I am an Evil Sword Chapter 39 The Three Ghost of The Red River

Soon, the three warriors dressed up in black arrogantly emerged from the dense forest.

In the middle, the man was the shortest, honest-looking, with a kind smile on his face, and a solid body, just like a bridge pier!

His arms were so thick that they almost caught up with his thighs.

The one on the left is tall and thin, with a cruel face and a long knife slung over his waist.

The man on the right is of medium build, with thick eyebrows and big eyes, a cross-cut face, and a long fork in his hand.

Getting closer, Chen Hao could clearly see that the other three people’s evil aura was vibrant, and it was estimated that there were many lives killed by their hands.

Zhao Sankun met a vicious person!

Zhao Sankun asked in a low voice, “You are …”

The man with the machete replied: “We are the three ghosts of the Red River, and I am the third blood fork ghost Ye Dechang!”

After his introduction, he looked at the man with a knife next to him.

The man with the knife tilted his head and looked at the dense jungle on the right as if lost in thought.

Ye Dechang, the red cross ghost, said, “second child, why don’t you introduce yourself?”

“Don’t call me the second child. I killed more people than you. You are the third brother. You should call me the second brother!” The second child of the Red River Three Ghosts continued, “Also, I don’t like the name Red River Three Ghosts, which always reminds me of that damn fool!”

“I think the name of the Red River Three Ghosts is quite awesome!” Ye Dechang argued, “We had killed the old ghost. We should inherit his title. After all, he had adopted our brothers and sisters and had the grace to raise us. He was the old ghost of Red River, and of course, we are the three ghosts!”

Ye Dechang turned his attention to the boss in the middle of the station and asked, “Isn’t that right, boss?”

“The third brother is right. The three of us are like brothers. We grew up together and practiced martial arts together. Even if we were playing with women, we all went together. The name of the Red River Three Ghosts is good!”

Seeing the boss said so, the second child curled his lips, holding a long knife, and did not speak.

With the support of the boss, Ye Dechang said with a grin, “Next  is the Red River Second Ghost Blood Blade Ghost Du Yikai, standing in the middle is our boss, the Red River Ghost Blood Fist Ghost Pang Bin!”

Zhao Sankun stared at each other blankly, a little confused.

“Boy, you don’t be silly. Hand over the magic sword in your hand quickly!” Ye Dechang grinned grimly. “If you don’t hand it over, I’ll pick out your intestines with a fork and strangle you!”

Ye Dechang’s words scared Zhao Sankun. His face turned pale; he had forgotten Chen Hao’s embarrassment earlier and asked for help, “Lord Crimson Blood, what should I do?”

“The three on the other side are masters at a glance. Use that forbidden technique!” Chen Hao said in a deep voice.

“But with that will kill people! Crazy Fu died like that!”

Chen Hao could feel that Zhao Sankun’s hand which holding the sword was shaking.

Knowing that the young swordsman was doomed today, he patiently encouraged him, “At least Fu Yuanming struggled! Desperately! Try his best! It is a real man to die vigorously! “

Chen Haoshen asked, “Tell me, Zhao Sankun, do you want to fight like a man to the end and drain the last drop of blood?”

“I don’t want to die …”


Sure enough, there were differences between people.

“I think they will not let you go today; you have no way out.”

Chen Hao intends to let the swordmaster see the reality clearly.

“Lord Crimson Blood, you said, if I use that forbidden technique, can I kill them all?”

“Well … I can only guarantee that you will die with dignity and perhaps be recognized by the other party.”

As a spirit sword spirit, Chen Hao has principles and will not deceive the swordmaster.

Zhao Sankun was in the cyclone realm; even if he used the forbidden skills, he could only be promoted to the qi condensation realm with desperate efforts. The other three people dare to call themselves Red River Three Ghosts, and they didn’t look like little miscellaneous fish in the qi condensation realm!

At that time, Pang Bin, the eldest of the Three Ghosts in the Red River, spoke with an old farmer-like smile on his face, “Little brother, what are you whispering about?” Hand over the sword, and we three brothers can let you go! “

Zhao Sankun was pleasantly surprised, “Really?”

