I am an Evil Sword Chapter 31 His Bargain For Revenge

The sword was about to evolve!

Chen Hao felt his whole person floating in happiness inside the magic sword.

Fu Yuanming was in danger; he was not ignorant.

To tell the truth, Chen Hao was also anxious about Fu Yuanming, who was desperate. Although he had no talent and age, he is the best among the ten swordmasters!

Chen Hao was reluctant if he died.

With the upgrade of the sword, there might be useful skills. Chen Hao wanted to see if it was possible to get Fu Yuanming out of danger.

The magic sword was hot and soon burned red, and the whole body of the sword was like a soldering iron.

Fu Yuanming, who was possessed, did not throw away his sword in the face of despair. At this moment, giving up his weapon means giving up his resistance.

Would he give up his resistance?

No, this possessed mind was occupied by crazy killing consciousness, only crazy self-destruction, without giving up.

Soon, the smell of roasted meat filled the air.

All present were perceptive fighters, and this strange fragrance couldn’t deceive them.

Soon, they set their sights on the long sword in Fu Yuanming’s hand.

The fiery red color of the sword was very conspicuous at night.

The martial artist who had practiced the fire attribute technique, his true qi color, maybe fiery red.

However, as far as all the people present knew, Fu Yuanming seemed to use the wind attribute qi.

Besides, all of them were experienced martial artists, and they had never heard of it. A martial artist who had the true qi of fire can burn themselves …

“That long sword may be strange!”

Almost everyone present thought of this at nearly the same time.

“Liu Zhenzhe, Xu Guangtao, let’s do it together, make a quick decision, kill him, and I’ll buy you a drink!” Bai Wuyou said.


“No problem, I don’t want to delay time!”

Three veteran masters of the late True Origin Realm, three early Warriors of the True Origin Realm, and more than one thousand city guards. If they couldn’t take Fu Yuanming down, that would be a big joke!

Therefore, the heads of the three major families did not take Fu Yuanming seriously.

The magic sword was still hot, and the smell of burnt flesh was disgusting.

The intense pain, the unwillingness of being in a desperate situation, and the obsession in his heart made Fu Yuanming temporarily recover his mind.

“Wait, I have something to say!” He opened his mouth and said in a hoarse voice.

As soon as he said his words, the three great masters who were about to take action gave a slight pause.

“I want to know where the blood wolf is and whether he has a relationship with your three big families or Liu Yongming.”

After hearing Fu Yuanming’s question, Liu Yongming’s eyes were stunned. Some people took a hidden look at Bai Wuyou and immediately stood up and said, “Three masters, you don’t have to pay attention to this madman. He is already crazy. He is evil, his hands are covered with blood, and countless innocent people died in his hands. It is a great sin. The blood wolf died long ago. Before he died, he was an alarmist. Three masters, don’t talk nonsense to him, just take him down.”

“Hahaha…” Fu Yuanming laughed, his laughter became louder and louder, more and more hysterical; the laughter was on this night. It was spread far, far away, “Liu Yongming, are you trying to laugh at me?”

Liu Yongming’s face was blue with anger, but he didn’t move rashly.

Because none of the three masters moved.

“Hey, who can tell me? I will tell him the secret of improving my strength so quickly!” Fu Yuanming smiled, and a pair of blood-red eyes scanned everyone present.

“Are you serious?” Xu Guangtao, the head of the Xu family, asked in a deep voice.

Even the Patriarch Liu next to him was a little moved.

The evil path was indeed known for its speed of cultivation, but Fu Yuanming’s strength improvement speed amazed them!

Even if Fu Yuanming cultivates the magic path, it was definitely not an ordinary evil technique!

Black-level high-rank… or earth-level?

Thinking of this, even Bai Wuyou was full of enthusiasm.

“Don’t listen to him. He is possessed because of his practice skills. He is crazy. He has become a madman, and he has completely lost his mind. I will not see this kind of magical exercises given to me!” Liu Yongming roared.

“In half a month, I have been promoted from the late stage of Qi Condensation to the middle stage of True Origin Realm … As long as you give me a little more time, I can break through again and show you tonight!”

