I am an Evil Sword Chapter 41 The Blood King’s Wrath

“Huh, this idiot!” Du Yikai cursed.

Pang Bin whispered, “How can you say that to the third brother? After all, we are brothers!”

“Brother, I am embarrassed!” Du Yikai continued to scold, “After walking in the rivers and lakes for many years, Pang Bin, you are definitely the best I have ever seen. Shameless, I don’t know, I thought the third child was killed!”

“Haha!” Pang Bin smiled indifferently, “Yi Kai, anyway, the news that the sword is in my hands cannot Leak, for the sake of everyone, how did you judge yourself? Don’t make me, as a big brother, embarrassed!”

“Hum, who is going to die today?” In a gloomy voice, Du Yikai said, “You don’t care about the Bloody Killing Three Tribulations Formation. It seems that the sword is really a treasure?”

“I can only say that I will do it!”


Pang Bin said with a smile, “Anyway, you are going to die today. You can scold it all you want!”

“Pang Bin, do you think you can beat me today?” Du Yikai clasped the long knife, and the blood-red qi dyed the long knife into blood, and his momentum suddenly broke out.

Pang Bin’s eyes were stunned, “The late stage of True Origin Realm?”

The cultivation techniques of the three ghosts of the Red River had the same origin. Pang Bin could see Du Yikai’s real strength at a glance!

“Yes, I have already broken through!”

Du Yikai shouted in a low voice.

After saying that, an infuriating blood-red attack hit Pang Bin.

Pang Bin dodged away.

“The third brother is dead; that’s good.” Du Yikai said, “If he is alive, maybe he will help you? After all, he has the best relationship with you! And he has no brains!”

“Then, our two brothers will decide the outcome today!” Pang Bin put on two gloves. His gloves are very similar to gloves on the earth. They were made of fine, unknown metal thread, covering all the palms and fingers, “Look at your “Blood Knife Seven Styles” or my “Blood King Fist” better!”

“Blood King Fist,” “Blood Knife Seven Styles,” and “Black Blood Fork” were all the skills that the old ghost of Red River imparted to the three ghosts, all of which were black intermediate-level martial arts. They had made a lot of fame.

The attacks of “Blood Knife Seven Styles” were all killing attacks, pointing to the key points and being extremely cruel, seeking to kill the enemy in no time. There was no room for defense in the moves, and the knives were desperately hard, so there was no room for maneuver once they attacked.

It fits best with Du Yikai’s character!

The “Blood King Fist” was more moderate than “Blood Knife Seven Styles.”

Although Pang Bin carried a mighty fist style and vigor in every punch, he left room for the reversal in every punch, just like him, fighting steadily, seeking stability, and winning!

In the beginning, under Du Yikai’s attack, Pang Bin kept retreating, and the situation looked precarious. However, Du Yikai wanted to take a step closer to establish the victory, but he was always so half-point short.

It is only half a point, but sometimes it is a considerable gap.

After thirty moves, Pang Bin’s serious face showed a little smile.

He made it through!

He was a prominent disciple of Red River’s old ghost, and he was the first to get started. Du Yikai and Ye Dechang could be said to have watched him grow up.

Red River’s old ghost seldom taught his disciples seriously, so he, as an elder brother, would pass on his teacher’s skills.

He knew clearly the moves and disadvantages of the martial arts of the “Blood Knife Seven Styles ” and “Black Blood Fork Method”!

“Blood Knife Seven Styles ” was really horrifying, but the martial artist’s energy and true energy consumption were also terrifying. As long as he survived the first thirty moves, Du Yikai will be lost most of it!

Seeing Du Yikai’s long knife coming, Pang Bin saw at a glance that his momentum had dissipated.

“Blood King Claw!”

Pang Bin growled.

He stretched out his hand and grabbed the long knife directly!

Du Yikai was surprised!

He had never seen it before and never thought that Pang Bin could grab his long knife with his hand!

“The Blood King’s Wrath!”

The blood-red qi suddenly rises, PPang Bin’s face flushed, his left hand clenched into a fist, and a fist hit Du Yikai’s chest.

With a hit, Du Yikai’s chest was dented, and he flew more than ten meters away, knocked down a large tree, and disappeared directly into the night.

The outcome had been decided.

Pang Bin stomped the ground fiercely and rushed in the direction of Du Yikai.

When he passed the bonfire, his body suddenly fell, his knees pressed hard against the back of Ye Dechang’s body.


That was the sound of Ye Dechang’s corpse spine fractured.

Ye Dechang’s body suddenly moved.

Pang Bin stood up and slowly backed away.

Ye Dechang turned over with great difficulty, looked up at Pang Bin, coughed down one after another, and spit out bright red blood, “Boss, how did you find out?”

“I didn’t find out!”

“Then how did you …”

“Third, you shouldn’t pretend to die in front of me. I’m just a little skeptical!” Pang Bin shook his head in disappointment and said, “Have you forgotten my habit?”

“Your habit …” Ye Dechang suddenly realized.

“Third, you are really smarter than the second brother. I will teach you something at last!” Pang Bin said slowly, “Don’t always think about dressing up as a pig and eating a tiger. If a pig plays for a long time, he will really become a pig!”

After finding Du Yikai’s body, Pang Bin’s bloody qi quickly cleared away, and his face went white. He made a butt on the ground, swallowed a few pills, and got up again after half a day.

It was estimated that the side effects of “Blood King’s Wrath” was not small.

Inside the Crimson Blood Devil Sword, Chen Hao watched Pang Bin dug two pits silently on the ground, put the bodies of his two brothers and their accompanying weapons in, and then buried them and used tree trunks as inscriptions!

“The tomb of Du Yikai, the three ghosts of the Red River.”

“The Tomb of Ye Dechang the three ghosts of the Red River.”

Just after the tombstone was erected, he hesitated and threw it away.

Chen Hao asked curiously, “Why?”

Pang Bin said faintly, “There are too many people who offend our Red River and our master. If the tombstone is accidentally discovered, I am afraid that the second and the third brother will be dug up and whipped!”

In the past two years, people who had such self-knowledge were rare!

“Do you regret killing them?”

Chen Hao’s bad taste had been broken.

“No regrets, when you show up, we are destined to have only one Red River three ghosts left!” Pang Bin said with a smile, “They die, it is better to die than me, at least if I am dead, the second and third will definitely not bury me.”

Pang Bin picked up the barbecue on the ground, divided it into three parts, and swallowed.

After eating and drinking, he put the remaining two roasts next to the raised grave as a sacrifice.

He sprinkled the rest of the throat-cutting wine on Ye Dechang’s grave and whispered, “Third, the rest is for you!”

The next morning, Pang Bin got up early and pulled out two big trees beside Du Yikai’s grave.

Is he planning to repair a grave?

It doesn’t look like it.

Chen Hao was curious again.

“What is this for?”

“When I think about it, I need to dig another grave.”

“Bury yourself?”

“I don’t need to be buried!” Pang Bin smiled. “I remembered last night that the second brother had a child outside, and with a girl, I once looked at her from a distance. The fat and lovely boy is in Yunhe City.”

“It will be challenging for orphans and widows to live in this world. I think it is better to let their family reunite.”

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