I am an Evil Sword Chapter 32 I Am Not Crazy

The three patriarchs soon decided Fu Yuanming’s fate and laid siege to him.

Where was Fu Yuanming?

Without knowing the truth, he certainly won’t give in without killing the blood wolf and Liu Yongming.

Being besieged by three masters of the True Origin Realm, Fu Yuanming’s pressure had significantly increased!

Fu Yuanming was not considered an orthodox martial artist in the True Origin Realm at all. The Demon Sword raised him in a short time. Even if he killed so many people, his experience of life and death fighting was far less than that of the three Patriarchs.

In addition, his true qi was not pure enough.

If he fought against a person whose strength was equal to or lower than him, his weakness was not apparent, and you could cut a way out if he fought all the way.

Unfortunately, he faced the three great masters of Ironstone City.

After just one round of fighting, he was at an absolute disadvantage!

The opponent was more potent than him, had more experience than him, and even the cultivation technique was no worse than him, and even had an advantage in realm understanding!


Even if it was death, he had to pull back as much as he could!

Fu Yuanming gritted his teeth and endured the pain caused by the burning sword. Facing the aggressive offensive of the three great masters, Fu Yuanming shouted, “Behead!”

The blood-red murderous aura swept away to Bai Wuyou!

His goal was Bai Wuyou because of the three masters, and he was the most suspicious and most likely to have a tacit understanding with the blood wolf.

The suspicion of the Xu Family Patriarch is temporarily ruled out. He may know the inside story, but he should not be the mastermind.

Patriarch Liu seems to have nothing to do with Blood Wolf.

Only Bai Wuyou, the blood wolf, exploded to death in his hands, and Fu Yuanming always felt it was absolutely strange.

Seeing that Bai Wuyou’s figure paused slightly, Fu Yuanming ignored the other two’s attacks, and the longsword slashed directly at Bai Wuyou’s neck.

The move was called beheading. After years of tempering by Fu Yuanming and his unique insight, it finally turned into his unique deadly move!

This move was calm and ruthless, never moving forward.

Even Liu Zhenzhe, Xu Guangtao, and Bai Wuyou were trembling about it!

It seemed that if Fu Yuanming managed to slash it out, Bai Wuyou’s head should fall as expected.

The blade of the longsword fell into Bai Wuyou ‘s neck…Unfortunately, just when Fu Yuanming thought that Bai Wuyou was going to die, a green light flashed on Bai Wuyou’s chest, and he suddenly recovered, and the dark sword blocked the sword in his hand!

Liu Zhenzhe and Xu Guangtao arrived simultaneously, piercing Fu Yuanming’s thigh with one sword, cutting Fu Yuanming’s stomach with one knife, and almost cutting him open.

Fu Yuanming was seriously injured on the spot. He looked at Bai Wuyou with regret and fell to the ground unwillingly!


Bai Wuyou quickly backed away two steps in embarrassment, clutching his neck in fear.

It was so close Fu Yuanming’s long sword could kill him. He strolled around near the gate of hell!

He covered his bloody neck with his left hand and tore off the collar with his right hand, pulling out a piece of the jade pendant from the neck, and then the jade pendant instantly turned into dust.

There was a painful expression on Bai Wuyou’s face.

“What is that?”

Bai Wuyou asked the two Patriarchs.

He probably had a conclusion in his mind, but he still couldn’t believe it.

Xu Guangtao said with some uncertainty, “It seems to be the sword intent.”

“It is the sword intent, but it can only be said to be the prototype of the sword intent!” Liu Zhenzhe said, “the prototype has not been fully condensed; otherwise, you will not survive even if you have that protective jade. I have seen the sword of a real swordsman, which is much stronger than this!”

“So, he is still a genius?” Xu Guangtao looked at Fu Yuanming with some embarrassment and said, “I can understand the artistic conception, and the innate road has been opened in half!”

Liu Zhenzhe was well informed, “What he understands is not the ordinary artistic conception. If he can become an innate master, he is definitely a strong one among innate masters!”

