I am an Evil Sword Chapter 37 Chatting With The Crimson Blood Sword

Zhao Sankun was happy that he got the sword that every warrior dream of, but he was afraid that the Crimson Blood Sword’s temper didn’t seem right.

He was a little worried if Lord Crimson Sword was unhappy, one day, and he would be killed!

Chen Hao was delighted with the swordmaster.

Just now, Zhao Sankun was caught in the evil aura, and he had hallucinations because of fear. He tried a little bit and frightened him casually. He didn’t expect to surrender the twelfth sword master so easily.

The evil aura formed by slaughtering tens of thousands of lives did not disappoint!

Most people simply couldn’t stand the murderous aura!

Having been locked in the magic sword, Chen Hao could not speak or act. He could do almost nothing except to pass the power and use the doom skills to kill the swordmaster!

He could only be an honest bystander.

He had been suppressed for three years!

In fact, he was somewhat similar to Fu Yuanming; Chen Hao was a sword that was unwilling to be lonely…He wanted more people to know him.

Let more people know about him, even as a sword.

It was hard to cross over once. If you could not leave your mark in this world, what a failure?

Controlling a puppet swordmaster will undoubtedly bring some fun to Chen Hao’s gloomy “Sword Student”!

At the same time, Chen Hao also mentioned a new way of choosing the master.

Zhao Sankun carried the Crimson Blood Sword and began to walk home.

Chen Hao restrained the Scarlet Blood Sword’s murderous aura and turned himself into an ordinary mortal sword. Zhao Sankun had become his subordinate, and he was embarrassed to cheat him.

“Little third son, how old are you this year?”

“Lord Crimson Blood, I am not called the third son; my name is Zhao Sankun!” Zhao Sankun said in a low voice.

“Then, I will call you Xiao Kunzi!”

“If Lord Crimson Blood likes it, then call me Xiao Kunzi!” Zhao Sankun didn’t dare to offend this cruel uncle at will!

“How old are you?”

“I am fourteen this year!”

“Fourteen years old? Only in the middle of the cyclone realm, your talent is not very good! “

“Yes, Lord Crimson Blood, I have a bad aptitude.”

“But don’t worry, as long as you listen to me, even if you are a pig, I can make you a born pig!”

“…” Zhao Sankun didn’t know how to answer the words.

“How many people are there in your family? Are your parents alive?”

If an ordinary person asked him this way, he would definitely greet his 18th generation of ancestors, but the blood of the question now…

He could only honestly answer, “There are four people in the family, and my parents are alive. I still have a big brother.”

“Well, yes, two children are excellent; if there was an only child is unacceptable. If you die, no one will give your parents the care they need!”

Zhao Sankun scratched his long hair hard.

Lord Crimson Blood asked again, “Is your brother married?”

“He just got married this year.”

“Is your sister-in-law beautiful?”


“Don’t lie; just tell the truth. I won’t tell anyone.”

“She looks beautiful!”

“Is it nice there?”


“Sankun, are you married?” Chen Hao continued to ask.

“No, my brother just got married!”

“Do you have a girl you like?”

“uh …”

Zhao Sankun couldn’t help it.

Only then did he discover that Lord Crimson Blood was just a chatter!

He was worried that he would go crazy if he kept being asked like this!

“Answer me, and if you don’t answer me, I will kill you and change to another swordmaster!” Chen Hao threatened loudly, “Don’t try to lie. If you let me know that you lied, you will die very ugly!”


“What’s the name?”

“Xu Mengxue.”

“Do you like your sister-in-law more, or do you like that Xu Mengxue more?”

“Of course it is Xu Mengxue!”

“Jie Jie Jie…” Chen Hao laughed strangely.” So you are interested in your sister-in-law!”

Zhao Sankun stopped and stood in the middle of the street blankly, blushing like a monkey butt.

“Don’t be shy, don’t be shy, you are a 14-year-old boy, and your face is still so thin!” Chen Hao continued, “Go, go, take me to see Xu Mengxue.”

It’s incredible to be able to talk!

Talk for a while, talk all the time!

Chen Hao had fallen in love with the feeling of speaking.

As long as he was given a swordmaster, he felt that he could talk with the swordmaster all his life!

“Go, why don’t you go, take me to see your crush!”

Chen Hao urged.

“No, Lord Crimson Blood, I remembered that when I saw you on the execution platform just now, there was a friend beside me…”

“Did your friend see me, too?”

“He saw it!”

“Does he know my identity?”

Zhao Sankun whispered, “I told him that you must be the magic sword in the hands of Crazy Fu!”

“Why are you telling me now, you wooden stick?”

“This is not just talking to you, remember?” Zhao Sankun said some grievances.

“So, are you blaming me?”

“No, I was too careless, Lord Crimson Blood. Do you think he will tell others?”

“Very likely!” Chen Hao asked, “How is your relationship with him?”

“A normal acquaintance, his home is not far from my home.”

“Well, if I were him, I would definitely sell the news for money. It won’t be long before everyone in Ironstone City will know that the Scarlet Blood Sword is in your hands.”

“What about that?” Zhao Sankun fell into fear when he thought that he would face the warriors in the whole IronStone City. “Lord Crimson blood, you have to save me, I am still young, and I don’t want to die yet.”

“Lord Crimson, can you improve my strength now?”

Chen Hao snarled, “You think I am a god. It is conditional to help you improve your strength. It would be best if you killed people. The stronger the opponents, the better!”

“But, I only have the cyclone realm!”

“Well, you can kill ordinary people!”

“Ordinary people?” Zhao Sankun looked at the few pedestrians on the road.

He was already very close to his home, and he was familiar with several people on the road. One of the aunts was still standing at the door, saying, “Kunzi, don’t run around; it’s been a lot of chaos in the city lately!”

The aunty was a friend of his mother. He also went to his house to drop by.

Zhao Sankun hesitated, “But Lord Crimson Blood, they are all my acquaintances, who have no grievances and no grudges?”

Chen Hao sighed in his heart, and he finally found that it was a nuisance not to have a firm and cold swordmaster.

His temper was not suitable for babysitting.

“Then you run away directly, the farther you can escape, the better, go far away, don’t come back until you are reborn!”

“But what about my parents? Will they find my parents? “

“You can only look at luck. If the other party is smart enough to find you, they will not go for your parents!”

“But what if they do something to my parents?” Zhao Sankun worried.

“I only know that if you kid doesn’t leave, you will die!” Chen Hao said calmly, “Of course, you have another choice, that is, choose to hand me over … but if you do that, you can only be an ordinary person in your life. How do you choose?”

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