I am an Evil Sword Chapter 36 Crimson Blood Sword

The eleventh sword master died unexpectedly, and Chen Hao felt no guilt.

He was a devil sword that changed its owner faster than changed its clothes.

Toads with three legs were hard to find, and humans with two legs should not be too many!

Chen Hao, who has become a spirit sword and wanted to communicate with intelligent creatures urgently, was obviously not a lonely person. He needed a swordmaster.

I’m afraid this swordsman can’t do it!

How to find the swordmaster was not a problem for him now.

If it was before, when he hadn’t become a spiritual weapon, and in the current situation, he could only hope that someone could break into He Zhifan’s room, find this basement and find him.

Er … If no one found him, he can only wait in place.

But now he was a spirit weapon; he could fly!

He Zhifan’s strength was inadequate, and he was in a Qi Condensation realm. His true qi was not very abundant. Chen Hao flew directly to the execution platform, where Fu Yuanming used to execute his death penalty and inserted straight into the execution platform center.

The blood-red murderous aura was vented from the sword wantonly and filled the entire execution platform, just as Fu Yuanming was before his death.

The dead souls who died under the sword can already be counted as ten thousand, and the accumulated murderous aura was already very terrible!

All that is needed is to erect a sign beside it, which says, “Recruit the swordmaster sincerely if you are the one”!

After more than half an hour, the sky was bright, and pedestrians appeared on the street.

Last night, most people in Ironstone City didn’t sleep well.

Sacrificing all lives and souls, Fu Yuanming became a mid-innate master, wiped out the three major families, annihilated the two gangs, and even killed the city lord’s mansion… It was earth-shattering, and the entire Ironstone City could not sleep peacefully.

The pedestrians on the street were uneasy when they walked, and they started to chat when they met acquaintances. The topic could not be separated from what happened last night.

“Have you heard that the Iron Wolf Gang and the Black Tiger Gang are over and that Fu madman did it!”

“I didn’t expect Madman Fu to do something good!!”

“I heard my cousin say that even the three big families are over. All of the Patriarchs died, and the city guards were completely defeated. There was no one left, and it was bloodshed. Only a few of the Xu family’s protagonists were still alive. It seemed that the lunatic Fu had left his hand but stayed. The side branches in Ironstone City are almost dead.”

“The three big families can’t beat Crazy Fu? That’s the three big families, so many masters!”

“My cousin is the city guard, yesterday He was on the scene at night, and he said to me personally, can I lie to you? My cousin said that Madman Fu seems to have used some forbidden technique, and his strength instantly surpassed the three major families. The head of the Liu family in Madman Fu hasn’t survived a few moves!”

Last night, even if Fu Yuanming killed him no matter how hard he was, it would inevitably be a fish slipping through the net!

“That Madman Fu is really scary. I used to think he was not a normal person. When I saw him, I would have nightmares all night!”

“You are so courageous. My cousin said Fu Yuanming maybe dead last night. The price of using the forbidden technique is his life!”

“I just wanted to ask, what hate do the three big families have against Madman Fu? Madman Fu is so desperate? His enemy is not the blood wolf? I remember that the executioner is terrible, but it never seems to kill people casually, except during execution!”

“I know this. Yesterday my cousin hid in my house and told me that the blood wolf did not die. His true identity is the head of the Bai family, Bai Wuyou. Son, he killed Madman Fu’s family. Liu Yongming of the city guard colluded with Blood Wolf in an attempt to conceal the facts and kill Madman Fu, but they didn’t expect Madman Fu to be so powerful… and slaughtered them all!”

The boy told a complete story about the twists and turns between Fu Yuanming, Blood Wolf, and Liu Yongming, and the other boy was stunned: “It turns out that this is the case. The story does not dare to make it up, but the Bai family deserves it. The other two families It’s completely implicated!”

“Fu Madman is crazy; he doesn’t care if you are implicated!”

“But if Madman Fu is really dead, what about his sword?” The young man quickly changed the topic to the sword. “If the sword is really so powerful, then no matter who gets the sword, wouldn’t it be possible? Become the martial arts powerhouse who dominates one side in a short time?”

“Who knows, that you have to ask Madman Fu, but no matter who it is, if you get the longsword, I’m afraid it will be hidden! What a treasure! “

“Wait, will that sword be Madman Fu’s crazy one?” The boy suddenly felt the coolness and couldn’t help shivering. He stopped, looked up, and saw the scaffold’s abnormal shape on the nearby Little Square.

On the scaffold, scarlet fog filled the air, and a long sword was looming in the mist.

The boy who was telling the story of Fu Yuanming asked, “What?”

“On the execution platform, there is a sword?

“It is indeed, a sword!”

“Could it be madman Fu’s sword?”

“Certainly, my cousin said that Fu madman would emit blood-red mist all over his body … and he will feel very cold!”

“Fu Yuanming is dead; he left the sword!”

The two people look at each other, and the eyes of the boy who told Fu Yuanming’s story were full of greed. He runs frantically to the sword for fear of being robbed.

The other boy saw this situation, turned around and left, and ran away without looking back.

As soon as the boy approached the execution platform and broke into the red mist, he felt a sense of fear in his heart.

He saw a one-armed man standing in the air with a sword shrouded in a red mist, and Iron Stone City was at his feet.

He saw countless blood-red sword lights passing by, the three majestic masters of Ironstone City died instantly, and countless warriors were beheaded in different places.

He saw the dead bodies lying on his feet, and the blood stayed in the river!

His hands and feet were cold, his legs were soft, and his fear grew stronger.

He had some regrets!

At this moment, the one-armed man suddenly turned around, staring at him with a pair of scary blood-red eyes.

A warm liquid ran from his crotch down his thigh to his shoes.

But no matter how warm the liquid was, it couldn’t warm his cold heart.

He collapsed!

“Hey, kid, do you want to use this sword?” an old and terrifying voice rang in his ears.

“You who are you?”

“I am the sword spirit of the Demon Sword!”

“Sword spirit?”

“Yes, I am the sword spirit! As long as you are willing to obey me, magical skills, wealthy beauty, power, and fame…! “The terrible old voice continued to tempt, “As long as you can sacrifice enough lives to me, you can get all of these!”


“Of course, it’s true. I Crimson Blood has always been true to my word!”

“What if I don’t agree?”

“Then go to hell, kid!”

“No, no, Lord Crimson Blood, I promise you, I promise you!”

“Congratulations, you made a wise choice, Hold your hand on the hilt, and we sign the contract!

“Congratulations, you made a wise choice, Hold your hand on the hilt, and we sign the contract!”

On the execution platform, the Crimson Blood Sword trembled fiercely, and the blood-red mist was entirely absorbed by it.

“Congratulations to the host, bind the twelfth sword master Zhao Sankun!”

Zhao Sankun looked at the devil sword in his hand, both happy and scared!

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