I am an Evil Sword Chapter 34 Upgrade To Spirit Weapon

Chen Hao regretted that Fu Yuanming was dead in the end.

“The upgrade energy has been met. Does the host  want to upgrade?”


Chen Hao said without hesitation.

Chen Hao, who was already the profound pinnacle weapon, finally waited for this day.

The time has come to become a real spirit weapon.

Under the execution platform, the magic sword finally bursts out a blood-red light in the darkness, which dyed the entire iron stone city red.

Countless warriors and civilians woke up from their sleep, sweating all over, wild dogs shivering with tail in the dark alley, and mice scattered in their holes …

However, Chen Hao felt utterly different, cold, and violent energy, wrapping him and continuously improving his soul and body.

Instinctively, he liked the violent energy in the cold, completely immersed in the pleasure of ascension.

The vision lasted only half an hour, and Chen Hao’s evolution was affected in any way.

After the vision disappeared, Chen Hao successfully evolved into a spirit weapon.

Spirit weapons, weapons with souls, weapons that every warrior dreams of.

When Jin Zhengqiu was alive, he dreamed of creating a spirit weapon.

Today, Chen Hao has successfully evolved, but it is a pity that Jin Zhengqiu couldn’t see it anymore

Sword name: None (can be named)

Grade: low-level spirit weapon

Eleventh Sword Master: None

Talent: Killing the Master


1. Bad luck (closed): steadily reduce the luck value of the swordmaster by 1 (the luck value of 10 can be called the son of heaven’s luck);

2. Bad luck outbreak: The host can turn off the bad luck skill for ten days and then use a bad luck outbreak. Once the bad luck outbreak is used, the luck value of the swordmaster in one day will be reduced by 10;

3. Killing evolution: Evolving itself by absorbing blood and soul;

4. Killing feedback (feedback ratio is 50%, feedback purity is 50%): While absorbing blood and soul, it can give feedback to the swordmaster simultaneously, and the host sets the feedback ratio and purity.

5. Automatic repair: spend a certain amount of blood and soul on repairing itself;

6. Evil Spirit Aura (opened): The more lives it killed, the stronger the condensed Evil Spirit, forming a unique Evil Spirit Aura. It can affect the enemy’s mind, make them feel fear and terrified, and affect the swordmaster.

7. Killing Intent Induction: It can sense the killing intention against the swordmaster within a radius of 100 meters.

8. Energy storage (1 unit 0%): absorbs the swordmaster’s energy and stores it in the body, which can be used by the swordmaster or the host himself (1 unit: all the energy in the sword master’s dantian).

9. Magic Sword Autonomy: The host could move freely, could use all martial arts in the Master Killing inheritance, and consume stored energy.

10. Swordmaster Talent Increase: increase the master’s comprehension value by 3 points, increase the sword master’s root bone value by 3 points, increase the sword master’s sword bone value by 3 points (the full value of comprehension value, root bone value, sword bone value is 10 points)…

11. The Last Elegy; Forbidden skills! Skill effect: burn the swordmaster’s life and soul, heal himself, temporarily gain fighting power across a big realm, maintain it for one hour, and the swordmaster will die after using it.

11. Superconductivity: various energy conductivity is 100%;

12. Camouflage: You can disguise yourself as a long sword at all levels not higher than your own level, and change various appearances at will, only limited to swords;

13. Swordsmanship Compatibility

14. Killing the master’s inheritance: every successful killing of the master will get all the swordmaster’s inheritance, which can be passed on to the next swordmaster or used by yourself. At present, we have basic sword casting, Jin family’s sword casting secret, Killing artistic conception (small success), Black-level top-grade martial arts Decapitation (perfection), Black-level inferior martial arts secret book “High Wind Technique” (accomplished), Yellow-level superior martial arts “Qingfeng Sword Technique” (perfection), and secret art “Breathing Arts” …

Chen Hao carefully read at the sword’s attributes word by word, and the more he read, the more excited he was!

He dreamed of becoming a spirit weapon, and after the evil sword evolved into a spirit weapon, the attribute did not disappoint him.

Attribute skills had been increased by three, and some other existing skills had also been improved.

As a spirit weapon, he could communicate with the swordmaster. The two energy storage and sword autonomy skills enable him to move freely and even use martial arts.

In addition to not having a human body, what was the difference between him and a normal human being?

He put his mind on the sword name, and a prompt suddenly appeared on the attribute panel: The host can be named.

“System, what is going on?”

The system said, “The host has evolved into a spirit weapon, and has the right to name itself. I hope the host will give itself a good name and become famous all over the world!”


Chen Hao was slightly surprised.

In the past, he had no autonomy. What the swordmaster said he was, that was his name.

Jin Zhengqiu named him Black Blood Divine Sword; he could only be called Black Blood Divine Sword; Zhang Er called him Blood Drop Sword, he could only be called Blood Drop Sword; Fu Yuanming would not name him Long Sword, so the name of the sword was always “none.”

Now, he could choose a name for himself.

What name should I choose?

Peerless sword? Speaking of it, this name was a bit shameful!

Death Penalty Declaration? Blood-drinking sword? Endless Blade? The Nightmare sword? The last whisper? Killer sword?

Blood-drinking sword? Endless Blade? The ghost of dreams? The last whisper? Killing sword?

Heaven Breaker? Storm Greatsword? Weeping Blood Blade? Endless Blade? Overall it feels a bit tacky.

Frostmourne? The sword of Hegney? It’s boring to take a foreign name!

What should my name be?

Mmmmm…… … Chen Hao felt a little crazy. He had difficulty in naming.

Finally, Chen Hao wrote the word “Crimson Blood” in the column of the sword name. He wanted to become a legendary magic sword!

As for not adding the word “Magic Sword,” it was because he wanted to keep a low profile.

As a magic sword, he didn’t reject the swordmaster who cared for justice and devotes himself to eliminating demons and defending the right path. As long as the swordmaster killed enough people and looked pleasing to the eye, Chen Hao could recognize him as the master…

At dawn, a skinny man wearing a night suit with a big burden on his back passed by the execution platform.

The vicinity of the execution platform was a bit colder than in other places. He inadvertently glanced at the execution platform and soon found that he wanted to have a long sword under the execution platform.

How can there be a sword in this place?

Thinking of the horrible massacre of the lunatic last night, he suspected that it was left behind when someone fled.

Looking around warily, feeling that there should be no one, he went over and wanted to see the grade of this sword.

If it were just a common weapon, he would throw it away!

As a thief, last night, He Zhifan ran out of the house with his extraordinary “courage” and the risk that he might be bumped into by that madman at any time. The rich harvest made him have the idea of retirement.

High-level weapons were all over the floor, the three big families and the two big gang warehouses were not fortified… He had already been running four times!

He Zhifan now looked down on ordinary weapons.

He Zhifan didn’t know that the sword also stared at him when he stared at the sword.

As soon as he approached the sword, He Zhifan felt cold all over, and the sword exuded an unusually cold murderous look.

Did I found the baby?

Seeing the sword, He Zhifan thought of some surprises.

“Do you want to be bound to Swordmaster He Zhifan?” The system’s voice sounded.

“Bind!” Chen Hao said immediately.

“Congratulations to the host for binding the eleventh sword master He Zhifan.”

“Enable energy storage!”

Picking up a sword, He Zhifan, who was immersed in surprise, suddenly felt a strange suction coming from the blade. For an instant, the true qi in his body was uncontrollably sucked away by the sword!


He Zhifan was so scared that he quickly threw away the long sword, fleeing with all his life, and promptly disappeared on the street corner.

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