I am an Evil Sword Chapter 43 Waiting for the Secret Realm

Chen Hao couldn’t read what Pang Bin meant.

Could he cause people to be crazy?

Absolutely impossible.

Besides, when Fu Yuanming was the swordmaster, he was not promoted to become a spirit weapon!

“Xiao Pang!”


Chen Hao continued to say, “Master Hao said so much to you because he looked up to you. I don’t talk to him at all, do you understand? It’s your pleasure to speak with you. You should be flattered! “

“Yes, yes, yes, Master Hao, it is my pleasure to talk to me!”

What did Pang Bin say, what he thought in his heart, then but not necessarily the same.

Would Chen Hao care what he thinks?


As a sword spirit, Chen Hao was so unscrupulous!

Pangbin was clearly a black-hearted master. Why was it so pleasing to the eye and humble?

Wasn’t it right for him?

“By the way, what are you three brothers doing in Yunhe City?”

“We received news that a weird glow appeared on Baihe Mountain near Yunhe City. The Baihe faction near Baihe City directly sealed off the entire Baihe Mountain. There may be a secret realm opened.”

Pang Bin answered this question simply.


“Yes, it may be a secret place, or it may be a treasure that is about to be born! When our three brothers heard the news, we wanted to join in the fun. “

“Not to say that there are factions in mountain closure? Can you beat it? “

“Of course, but! White Crane Sect is still famous in Baisha County. I heard that the elders of Yunhe City are innate masters. “Pang Bin smiled.” But we can’t beat it. Naturally, there are other people to fight. The news has spread. A White Crane Sect can’t monopolize a secret realm resource. “

“Will they let you, loose cultivators?”

“Of course, they are reluctant!” Pangbin laughed.

The secret realm was generally a small independent world.

Small secret realms usually had a town, but significant secret realms were hard to say. There were rumors that large secret realms could be as big as a country.

It was said that many powerful empires, clans, and aristocratic families hold some passages into the secret realm.

Anyway, Chen Hao had never entered the secret realm. For a long time, his swordmasters had been unfamiliar warriors.

This time the secret realm of Yunhe Mountain was opened; he could just go to see the excitement and have a long experience by the way.

As soon as he entered the scope of Yunhe City, the warriors began to appear.

There are hordes of sect disciples wearing uniforms.

There are mercenary troops with large ranks but loose discipline.

There were warriors in twos and threes, and there were low-key lone rangers.

Pang Bin took the opportunity to sneak two waves and killed three warriors. After the warrior died, the moment his energy was poured into his body!

Pang Bin was entirely conquered by the powerful ability of the Demon Sword!

At this time, Chen Hao’s authority over Pang Bin was 30%, and the energy was absolutely pure.

After a dozen or so sword masters, Chen Hao’s most optimistic was Pang Bin!

“With such a powerful magic sword, Fu Yuanming would be forced to death. It is really a waste!”

“Hey, Xiao Pang, don’t scold my former swordmaster in front of me, okay?”

“Sorry, Master Hao, I won’t do it again in the future!” Pang Bin said very humbly.

The tone was more respectful than before!

After Pang Bin killed thirteen fighters, he murmured: “It’s a terrible ability. I can’t control myself. I can suppress my killing. Fu Yuanming is not without merit!”

“Well, yes, Xiao Fu still has a bright spot!” Chen Hao said with some satisfaction, “Your performance is not bad. I have a secret method. It feels quite suitable for you. Take it and learn it!”

The secret method of “Restriction Breathing Technique” was instilled into Pang Bin’s mind by Haohappy.

“Although the “Restriction Breathing Technique” is not a magical skill, it is very suitable for you. Take the evil spirit from your body, and don’t let your smiley face go for nothing!”

When Chen Hao first saw Pang Bin At that time, I was very impressed by his appearance.

Putting aside the terrible anger, he looks straightforward and honest. He himself was very good at and liked to pretend.

After going through the information in his head, Pang Bin knew the magical effect of the “Restriction Breathing Technique.”

It’s only incidental to hide the breath and hide the murderous aura on your body!

“Thank you, Master Hao, “Restriction Breathing Technique” is really suitable for me!”

On the day he entered Yunhe City, Pang Bin inquired about the secret realm on Yunhe Mountain in the tavern.

It is said that the secret realm might not be opened until two days later, and the White Crane Sect joined the nearby Fire Sect and Iron Sword Sect to control the secret realm entrance.

Many casual practitioners and aristocratic children were guarding at the foot of Baihe Mountain, waiting for the secret realm to open!

After buying some food and healing pills, Pang Bin inquired all the way to Baihe Mountain.

It was said that the secret realm would not be opened until two days later, but two days were only estimates, and the possibility that the secret realm would be opened earlier cannot be ruled out.

Seeing Baihe Mountain from a distance would

The Red River Three Ghosts had a bad reputation. To avoid trouble, Pang Bin made preparations in advance.

For example, put cotton wool in your shoes to make yourself look taller.

Apply some unknown potions on your face to make it look whiter …

Walking across the cultivation world, everyone knew some simple makeup techniques, especially Pang Bin, who has more enemies.

You know, if your reputation was too bad. If you appear in public, you would probably meet your enemy and be beaten to death!

The Crimson Blood Sword became a bit more ordinary at Pang Bin’s request. With the Crimson Blood Sword slung around his waist, Pang Bin looked more like a sword warrior!

On Yunhe Mountain, the red glow covers the whole mountainside, which was very beautiful.

Most people paid attention to it.

At the foot of Yunhe Mountain, the warriors were divided into three forces as a whole.

The most numerous were the casual cultivators and mercenaries who came from near Yunhe City. Although they were numerous, the quality was uneven, and they were noisy, just like going to a market.

On the edge of the loose cultivators’ team, someone was already fighting. 

It was estimated that he happened to meet the enemy, and when the enemy met, he was naturally jealous

A group of people was still making fun of watching the excitement.

Then there were other aristocratic men born with the golden key. They were well-dressed and had extraordinary vibes. When they looked at the casual cultivator, most people had born arrogance in their eyes.

Finally, there were people from the White Crane Sect, Fire Sect, and Iron Sword Sect.

The young disciple watched vigilantly at the sect family team, and the casual cultivator team, the disgust on his face was not hidden.

In their eyes, Pang Bin, these guys were vultures who smell rotten meat!

Entering the loose cultivators’ team, Pang Bin didn’t need to ask at all, just listened to a few words and almost understood the situation.

“Are you sure it’s the secret realm opening?”

“Of course, it’s definitely the secret realm opening.”

“The people of the White Crane Sect, the Fire Sect, and the Iron Sword Gate are too overbearing!”

” Yes, the secret realm is not theirs! Why not let us in!”

“When the secret realm opens, and we rush up together, I don’t believe them dare to offend so many of us!”


With the strength of the late True Origin Realm, Pang Bin came to the forefront of the loose cultivators’ team.

He just glanced at the three factions guarding the people at the foot of the mountain and went back.

“There are more than 20 masters in the True Origin Realm, and there are probably innate masters.”

“What should I do?”


Pang Bin sat on the ground, placing the Crimson Blood Sword on his knees.

He always kept his sword away now.

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