I am an Evil Sword Chapter 38 Run Away With Me

“Are you willing to be an ordinary person?” Chen Hao whispered, “Think about it, you don’t have excellent talent, and you don’t have an extraordinary family. I am afraid that you will stop at the qi condensation realm in this life!”

Seeing that Zhao Sankun didn’t answer, Chen Hao continued: “The girl you like, Xu Mengxue, is excellent or beautiful? I’m afraid you can only look at her marriage, marry another man, and have children for another happy man … Have you seen the tragic image of Iron Stone City now? Maybe you don’t have a concept. I can only tell you that tens of thousands of people have died in the whole Iron Stone City in the last half month. There are many top forces in Iron Stone City, such as three big families and two big gangs. You can survive and not become a corpse. That is your luck! “

“But do you like this kind of luck? You are just ants accidentally let go by Xiao Fu! “

“Only the strong can grasp their own destiny and grasp the destiny of others!” Chen Hao bewitched, “As long as you become a strong man, you can protect your family and make them live happier. As long as you become a strong man, Xu Mengxue, Zhang Mengxue, Li Mengxue, ten or eight are completely fine, and people cry and beg you to marry them!”

“But …”

Zhao Sankun was still hesitating.

“Nothing to do, but now I order you to get out of the city and leave here, or you will die now!” Chen Hao lost patience. He didn’t want to go on like this. As the first sword master to talk to him, God could see that he had been very good to Zhao Sankun. “Go home and die immediately, or I will continue to help you when you escape from the city. You choose one!”

Zhao Sankun turned pale, “I …”

“Choose one: option 1, go home to die right away, just when you fall back to your roots; Option 2, escape from the Iron Stone City, run far away, and then become an innate warrior and come back beautifully… You must make a choice immediately; I will count three times, if you don’t speak, I will assume that you choose to die 3, 2…”

“I don’t want to die!”

Zhao Sankun shouted.

Several passers-by looked at Zhao Sankun with strange eyes.

It was like watching a psychopath.

“Wise choice!” Chen Hao encouraged, “What are you waiting for? Run towards the nearest city gate!”


Zhao Sankun ran desperately, passing countless shops and houses on both sides.

As he ran, his eyes began to turn sour.

After running for more than ten minutes, he ran out of the gate.

He looked back at the gate, and tears welled up in his eyes.

In the sword, Chen Hao said, “Boy, you chose the road, and you have to walk after kneeling. You can’t blame me!”

Zhao Sankun bowed his head and didn’t talk, just desperately moving on.

To tell the truth, he had some regrets in his heart!

Chen Hao reminded, “Take a small road, idiot, don’t take a high road!”

This walk took a long time.

Zhao Sankun stopped, sat on a rock, wiped the beads of sweat from his forehead, panting heavily.

It’s all-mountain roads. He hurried his way at the urging of Chen Hao, exhausting his energy, thirsty, tired, and hungry!

“All right, go get something to eat!”

Zhao Sankun, no matter how bad he is, is also a famous warrior, and soon he caught a fat rabbit.

Seeing him staring at the rabbit, Chen Hao asked, “What are you still doing? You have finished eating!?”

“How to eat it?”

Chen Hao rightly said, “Of course, it is baked and eaten!”

“But, I didn’t bring flint!”

“Drilling wood for the fire!”

Zhao Sankun asked, “How to drill?”

Chen Hao then realized that the other party was a wild survivor.

He was so angry that he wanted Zhao Sankun to die!

Drilling wood to make fire, if ordinary people with no experience want to make a fire on the earth, is really not easy, but it is not difficult to put it here.

Zhao Sankun was also a warrior no matter what, under Chen Hao’s teaching, it took him a few minutes to really make him successful.

But even if he made a good fire, the baked meat was terrible.

Half was burnt, the other half was half-baked.

He could only eat right away.

“Hurry up and get on the road when you are full.”

“Lord Crimson Blood, I have been running for so long, no one should come after me!”

Zhao Sankun was too tired to move.

“You still listen to me! Do you want me to order you? “

Zhao Sankun was unwilling to run for half an hour and suddenly stopped.

“What’s wrong?” Chen Hao asked.

Zhao Sankun said with distress, “I don’t know which direction to go.”

“Are you… lost?” Chen Hao asked.

“It should be; I have never been out of Iron Stone City before.” Zhao Sankun looked at the dense forest and said, “Lord CrimsonBlood, do you know which way to go?”

Chen Hao, in the sword, was silent.

Could he say that he doesn’t know either?

Of course not!

Lord Crimson Blood was proud!

Lord Crimson Blood was omnipotent!

He recalled the knowledge he had learned in books and said slowly, “When you get lost in the wild, you must first calm down, ensure that your thinking and actions are not chaotic, identify the direction through your own knowledge or experience, carefully observe the surrounding environment, or use some auxiliary tools to find the right direction.”

“What knowledge and experience!” Zhao Sankun had the feeling of being unclear and conscious.

“It’s daytime. There’s no way to tell the position through the stars. The sun is at the top of the head. There’s no way. Dense forests surround it, and the branches are not good-looking. Then you can cut a tree and observe the growth rings.”

Zhao Sankun said curiously, “How to look at it?”

“Don’t talk nonsense; cut down trees first!”

Three or two times, Zhao Sankun cut down a big tree.

Chen Hao taught, “The circles on the stump are called annual rings. The annual rings are always wide in the south and narrow in the north. Now you know where the south is and where is the north, right?”

“Oh, Lord Crimson Blood was amazing!”

Chen Hao said proudly, “That is, you are a little rookie. I have seen more dead people than you have seen living people. Let’s go!”

“But which way should I go?”

“…” Chen Hao wanted to slap him to death, but he didn’t hit him!

“Go south!”

“Okay, I get it!”

Is it the south?

In fact, Chen Hao was not entirely clear.

Along the way, he ignored the direction, let alone know that Iron Stone City was there.

But running in the right direction was better than waiting to die in place!

It was always boring to travel, especially to run for your life.

Chen Hao wanted to talk a few times, but seeing Zhao Sankun sweating profusely, he could only hold back his temper and hold back his words.

After walking for more than an hour, Chen Hao suddenly felt three cold murderous auras nearby.

He quickly shouted, “Stop!”

“What’s the matter, Lord Crimson Blood?” Zhao Sankun stopped and asked in a low voice.

“Someone is nearby; it is likely to be bad for you!”

“Are they strong?” Zhao Sankun looked around nervously, turning pale and holding a sword now.

Chen Hao’s words just fell off when someone laughed, “Big Brother, we seem to have been discovered!”

“It should be, it must be that the third brother is too heavy!”

Then the third voice argued, “I have paid great attention to it, but I found that this is garbage in a cyclone. Do we need to be so careful?”

“You can’t say that. You don’t know how strong that crazy Fu is. The sword is too evil. I heard that the three families in Iron Stone City are gone!”

“However, I am very curious. He obviously escaped from Iron Stone City. Why did he come back … and just bumped into us!”

“He won’t be lost, will he?”

“Haha …..”

“Haha … it’s really possible. If that’s the case, it was amusing!”


Zhao Sankun turned his attention to the sword in his hand.

Chen Haoze watched his nose, his nose watched his mouth, and his mouth watched his heart.

Mmmmm…… … He was dead now and couldn’t talk.

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