to suppress all the loose cultivators with thunder!

“It’s not that I want to squeeze, but the people behind me are pushing me!”

The loose cultivator at the front said with a sad face.

He was also innocent!

The Iron Sword Gate’s young disciple asked the brother next to him, “Senior Brother, what should I do?”

“How do I know?”


“Anyone who dares to step forward, kill!”

A middle-aged {Iron Sword Sect shouted loudly, holding a giant sword.

The scene was a little quiet, but only for a moment.

On the contrary, his threats made the loose cultivators downright violent.

Even those who stood in the front row of the loose cultivators’ group and desperately wanted to shrink back were angry!

“You dare to kill me!” A rough-looking loose cultivator pointed at his neck, arrogantly, “Come on, chop here, you are not a man if you don’t chop!”

The middle-aged warrior of the Iron Sword Sect had a fiery temper. The two great swords collided instantly!

The battle between two people was like a fuse, and the disciples of the three sects and loose cultivators fought together at the same time.

At that time, Baihe Mountain was reduced to a battlefield, and the two sides fought thoroughly.

The three sects gathered together with extraordinary strength, and they could barely resist the impact of the loose cultivators.

Pang Bin was in the crowd.

All three sects had innate masters. Since the innate masters did not appear here, they must have entered the secret realm.

This made Pang Bin’s desire to enter the secret realm faded a lot.

Unless there were an innate master in the loose cultivators, he would not consider it unless more loose cultivators broke into the secret realm.

There were three allied sects in the secret realm, and there were some people from other aristocratic families. If there were too few loose cultivators in the secret realm, the chances of him meeting other sect masters were relatively high.

A tiger was hard to beat a pack of wolves. He was likely to be besieged!

Pang Bin had always been a cautious man.

“You all stop for me!”

A booming voice came from Baihe Mountain.

Pangbin looked up, and his eyes shrank.

Innate master!

Pang Bin turned his attention to the descendants of aristocratic families.

The loose cultivators and the three sects fought in chaos, and the aristocratic families did not choose to meddle but retreated to one side to watch the play.

They choose to be neutral.

The people of the three sects ignored them, and all of them wanted to break through the blockade, and at that time, they didn’t get into trouble.

Pang Bin estimated that there was probably no innate master in these loose cultivators.

It may also be that there were innate masters but did not choose to break into the secret realm.

There were big, small secret realms, and a small secret realm was not attractive to some powerful family masters.

Since there was no way to enter the secret realm, Pang Bin took his idea to other areas.

After all, you can’t come here for anything.

He took out the mask and brought it to his face and quickly moved to the side of the aristocratic family.

Martial arts battles had a wide range of areas, and when you encountered opponents who were good at physical fitness, let alone say more.

Strictly speaking, there was no safe place at all.

Pangbin randomly chose a disciple from the Condensing Qi Realm of the Fire Sect as his opponent, and fought in the vicinity of the Sect of the Family Sect, and then selected a group of people with lower strength, taking advantage of their lack of precaution, suddenly violent, and directly killed him. Like a tiger into the flock of sheep!

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