Three people were stunned, and Liu Yongming gawked! Even the thousands of city guards behind him cast their blazing eyes on Fu Yuanming.

They didn’t know that the speed at which Fu Yuanming’s strength increased was incredible.

But none of them had Fu Yuanming clear about his own strength improvement.

It was two different concepts to breakthrough from the peak of Qi Ocean to the middle stage of True Origin Realm in a short time and from Qi Condensation to the middle stage of True Origin Realm in half a month!

The former was just incredible; the latter was simply against the sky!

Three masters’ eyes were full of greed, and even Bai Wuyou swallowed a mouthful of saliva. There was an impulse to stand up and admit that the blood wolf was not dead, or that he was his own son!

No way, the bait released by Fu Yuanming was so coveted that they could hardly refuse!

Those greedy eyes… Fu Yuanming closed his eyes and took a deep breath, and continued: “Three years ago, I got this secret. At that time, I was just an executioner in the Qi Condensation Realm. Many people knew my strength at that time. This is not a secret because I have only one arm, and my real strength is not comparable to most of you present …”

Everyone present was quiet, with pairs of eyes staring at Fu Yuanming. No one interrupted him, but they listened quietly.

“Most of you have guessed that the improvement of strength requires killing people!” Fu Yuanming laughed at himself. “At that time, my wife and children were there. I wanted a simple life and even planned to give this secret to my son …”

“What are the side effects?” Liu Zhenzhe, the head of the Liu family, asked in a deep voice.

“If you want to cross a big realm in half a month like me, there will be side effects in the four small realms, and you will become fond of killing … If you suppress the speed of improvement slowly, there will be almost no side effects. If it weren’t for the blood wolf, I wouldn’t be like this at all!”

Fu Yuanming’s eyes were full of hatred when he thought of the blood wolf, “I don’t care about any side effects. As long as I can kill the blood wolf and avenge my wife and son, I can give up anything. Anyway, I will die soon!”

“How? Who can answer my question! “

“What if I tell you, and you don’t tell me the secret?”

Hearing this, the crowd turned out to be the master of the Xu family.

“Old Ghost Xu!”

“Xu Guangtao”

Liu Zhenzhe and Bai Wuyou both looked at Xu Guangtao at the same time.

Xu Guangtao said with a smile: “Your two families have a big business and don’t like this little secret, but I am very interested!”

“I swear by my dead wife and children, if you tell me the truth and help me kill the blood wolf and Liu Yongming, I will tell you the secret!”

Fu Yuanming knew very well that he might not be able to escape today. Before he died, he would use his secret for revenge, and he would die without regret.

Bai Wuyou and Liu Zhenzhe stared at Xu Guangtao at the same time.

Liu Yongming lowered his head with a pale face, and Fu Yuanming’s price was too high.

If the other party didn’t want his life, he couldn’t help but want to stand up.

Bai Wuyou whispered, “Old Xu, don’t be impulsive. Liu Yongming is the leader of the city guard. If you kill him, your Xu family will be in big trouble!”

Xu Guangtao glanced at Bai Wuyou. He knew the secret of Bai Wuyou.

But Blood Wolf was the son of Bai Wuyou!

Liu Yongming is the leader of Ironstone City!

There was also Liu Zhenzhe, who was side-eyeing him!

Bai Wuyou and Liu Zhenzhe definitely don’t want him to get Fu Yuanming’s secret!

Trading with Fu Yuanminglin, he would definitely be besieged by two people, and he was very sure.

But such a great opportunity was related to the rise of the Xu Family, which made Xu Guangtao give up, and he was very unwilling!

Liu Yongming warned loudly, “The three Patriarchs, I think the reason for the improvement of the madman’s strength is probably because of the long sword in his hand. I guess it is an evil spirit  weapon!”

The three masters turned their attention to Fu Yuanming’s red-hot sword.

It was so different that it was hard not to pay attention to.

Spirit weapon, a weapon that innate masters are qualified to use.

There were also Dao weapons among spiritual weapons, and Dao weapon had many magical and terrible abilities!

“In order to avoid long dreams at night, first cut off his hands and feet, abolished his dantian, and temporarily not let him die. How about sharing the secret with the three of us?” Liu Zhenzhe asked.



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