I am an Evil Sword Chapter 42 A Chatterbox Sword

Cutting grass and roots, both ruthless and decisive!

In a short period of time, Pang Bin left a deep impression on Chen Hao.

Among all previous swordsmen, Pang Bin was definitely the best!

Even Jin Zhengqiu couldn’t compare with him.

“Old Pang, how old are you this year?”

Now that the swordmaster had been determined, Pang Bin was more satisfied with Chen Hao. When he was on the way, Chen Hao couldn’t help but chat with Pang Bin again.

“Twenty-seven!” Pangbin simply responded.

He didn’t know Chen Hao’s true identity, but he knew Chen Hao was the Crimson Blood Demon Sword’s sword spirit.

For this identity, he must treat Chen Hao respectfully.

“Twenty-seven?” Chen Hao was surprised. “I thought you were forty-seven!”

Pang Bin’s mouth twitched, “I’m just more mature.”

“Do you have a family?”


“Are there any friends?”


“Do you have a physical problem?”

On the way, Pang Bin almost didn’t breathe a sigh of relief and fell from the branch.

As long as it was a man, anyone generally cannot bear this kind of questioning!

He said in a deep voice, “I am very strong, and there is no problem!”

“Then how do you solve the physiological problem? Solve it by yourself?” Chen Hao asked and replied, “Oh, it turns out that your two strong arms were trained like this? “

“Sometimes, I will pay!” Pang Bin whispered, “Money can solve many problems.”

“That is to say; sometimes, you won’t pay?” Chen Hao asked curiously, “I didn’t think Pang Bin, the big man in Baisha County, would also be Bai Piao?”

“Sword spirit, first of all, I don’t have much fame in Baisha County. Secondly, as long as I have strength, I often don’t have to give money!”

Chen Hao immediately reflected!

“So, you are a scumbag!” In a rather contemptuous tone, Chen Hao said, “Also, you should call me Grandpa Hao.”

Pang Bin said with a slight body shape, “Grandpa Hao if you stand from the perspective of ordinary people, you can also say so!”

Chen Hao said softly in the spirit sword.

Such a magnanimous villain was really a rare animal.

Generally, evil people will find various perfunctory reasons for their actions so as to paralyze themselves.

Pang Bin’s confession so merely and neatly made Chen Hao feel caught off guard.

The term “Grandpa Hao” was initially meant for Chen Hao to despise Pang Bin’s character and humiliate him casually. Unexpectedly, he didn’t even refute and called “Grandpa” directly.

This grandson really surprised Chen Hao.

Please, Three Ghosts of Red River, Pang Bin Sword Master!

What about your bone and courage as a demon warrior?

Chen Hao lost his temper entirely and could only say, “I don’t like seeing men forcing women to do so in the future!”

Pang Bin promised, “OK, this is no problem!”

“You don’t think about it. Promise?” Chen Hao reminded, “If you dare to disobey me, the consequences will be serious!”

“I am not a man who goods with his mouth. I prefer obedient women!” Pang Bin said, “It’s just that the third brother likes it.  Just pull the second brother and me together.”

“Don’t you shirk?”

“Everyone is brothers; besides, this can increase the relationship!”

Chen Hao thought of their three brothers, feeling inexplicably funny, “Your brotherhood relationship… …Really profound!”

“We grew up together, studied martial arts together, and wandered around the rivers and lakes together, and our feelings were indifferent and profound!”

Pang Bin’s shamelessness defeated Chen Hao!

He could only change the subject.

“I heard that you are all under the old ghost of Red River?”

“Yes, we and the second and third are the apprentices of the old ghost of Red River?”

Pang Bin didn’t conceal too much from Chen Hao.

The tone was plainly speaking about his growth process.

The old ghost of Red River was a well-known innate master in Baisha County. He had received more than two hundred apprentices. He believed in the principle of survival of the fittest.

Of the more than two hundred apprentices, only the three Pang Bin brothers survived.

Two years ago, the old ghost of Red River was chased and killed by Gui Lingzong. When he was seriously injured, the three Pang Bin brothers united and succeeded in killing their teachers.

Then the three of them wandered around Baisha County with the meager “legacy” left by the old ghost of Honghe, which was barely famous.

“How did you make a name for yourself?”

“What else? Kill! Killed people and grabbed all kinds of resources. We robbed mercenaries, ransacked the rich, wiped out the family, robbed the darts, pretended to be bandit leaders, and cameo. Bounty hunters… as long as you have the resources, as long as you can be sure, grab it!” Pang Bin showed a cruel smile on his face, “After all, our talents are average, our bodies are too stained, we have no style, and we have no family behind us. If you want to become a natural master if you want to rise and become the overlord of one party, what else can you do besides grabbing?”

Pang Bin really asked Chen Hao.

Indeed, with their status, what else can they do besides robbing?

Commit to significant power?

That’s completely impossible!

According to this world’s rules, the stain of a “killing teacher” was enough for all forces to reject them!

Even if they join the big power, they would never enter the core, and they would be used as cannon fodder at most.

However, Chen Hao couldn’t sympathize with them!

Chen Hao was definitely hard-hearted.

“Aren’t you afraid to meet hard stubble and accompany your life?”

Pang Bin’s mouth showed a mocking smile, “I have earned it for so long, as long as I don’t die, there will always be a day!”

“What if you die?”

“Then, I am dead!”

“Well, you are excellent!” Chen Hao thought for a moment and said, “I admire you. I promise you, if you die, I will let my next sword master collect your body!”


Along the way, Chen Hao talked endlessly, questioning Pang Bin constantly, and then responded with short, humorous, vicious, vicious, and nasty fun.

“What do you say is a true origin master, no woman has a crush on you? Are you too short? I recommend that you use a booster pad, that is, put some pads in your shoes to look tall and powerful! “

“Have you ever done such a conscientious bad thing? Are you afraid of giving birth to a child without eyes?”

“If your father knew the bad things you did, I’m afraid he would have put you on the wall!”

“Eat all human flesh? Dogs don’t eat dogs! “


Ask and ask! It was like a group of flies circling around him, making a buzzing noise, which made his eardrum ache and his spirit break down!

Instead, Pang Bin would find an innate master to be abused for a hundred rounds than talk to Chen Hao!

He couldn’t help but answer Chen Hao’s question.

If you dare not answer Chen Hao’s question, Chen Hao will threaten him!

It happened that the temptation was too great, and he could not give up the sword!

Pang Bin could bear it at first, but later with Pang Bin’s profound city mansion and extraordinary concentration.

He stopped silently and turned to look at the sword behind his back.

After a long time, he said slowly: “Lord … Master Hao, I found that you are very curious, you are very nagging, and your words are still very annoying. If you change to someone else, I have already planned to do my best!”

“Is there? We are just chatting. I like to chat with people.”

“Master Hao! I am afraid that lunatic Fu madman is not crazy because of losing his wife and children? “

This was slander!

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