I am an Evil Sword Chapter 35 Another Accidental Death

He ran to four streets in one breath. When he returned home, he checked the doors and windows. He Zhifan was lying on the bed and breathing heavily.

Recalling the horror experience he had when he touched the sword just now, he couldn’t help but rejoice, fortunate that he got rid of it quickly.

As a warrior, no matter who is caught off guard and sucked out of his true qi, it will be He Zhifan’s reaction.

If I didn’t get rid of that terrible long sword in time, after it sucked up the true qi in my body, I am afraid it would forcibly absorb my blood!

That must be a devil sword!

There were various legends about martial arts in the Profound Sky Continent, and the weapon against the sky was one of the legends

Therefore, after He Zhifan calmed down, he determined that the sword was probably the devil sword that could suck human blood.

Fortunately, I ran fast!

Otherwise, most likely, I would become a corpse!

Triggered by the unknown devil sword, He Zhifan extinguished the idea of ​​going out.

His dantian was now empty, and if he encountered danger, it might be challenging to escape.

He jumped up from the bed, removed the wardrobe in the corner, and lifted a hidden lid to reveal the dark cave inside.

This was the basement he dug not long ago.

Picking up the baggage thrown on the ground, he jumped out of the cave with joy.

After lighting the oil lamp, he poured the contents of his bag onto the ground, and with the dim oil lamp, he began to count his own harvest all night.

The most content in it was gold and silver jewelry, and then there were three martial arts he searched from the corpse, three of which were yellow-level martial arts. However, He Zhifan was still very satisfied because one of them was a precious yellow-level high-grade sword technique. He had been practicing sword all the time.

There were three long swords and two long knives left, which He Zhifan picked up from the corpse. These five weapons were shining coldly, and at first glance, they were not ordinary weapons. At that time, because of fear of meeting the lunatic Fu, he was nervous. Taking into account the weight issue, he only picked up a few weapons that looked incredibly powerful.

After re-identification, He Zhifan was happy to bloom.

Facts had proved that his vision was still excellent!

One top ordinary artifact, three low-grade mysterious weapons, and a middle-grade mysterious scimitar!

“This time it’s so profitable, it’s worth noting that I risked my life!”

There were a few herbs and more than a dozen low-grade spirit stones.

He Zhiyuan discovered both the herbal medicine and the spirit stone in the Bai family, and he picked it from the body just after the lunatic Fu slaughtered the entire Bai family.

He Zhifan intended to sell the herb. He was not an alchemist, and he didn’t even know the herb, so he did not dare to use the herb indiscriminately. Wouldn’t he be wronged if he died?

He intended to use the spirit stone himself. The spirit stone was a very precious resource for cultivation in Iron Stone City, and ordinary people might not be able to see a piece in their lifetime.

He Zhifan had only seen one at the beginning, and it was still a spiritual stone that had absorbed spiritual energy. It was like an ordinary white stone that his friend used to show off when he was drunk.

He Zhifan picked up a shining spiritual stone, sat on the ground according to the legendary method, pinched the spiritual stone in his hands, and operated the martial arts. A cold and pure spiritual energy flowed out of the spiritual stone and was caught by his meridians. Absorb and then transform into true qi!

Common cultivation methods used the martial arts technique to absorb the heaven and earth energy that existed in the weather. Compared with air, heaven and earth energy occupied a tiny proportion of it, and the absorption rate was prolonged.

But it was different when using spirit stones to cultivate. The spirit stones were filled with pure heaven and earth energy, which could be directly absorbed. When you practice, the speed was ten times faster than usual!

He Zhifan just tried it and was completely immersed in crazy ascension.

As for the terrifying devil sword beside the execution platform, he didn’t dare to think about it for the time being.

Even if he was given ten courage, he did not dare to touch it.

What if it sucked him dry?

Chen Hao looked at the disappearing swordmaster and then waited for a long time without returning.

He became a little impatient.

It was the first time he encountered this situation, and the newly recognized sword master disappeared instantly.

Don’t you just suck up all the true energy in He Zhifan’s dantian!

Do you want to be so stingy?

After waiting for another period of time, Chen Hao was finally sure-he was abandoned!

That He Zhifan even abandoned a spirit weapon that all warriors dream of!

I can’t imagine it!

Chen Hao was mad and angry, and his self-esteem was greatly affected.

He thought that after becoming a spirit weapon, there would be countless warriors fighting for his blood, and the blood became a river … As a result, he was abandoned!

And after recognizing the master, Chen Hao can’t find another sword master if the swordmaster is not dead.

“Since you don’t want me, I will go to you!”

Chen Hao became angry, thinking that as a spirit sword himself, he also stored quite a lot of true qi, so he could fly for a time.

Recognizing He Zhifan as the master of the sword, Chen Hao could sense He Zhifan’s position, and he was not afraid to find him.

Seeing that, the Crimson Blood began to tremble and then flew into the air all of a sudden, flew staggering towards He Zhifan’s residence.

Chen Hao was a novice pilot when he first tried to fly.

Even before dawn, there was no one in the street. Fu Yuanming scared too many people last night, and people were scared.

Shooting into He Zhifan’s room from the window, Chen Hao sensed that the swordmaster was underground. Looking around, he quickly discovered the uncovered underground passage.

Down there?

What’s he doing in the basement? Could it be that he was doing something shameful in the basement?

Chen Hao had no good feelings about He Zhifan, who left him behind.

He planned to use He Zhifan as an experiment, the kind that he would throw away after use.

He turned his attention to “Killing Artistic Conception (Perfection)” on the property panel. All martial arts in the master killing inheritance can be used as long as there is enough true energy stored in the sword. The only restriction is that it cannot exceed the original martial arts realm.

Remembering the scene where Fu Yuanming used the artistic conception of killing to slaughter three major families and two big gangs last night, Chen Hao was a little eager to try.

“The killing mood is open!”

Blood-red murderous aura burst out from the Crimson Blood Sword, and the murderous aura quickly filled the room.

Go scared that bastard and let him know what I can do!

Let him know that the dignity of the spirit sword cannot be humiliated!


The soul was locked in the long sword, unable to move, unable to communicate with people, and it was about to drive Chen Hao crazy…or rather, he was already a little crazy.

The Crimson Blood rushed into the basement with a terrifying murderous intent, staring at the swordmaster with his back facing him, Chen Hao shot it past like an arrow.

The sword body of crimson blood stuck directly on the floor in front of the swordmaster, and his murderous aura instantly enveloped He Zhifan.

Chen Hao shouted at He Zhifan loudly, “Boy, are you surprised, not surprised, I found you, hahaha …”

This is the first time Chen Hao has spoken to someone after being refined into the sword.

Very memorable first sentence!

He had been holding back for a long time; ordinary people cannot understand this kind of loneliness; he urgently needed to find someone to communicate with!

He looked at He Zhifan carefully, wanting to appreciate his surprised expression.

A talking weapon!

“You are the first person to hear what I said. It’s a great honor for you!”

“Your eyes are so big, are you scared by me?”

“Haven’t you seen a talking sword before?”

“Wait, why did you pee your pants? Am I that scary? This is the first time I saw someone who was spitting blood. Are you too fragile?”

“Don’t spit blood; you will die if you! In fact, I am a spiritual sword, and all spirit swords can talk. This is normal … Take a deep breath, relax, have no teeth, and don’t eat people … Don’t spit blood! “


Chen Hao looked at He Zhifan, who died of vomiting blood when his meridians were broken. His heart was so melancholy.

His eleventh sword master seemed to have made a mistake while practicing.

Mmmmm…… … he died unexpectedly!

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