I am an Evil Sword Chapter 30 Hard To Escape

Fu Yuanming was caught off guard by the sneak attack of Iron Wolf’s leader. He tried to dodge but was held up by the deputy leader.

How could Zhou Chengzhi miss such an opportunity?

“The Wind Flash!”

He used the only sword skill to increase speed in the “High Wind Sword Technique.”

However, the Iron Wolf Gang leader’s longsword still made a long wound on Fu Yuanming’s back.

Feeling the pain coming from his back, Fu Yuanming’s murderous aura grew stronger.

Feeling the pain coming from his back, Fu Yuanming’s murderous aura grew stronger.


As soon as he fought against him, Fu Yuanming discovered that the Iron Wolf Gang leader Duan Bozhong was stronger than the deputy leader Zhou Chengzhi. Like him, he was a mid-True Origin realm master.

A master in the middle of the True Origin realm and a master in the early stage of the True Origin realm joined forces to deal with Fu Yuanming, and the situation suddenly came to a stalemate.

Fu Yuanming was not the son of the heavens. Without Chen Hao’s help, he would never have become a master of the True Origin Realm in his entire life.

Initially, his foundation was not stable enough. His cultivation techniques, namely the Black-level inferior “High Wind Technique” and the Black-level inferior martial skills “High Wind Sword Art,” the cultivation techniques and martial skills of his two opponents were not inferior to him!

He was only better than his two opponents in swordsmanship attainments.

It is almost impossible for Fu Yuanming to leapfrog the challenge!

Suddenly, the situation began to fall to the two leaders of the Iron Wolf Gang.

More and more wounds appeared on Fu Yuanming’s body, and the pain stimulated his nerves. However, the pain and danger did not make him shrink but instead made him more violent.

The killing intent was rampant and raging, scaring the Iron Wolf to hide away from the fight.

Only two leaders of the entire Iron Wolf Gang who could resist Fu Yuanming’s terrible killing intent.

Fu Yuanming began to work hard after the rampage. He exchanged injuries for injuries. As long as it was not a fatal injury, he could hardly dodge. Even if he spelled an injury, he would have to strike a sword on his opponent!

Fu Yuanming was using his sword in his lower abdomen and almost abolished Zhou Chengzhi’s left arm!

Zhou Chengzhi shouted angrily, “What a madman, I must chop you up and feed you to the dog!”

Fu Yuanming didn’t care about Zhou Chengzhi’s cursing. He was wholly immersed in the battle. Everything around him was stained with blood red. As he kept waving his sword, a feeling of being familiar with a strange rhythm appeared in his heart.

It was an unusually familiar feeling as if he was standing on the regular punishment platform, where people were onlookers, holding the familiar sword in his hand, and the prisoner knelt in front of him.

After the city lord’s mansion official announced the crime, he raised the sword to cut the prisoner’s neck.

His sword was very stable, and soon, as long as he wanted to, he won’t make the prisoner feel the slightest pain.

Fu Yuanming raised his head and looked at the Iron Wolf Gang, who was not far away… Then he turned his gaze to Duan Bozhong’s neck.

His neck and Zhou Chengzhi’s necks were no different from those of the prisoners.

A kind of epiphany suddenly hit Fu Yuanming’s heart.

The blood-red murderous intent boiled, like a turbulent burning flame poured with kerosene, reflecting a radius of ten meters in red, and the undisguised blood-red murderous wave swept Duan Bozhong and Zhou Chengzhi like a wave.

The terrible killing intent caused an instant loss of mind!

At this moment, Fu Yuanming slashed out his sword!

Ordinary sword, but it was a sword that has been practiced and tempered. The sword slash contained all the years of experience and insight of Fu Yuanming, and the sword carried an irresistible momentum and killing intent.

The two wanted to hide but found that their bodies seemed to be out of control and could not move. They could only watch the sword pierce their necks.

It was like standing on the execution platform, they were the prisoners kneeling on the execution platform, and Fu Yuanming is the executioner in the white coat!

His sword was steady and fast!

It won’t make people feel the slightest pain.

Bloodlines appeared in Duan Bo and Zhou Chengzhi’s neck.

“What a fast sword!” Duan Bozhong whispered.

Zhou Chengzhi touched his neck, his head was knocked off, and then his whole body fell to the ground.

Duan Bozhong turned slightly, and then his head fell off.

Fu Yuanming’s eyes were closed, and his whole person was immersed in the pleasure of absorbing the two true souls and true qi.

Just now, he realized that there was only one type of swordsmanship-beheading!

However, this style of swordsmanship was not complete.

“The leader is dead!”

Suddenly the outcome was reversed, and the iron wolf gang members couldn’t accept it.

“The deputy gang leader is also dead!”




The Iron wolf gang leader and deputy gang leader died. They had no chance of winning.

No one could have the courage to resist this evil spirit in front of you!

Fu Yuanming turned his eyes to the fleeing gangs; he chased them with his sword without hesitation.

Tonight, the Iron Wolf Gang was devastated.

After Fu Yuanming killed the seventy-third gang of Iron Wolf, he did not continue to choose to kill but stopped and looked at the black alley on the right.

Out of the black alley came a middle-aged man with a sword hanging from his waist, a short beard, elegant temperament, and a faint smile on his face.

He asked directly, “Fu Yuanming?”


“I, Patriarch Bai Wuyou !”


The atmosphere was a little cold!

Bai Wuyou sternly said, “You have been possessed. Today, the old man will do good for the heavens and cut off your evil for the Iron Stone City!”

“Well, I know, OK!” Fu Yuanming’s insipid tone could kill people.

Fu Yuanming held the long sword with a serious expression.

Bai Wuyou, the head of the Bai family, he has long heard of his name.

“Don’t you have anything to say?”

Fu Yuanming’s expression made Bai Wuyou a little unhappy. No matter who heard his name, it won’t be as dull as Fu Yuanming’s.

“Was the blood wolf killed by you and Liu Yongming?”

Bai Wuyou nodded and said in a cold tone, “Yes, the blood wolf is just like you, but he was just a mid-stage warrior of True Origin realm. It’s easy to kill him!”

Even at this time, Bai Wuyou still telling lies.

Full score in acting.

“You deserve to die!”

“No, you deserve to die!” Bai Wuyou smiled.

“Are you really sure?” Fu Yuanming asked, squinting.

“You thought you could escape!” Bai Wuyou asked rhetorically with confidence.

“You are not an innate master,” Fu Yuanming smiled, “Of course I can escape!”

After killing the two masters of the Iron Wolf Gang and most of the gangs, he had reached the threshold of the late True OriginRealm.

There were no innate masters among the three major families in Iron Stone City, and Bai Wuyou was no exception.

“Stop watching the show!” Bai Wuyou shouted loudly, “You all come out!” On the street in front of Fu Yuanming, a tall and thin figure appeared, and a short, fat old man was standing on the roof of the house on his left with a knife.

On the street in front of Fu Yuanming, a tall figure appeared, and a stout old man stood on the top of the house on his left-hand side with a knife.

Behind him, Liu Yongming appeared with two deputy leaders of the city guard.

The ground trembled slightly, and the city guards were coming this way.

“It’s your pleasure for the three masters of Tieshi City and the city guards to encircle you together!”

Fu Yuanming paused. Such a luxurious lineup really looks up to him!

Three masters, at least in the late period of the real yuan condition, and the city guards should command at least the initial strength of the real yuan condition. Plus thousands of city guards, Fu Yuanming, can’t escape!

Just then, Fu Yuanming suddenly felt the sword in his hand burning!

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