Bai Wuyou poured the powder on the wound and said maliciously, “Unfortunately, he has no chance!”

“Destroy his dantian before the news is revealed. We will pry out his secret as soon as possible!”


Am I going to die?

Fu Yuanming, lying on the ground, stared at the stars and thought.

It’s a pity that I haven’t gotten revenge yet, and I’m a little unwilling!

Just as Fu Yuanming closed his eyes and waited for his death, a message burrowed into his mind.

“Forbidden skills: the Last Elegy; Skill effect: burn the sword master’s life and soul, heal himself, temporarily gain combat power across a large realm, and maintain it for one hour. After using it, the swordmaster will die!”

The Last Elegy?

Across a large realm?

Death after use?

Although Fu Yuanming was a nobody, he was not afraid of life and death!

Even if he was going to die, he had to take those high above big shots to be buried with him!

Liu Zhenzhe and Xu Guangtao were wary of Fu Yuanming. Even though the opponent had lost his resistance ability, they still did not take it lightly.

However, as soon as they approached, they saw a blood-red mist rising from his body lying on the ground, and the mist rose more and more intensely, like a blazing flame. The flame became bigger and bigger, and almost half of the Iron Stone city was reflected in red.

“This is …”

The three masters hesitated, wanted to get closer, and worried about the vision that had happened to Fu Yuanming.

At the expense of all his life and soul, Fu Yuanming’s scarred body began to heal at the speed visible to the naked eye.

He staggered to his feet, laughing face upwards and making strange laughter!

The cacophony of laughter puzzled all the people present.

But soon, they were shocked.

Fu Yuanming’s aura was increasing at a terrifying speed.

The three great masters soon felt the pressure, and the pressure became stronger and stronger and more obvious… Then, Fu Yuanming stretched his left hand and looked up at the starry sky.

He stood on tiptoe and seemed to be lifted up by a great force.

His feet were then wholly off the ground as if staying in the water, and his body slowly floated up, one meter, two meters, three meters … ten meters … fifty meters.

Including the three masters, everyone present looked up at the man floating in the air!

That man was covered with a blood-red murderous aura, like a demon!

A figure quickly fled to the distance!


In mid-air, a blood-red sword light flashed across, attacking towards the figure like a meteor.

The headless torso ran for more than seventy meters and then fell to the ground.

The heads of Bai Wuyou, Xu Guangtao, and Liu Yongming in midair were the head of the Liu family!

Liu Zhenzhe, the strongest of the three major masters of Ironstone City, was killed just like that!


Xu Guangtao muttered to himself bitterly.

The legendary Innate Realm!

The dream of their three families!

Only when you reach the Innate Realm could you be regarded as a master!

Only when you reach the Innate Realm could lead your family out of this town!

Liu Zhenzhe was born in Lingzong; he was the most insightful of the people present!

“Today, none of you are allowed to leave!” Fu Yuanming said with a condescending smile in midair.

Fu Yuanming, who had just been beaten without fighting back, turned around in an instant and killed the Liu Family Patriarch with a single sword. Even the ordinary city guards who knew nothing about the innate knew the big deal!

Liu Yongming asked loudly, “Fu Yuanming, let me tell you the truth about blood wolves. Can you let me go?”

“It’s  too late; you must die!”

“Then you don’t want revenge in your life, and then you don’t know what evil method to use to become an Innate master!”

“Haha, it doesn’t matter if you don’t tell me!” Fu Yuanming took a deep breath and said cruelly, “The blood wolf must still be in the iron city. The people who shield the blood wolf are not weak. Maybe they are people from three big families. They must also be in the Iron Stone city. As long as I kill all the people in the Iron Stone city, my revenge will definitely be repaid!”

Liu Yongming gasped, “Are you crazy?”

“Crazy?” Fu Yuanming asked, “If you are not crazy, you can’t be crazy, how can you get revenge if you are not crazy?”

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