“Of course, it’s true. I think you’re just a qi condensation kid. Our Red River Three Ghosts are famous in Baisha County. How can we lie to you?” Pang Bin waved and said, “What we want is the sword. As long as you hand over the sword, you can fuck off!”

“Then, you have to keep your word!”

“All of us in the Red River are masters of the real world, so we need to deceive you?” Pang Bin straightened his face and said impatiently, “Hurry up, hand over the sword and spare you!”


“Little fool, don’t listen to them …”

Before Chen Hao finished speaking, he found himself flying towards the Three Ghosts of the Red River… Zhao Sankun actually threw him away!

He was abandoned again.

The Scarlet Blood Sword landed firmly in Pang Bin’s hands.

Zhao Sankun had disappeared into the dense forest.

The second ghost of the red river stood up and said, “It’s my turn!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he walked into the dense forest with a few steps.

Chen Hao heard Zhao Sankun shouted loudly.

Soon, there were screams in the thick forest.

Pang Bin shouted, “Yikai, hurry up, don’t waste time!”

Ye Dechang said with a smile, “Boss, don’t rush the second child; the second child has that hobby!”

“We must leave quickly, and the news that this sword falls in our hands cannot be spread!”

“Eldest brother, you are joking. who else is our opponent near this Iron Stone city?”

“The news of this sword is spreading crazily outside. Even if it is an innate master, I am afraid that we can’t help but take it. We happen to pass by, seizing the opportunity, if the innate master finds us, none of us will be able to run away.” Pang Bin shouted, “Yi Kai, immediately get rid of him; we must immediately transfer!”

Chen Hao heard the system prompt that his twelfth swordsman was dead.

Although he died a little uncomfortably, he was indeed relieved.

After Zhao Sankun’s death, the Crimson Blood Sword showed its original form in Pang Bin’s hands.

Twelve blood-red ring patterns were wrapped around the silvery sword body, and a thick, unshakable evil spirit enveloped the sword body, making people chill.

“It turns out that this is the true body of the sword. This sword is so fierce!” Ye Dechang, the red cross ghost, couldn’t help but say, “Boss, can you let me take care of it?”

“Let’s go first. When we get to your place, you can sleep with it!”

The three people were scurrying all the way.

On the way, the second and third of the Red River’s three ghosts turned their eyes to the Crimson Blood Sword from time to time, their eyes full of desire.

Pang Bin knew what the two of them were thinking, so he said, “Don’t worry, the three of us are like brothers, even if we play with women, we are all together. We should take turns to share this sword and let everyone improve together!”

Ye Dechang Said: “Yes, our brothers are united. We will dominate Baisha County in the future!”

Du Yikai nodded.

“I’ve figured it out. I’m in the late True Origin Realm, my second child is in the middle True Origin Realm, and the third child is also in the mid-True Origin Realm. Give the sword to the youngest, and let him reach the late True Origin Realm. Finally, give the sword to me, and we will take turns to improve together!”

Seeing that both brothers listened carefully, he continued: “Of course, whoever gets the demon sword is not allowed to leave the other two. How about it?”

Pang Bin knows that his two younger brothers were not fuel-efficient lamps. Although there was a deep friendship between the three people, if the sword were as magical as the legend, the friendship would vanish instantly.

To prevent everyone from turning against him immediately, this was the best way to deal with the sword that Pang Bin temporarily came up with.

After all, it was only by chance that they got the sword.

Ye Dechang said with a smile, “I agree, the boss is fair!”

“I have no opinion!”

They had no opinion. Chen Hao, in the demon sword, had a big thought!

After listening to Pang Bin’s words, Chen Hao couldn’t help but think: When playing with women, the swords take turns to share … Are they taking turns to share themselves?

Chen Hao’s thoughts couldn’t help but wonder, and then he felt sick.

“Ding~Do you want to bind the swordmaster Pang Bin?”

Chen Hao replied viciously, “Bind, bind him to me!”

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